Kujou Mizuki 九条 ミズキ Route

Kujou Mizuki 九条 ミズキ

(CV: 遊佐 浩二 – Yusa Kouji)

That Smile! (つω⊂* )*MELTS*

That Smile! (つω⊂* )*MELTS*

MIZUKI-SENSEI!!! KYAA! ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ     Now, Shun might be my Baby but Mizuki here’s mah Husband! (while Kakeru’s my dog ( ´∀`) –sorry…But i love him like that 。゚(TヮT)゚。). Now, all of you might be thinking that, being a sensei he will go like “oh noes! I’m your sensei, your my student we can’t be like this!” “don’t com near me! it’s forbidden” or summtin. Well, Mizuki ain’t none of that! In fact, he is the type who will do whatever it takes to have Yui by his side (or at least somewhere where he can see her) during or after school hours. 

Mizuki sensei is the newest teacher at school (and probably the youngest) and its his 2nd year teaching there. He is Yui, Kakeru, Shun and Sakuya’s homeroom teacher,  he is very popular among the class (specially the ladies) due to his easy approach aura and the mature brotherly figure he gives them. He is really kind to his students and really shows his concern for them (he once teach/played with Kakeru basketball and he consulted Shun about the answers on his exam) . But he is not all proper and kind, like an older brother he too gets a little playful and tease his students when he wants to (he once tricked Aoto and the poor kid nearly panicked–while he enjoyed the show).

So, one day, Mizuki-sensei asks Yui to help him in photocopying some of the test paper  and while they’re busy with the papers, Yui accidentally drop the papers and while picking them up, (BAM! sexy mode on! He loses that soft and polite way of talking) Mizuki-sensei sighed and calls her a klutz/idiot and that she never changed. Yui was confused by the statement ans tries to ask but Mizuki just once again insults her leaving Yui.∑(O_O;)? Turns out, they used to know each other when Yui was elementary and Mizuki-sensei was in highschool (so that makes 5-8years age difference i guess..).

Since Mizuki’s kinda dissapointed and sad that Yui forgot about him, he often teases her and makes her do stuff that he should be doing (arranging test papers, printing out copies etc.) he treats Yui ‘special’ “ψ(`∇´)ψ(she is the only he teases like so and shows his true self while have this kind sensei mask in front of others,). His teasing also consist of turning the lights off at night at the office when only he and Yui is in there knowing that Yui is afraid of the dark, he did comfort her later on.

At the sports fest, Yui goes to the gym to cheer on their class’ basketball match. She founds Mizuki-sensei there giving advice and pointers for the team. Just then, it just so happens that one of the team members cannot play HATSUKARE_0045and there is no one who can replace him in time. They all had an idea of making sensei as the susbtitute since he is the only one who knows how to play and is there. Mizuki-sensei is having second thoughts about it since it will be unfair for the other team (apperantly there are no rules about a sensei playing in the game). They managed to convinced him to play and the fangirls gone wild cheering for him (even though they don’t have a clue on what’s going on...just enjoying the view of sensei playing(-‸ლ) ). One of the girls ask Yui if she thinks sensei is cool too, which she vaugley replies yes (while flusterred and all).  At the end, sensei manages to score points and their class wins the game.

One day at his office, Yui mentions that she’s remembers the time when she had an injury on her head and ask if it’s because of the time he moved out. He then ask if she remembers him fully but she says that she only remembers bit and pieces. Mizuki says that it can’t be help since she is a clutz.  Apparently, he was really close to Yui’s family but one day he tells Yui that he is moving to a different place and Yui, being angry and sad that she can’t do anything about it, ran away crying.  Mizuki tries hard to look for her but sadly his mother is telling him that it’s time to go, fortunately, Yui’s been found but she manages to get some scratches on her forehead. Mizuki wanted to see if she’s all right but his mother pulled out a drama  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ saying that she needs Mizuki and he will stay with her (she’s seems…..unstable). Having no other choice Mizuki left with his mother without properly saying goodbye to Yui.

He then checks on Yui’s forehead HATSUKARE_0048to see if the injury she got that day left a scar (he felt responsible for having caused that injury though he doesn’t say it). Seeing as it’s completely healed, he joked that it was too bad since he will take responsibility for it and makes her his wifu (´∀`)♡.

On June, Mizuki-sensei stumbles upon Yui and Daichi at the corridor. Daichi greets him and says that he has mentioned him to thier mom and wants to meet him and see how he has been and Mizuki says that he too want to know how auntie  (Daichi and Yui’s mom)has been and will visit thier place one of these days. When Daichi left, Mizuki-sensei questions (pouted actually XD) Yui on how can she forgot about him if her whole family remembers him (-‸ლ) .

So, sensei continues his antics until one day when he was installing a sprinkler at the school grounds, he ask Yui for help.They managed to install it successfully but Yui turns on the sprinklers too soon and gets sensei all wet. Sensei, as always, calls her a clutz and Yui apologizes. They went to the infirmary to get some dry clothes for sensei. AND WE GET THAT AFKHNA щ(゜ロ゜щ) SEXY/HOT TOPLESS CG  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ BUT IT ISN’T INCLUDED IN THE CG GALLERY….WHAT GIVES MAN!?  ☆o(><;)○ SIGH. Anyway, when he finally gets himself dress, he orders Yui to fix his tie, it was the least she could do (since she was refuses to dress him up)   Thinking she would do a poor job on it, sensei was surprised when Yui have done his tie perfectly (he was probably waiting for a chance to tease her some more).
At the Camping Trip, during the bon fire dance, sensei ask if Yui would like to go on a dance with him. Before Yui could reply, the fangirls crowds on them and says that its unfair to have sensei dance with only one, there are still a lot of them who wants to dance with him (yea, get lost b*tches). Sensei says that he will get on that but HATSUKARE_0054since this is a one time opportunity, he suggested to have a partner with someone in the class instead of him since. Thankfully though the fangirls accepted this and left. After they left, sensei
manages to sneak off along with Yui to somewhere where they can be alone and have their talk ( ̄ω ̄). Sensei then ask where did she learned to tie perfectly (clearly jealous of the guy which made her a tie expert). Sensei looked very serious in asking this, which confuses Yui but she answers that it was because of her oni-chan that she manages to learn how to tie a tie. Sensei breaths a sigh of releif (lol is that how you really tell if a girl have been intimate with a man??) going “oh, so thats how…”.

After the camping trip, sensei called Yui and tells her to go to the park the following day. There he tells her on how she used to tell him that she will be his wifu and make him happy since he wishes to have a family like Yui’s, warm and happy, where everybody loves each other. Yui is flustered at how that had happen. Sensei then says that she should take responsibility for that (and possibly for what he feels for her now). And so the two of them become a couple (though sensei hasn’t told her that he loves her…YET) (o´▽`o).

Best End:

After becoming a couple, they pretty much go on dates and going home together. Though Yui did gets a little upset when sensei was cornered by the other sensei asking how is his relationship with his students and that if he ever had the thought of dating them. Sensei of course says that he has no intention of dating them since they are ‘kids’ and it is innapropriate for them to be dating. Yui understands that sensei is just saying that to hide their relationship but she can’t help but still hurt inside. When they are finally alone in his office, sensei notices that she is kind of upset and ask her what the problem is. After a couple of push, Yui admits that the reason she was upset was due to the event earlier. This makes sensei happy and calls her cute (o´▽`o) for being upset over that. He then gave her a ring to erase her doubts and tells her to have some confidence in their relationship.


Just look at that evil smirk о(ж>▽<)y ☆

One time during the date, they go to an amusement park and then sensei suggested to go to the horror booth (knowing Yui will get scared XD). During the middle of it, the sound effects scared Yui making her cling unto sensei.

Mizuki: ah, chance!
Me: ah! he really planned it!
Yui : Σ(゜ロ゜;) *cries*

Yui calls him a bully for making them go through all this but sensei comforts her on that he is right there and she only needs to hung onto him tightly so as to not be scared. Yui then manages to relax but then sensei pulls off one of his ghost stories and starts teasing Yui all throughout the whole journey towards the exit. ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

At the fireworks festival, they went to the Asumi Hill to watch the fireworks. There, sensei confessed his love for her and that he will never let her go even if she wanted to. He wishes to someday have a family with her and make it as warm as her family is. Yui says that she loves him too and also hopes to be able to stay by his side forever. When the fireworks starts, they smooch (FINALLY!) under the scene.HATSUKARE_0060

Good End: 

Same as how the Best end is, only difference is how the fireworks event happened. So at the fireworks festival, while they were roaming around aimlessly, sensei was mobbed by his student (fangirls)  and ask if he was going to see the fireworks with Yui, and began asking some questions about them. He denies them saying that it was just a coincidence that they happen to meet each other. This gives the girls the oportunity to ask him to go with them which he has no other choice but to accept. Though he manages to sneak away from them and drags Yui along to a secluded area that time where no one could bother them. So the fireworks starts and sensei hugs Yui from behind while he tells her that he will never let her go. ♡^▽^♡

Friend End:

Sensei has no particular friend end but he does have ONE event in his friend route which will have a CG. after that, it’s probably best to avoid doing his friend route. (he just doesn’t want to be JUST FRIENDS with Yui (=`〜´=))

Special Epilogue:

While out on a date, sensei ask Yui if she would like to stay over night at his house since it is her summer vacation. Yui tries to protest but sensei gets his cell out and calls her mom. Much to Yui’s demise, her mother approved of it rather quickly (her family really trust sensei (=`〜´=)). And so, they go to sensei’s house and Yui is as nervous as shit. The day went on and the only thing they manage to do is hang out at the living room and have dinner. When it’s time to sleep, Yui became nervous and stiff that sensei couldn’t help but tease her. He then reassures her that he will not do anything to her (WHAT?! WHY!? DARN CERO B! ლ(●゚´Д`゚●)ლ) and that because her family trust him, he does not want to break that trust and also hers. Besides, he will be patiently waiting for the day when she becomes ‘ripe’ enough for him to have. So, that night hey cuddle in bed together while they sleep.   (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)HATSUKARE_0061

✧*:・✧— Afterthoughts and Conclusion —✧*:・✧


Anyway, that was really an enjoyable route since his type of character is really my cup of tea (minus the goatee but…who cares O(≧▽≦)O).  Since he is a sensei, its really fun to see that he is not like the type who will push the heroine away due to their status making it having a really face-palming route. (-‸ლ)

Sensei has some cute moments with the Dokyun talk where he goes:

Mizuki: DOKYUN!
Mizuki: ah.. 27809, 55618, 111236…
Yui: eh?! sensei, are you ok?
Mizuki:…yea…it’s nothing. Just distracting–practicing my math skills.

Yea, nice way of distracting yourself there sensei. Do some math to avoid the dokyun~ \(T∇T)/

Overall, I really like Mizuki sensei, character and story (though it was short…for me XD). And I noticed that there are alot out there who doesn’t like him since he is the older type and a sensei. But since I am a fan of Faster Than a Kiss manga, and sensei is the two-face kind of guy and such a teaser, I liked this route a lot.  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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