Sakamaki Reiji 酒巻 レイジ Route

Sakamaki Reiji 酒巻 レイジ 

(CV: 小西 克幸- Konishi Katsuyuki)


Reiji, Reiji, Reiji…..God I just wanna punch this guy in the face!ლಠ益ಠ)ლ I know the Sakamakis are all do-S bossy bastards but this guy take it to the next level. And not in the nice way. Its not even funny like on how bossy Ayato or Laito is. He is such a perfectionist that he started to train his ‘dog/toy’ (Yui) about proper ethics and stuff even before considering drinking blood from her. But really, between you and Yui, I think it is you buddy who needs to have that blood sucking of yours fix. You sound like your having a hairball or cough stuck in your throat. UGH.(▼へ▼メ)

The only ups in him is that he has a massive obsession on tableware (hence, Ayato’s nickname for him, the tableware otaku) so when he rants on about how this spoon is suppose to use for this dish I was like ‘who the frigging f*ck cares?!”. Or I either laugh at him whenever Yui brakes one of his..umm…babies/toys/collection….whatever, though he doesn’t really give that much reaction when it breaks. SIGH ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

So, like I mention above, he started making Yui be like this proper lady who knows how to handle her tableware, manners and of course tableware. Yui questions him on whether he is not going to be drinking her blood, which he says that she ain’t that lucky to be sucked by HIM (yea right ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ), he rather have tea instead of drinking her blood like some barbarian (geez, you want it on a teacup then!? ಠ▃ಠ ). Thinking she got lucky on her pick, Yui thought that it might actually all work out (don’t you dare think like that girl 눈_눈 ).

DIABOLIK LOVERS_0007 And one time when she accidentally breaks one of his teacups, there was great tension above the air (but i was just seriously laughing my pants off) until Yui frantically apologize for what she had done. But Reiji says that she should hurry up and clean the mess and do it again. Yui ask if he isn’t mad in which he replies that he lost interest in it once it broke (yep, spoiled brat right here people! θ\(;¬_¬) ).

So, The deal with Reiji is that he has a major inferiority complex against his big bro (Shuu). He thinks that HE should be the one who gets the heir not HIM (waa-waa-waa poor you). His complex is so out of bounds that when Yui accidentally bumps into Shuu and had a little chit chat about him and their family making her late from her appointment with Reiji (they’re having lessons I think) he flips out once he found out that the reason she is late is because she associated herself with Shuu.(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻  So, to make the long story short, he takes her in their dungeon and punish her.

Heck, in one of his flashback, it’s shown there that he hired a vampire killer to kill his own mother! Thinking that he will be happy while seeing his mother suffer, it all back fired when his mother actually THANKED him for this and says that she is now free from her sufferings (aka Cordellia).凸(⊙▂⊙✖ ) And so, since plan A didn’t work, he planned out another one wherein he will revive his mother and he will kill her with his own two hands this time. SIGH

But he did get adorable one time when Yui finds him asleep by the window. Yui, not sure if she should wake him up, waited for him to wake up. When he did wake up (he was kind of sexy in here since he just

the only time he looks cute.

the only time he looks cute.

woken up) he ask her why she didn’t wake him up. She told him that she didn’t want to bother him and he looked like he needed the rest. He then says that it is better to be awake than asleep when being inside a nightmare.

Anyway, seeing that there is NOTHING will go on with this route unless its his inferiority complex against Shuu, Rejet decides to take things up a notch and puts the whole Cordellia heart into the route.

Yui, having the heart of Cordellia (and also, since Cordellia can’t take of anymore of this sh*t of being a lab rat), loses her subconsciousness to Cordellia and started doing some bold things (ie. bossying Reiji around). Cordellia then becomes attracted to Reiji and tells him to be her ‘toy’ or she’ll hurt this body. So since Yui belongs to him and him alone, Reiji decides to play this little game of S&M with Cordellia (with him being the M! ( ̄ー ̄)).

With Cordellia being in control we get to see a different side of Reiji and that is being submissive and behaving like a lap dog(YEAH!). I actually liked this side rather than his usual one (I’m an S for him I guess ( ̄ー ̄) ). One time when Cordellia decides to molest Reiji on the couch, Reiji actually lest her and Yui’s like ‘what?!’ (since he always fight her back when she does) Cordellia then says that Yui is jealous of the two of them which Reiji finds amusing. So when they are about to have fun, Shuu then accidentally walks in on them. Shuu was kind of stunned then regains his composure and says sorry for walking in on them while heading for the hallway. Cordellia then had this idea (oh no you didn’t) and went after Shuu. She then tries to flirt with him and says that he actually rescued her (she is basically acting like Yui here…being meek and all). Shuu isn’t sure whats going on here and says she is acting weird but whatever, he’ll just go on with it (Shuu baby take me!) leaving Reiji have no other choice but go with it too.

DIABOLIK LOVERS_0013Anyway, since Cordellia is pretty much taken over her body, Yui is losing all hope to get her body back. Reiji then says that he will make sure to get that b*tch out of her body (wow! that’s the nicest thing he could say!).(。◝‿◜。) She shouldn’t think too much about it though because since she is his, if anyone is going to kill or ruin her body, it will be him just like what he did to his mother (never mind then).(¬▂¬)

So then, he proves his promise to her by giving her a medicine through a kiss when they’re at a ball. The medicine pretty much got rid of Cordellia making Yui in control of her body once again. Reiji then explains that he might have not perfected it to bring the dead back to life, but he manages to make it so that the souls of the dead will be where they belong. (`^´)ノ

End 1: 

 Yui manages to win over Cordelia and gets all icha-icha with Reiji. One time at his office he sucks her blood and kisses her saying that she’s his slave forever and should only obey him. And since he isn’t feeling like it, he’ll postpone killing her for now (what the?!) and instead enjoy her blood some more. And Yui’s like YES MASTER MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE SOME MORE ❤ . Ok, that was sweet then turn into just what the f*ck?! UGH.(ᇂ∀ᇂ╬)DIABOLIK LOVERS_0020

End 2: 

BEST END RIGHT HERE! Basically, Reiji becomes Yui’s slave and she becomes a do-S herself! Cordelia’s completely gone but turns out, Yui inherited some of her strength and personality. She tells Reiji he better do as she says or he won’t get any of her blood and she’ll THROW and ABANDON him. And this pretty much sets Reiji on the edge since he can’t live on without having her blood anymore. BWAHAHAHA SWEET GLORIOUS REVENGE  ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!! Only route wherein Yui gets the upper hand!


End 3: 

Yui loses her will to Cordelia’s and she takes over completely. Richter thinks they can live together now and forever after that is until she pretty much abandons him–again and is like LAWL YOU DON’T SATISFY ME LIKE KARL! OOHOHOHO so she leaves the poor guy hanging and weeping. Oh yea, apperantly, Reiji’s been killed by Richter but seeing Cordellia abandoned him, the effort’s pretty much a waste. (;¬д¬)


Heaven Scenarios: 

Ok, might as well label this as Yui being a HUGE do-M scenarios. She actually enjoys Reiji whipping her like some animal trainer. And that’s not all he’s done, in the second scenario, he bitches on and locked Yui in a room and forbids her to go out or even eat. And what’s the cause of this? Its because she accidentally BUMPED into Shuu again which made her like 1-2 minuites late ( ಠ ▂ಠ ) for God knows what session they’re doing in his study. But instead of being angry, because of the do-M she is, she actually begged him not to leave her alone cause she can’t leave without him anymore or something.(¬▂¬)


✧*:・゚✧—Afterthoughts and Conclusion —✧*:・゚✧

SIGH. Well…that was one messed up route.(;¬_¬) So the reason why I hated Reiji isn’t the fact that he messed up both his brother and mother. The reason is that he had NO REASON to do so(ᇂ∀ᇂ╬). I mean if he had a valid reason like the triplets, I would have accepted it and maybe even like him, but noooo, his actions are like that of a spoiled brat taking revenge for something his parents didn’t give him. Well boo-hoo for you. And you call Shuu a spoiled good for nothing!(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Lets look at it shall we? His mother never abused him like the way the triplet had with their mother. His brother didn’t do a thing to him. He might have suffered from lack of attention from his family. But…come on..(¬▂¬)

His ONLY reason is some inferiority complex against his brother. But people please, that is not enough excuse to be killing your mother and destroying your brother’s dream/happiness. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Besides, the reason Shuu is getting the (unwanted) attention from their parents (mother actually….lets face it, daddy dear is a useless d*ck) is that he is the oldest and is expected to be the heir for the family. Whether they wanted it or not, Shuu is the heir and the only way to change that is to prove to daddy dear that I am better than that useless lazy ass instead of plotting revenge to your mother who had done nothing to you.(¬▂¬)

SIGH, anyway, glad that prick is out of the picture. Now I can enjoy the rest of the game! Shuu baby comfort me~~


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    • haha
      well, seeing as Yui is suppose to be a do-M, being with Reiji just escalates her do-Mness which makes it a little annoying/disturbing. And that issue of Reiji against his big bro…sigh…. .(;¬▂¬)\…

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