黛 流風 Mayuzumi Luka

黛 流風 Mayuzumi Luka
CV.細谷 佳正
“Don’t say any boy’s name other than mine…Okay, sempai? (Noble)”


Where in heaven’s name should I start review a character in Custom Drive? The events are completely random which corresponds to your outfit, honestly speaking while I was playing in a route determined to get a CG, when suddenly Luka said “hey, I’m going to get a new hairstyle. Come with me, Saya-sempai?” most of the time, which makes me go (」゜ロ゜)」 Stahp it Ruka, what are you doing!?

Well, the point of Luka’s story (or any boy for the matter) is to win the Prince Collection Competition cause you were pratically forced by the Student Council President aka Shion to do it. There aren’t make questions that actually increases brownie (aka love/like) points for Ruka (or anyone). So as time goes by it will increase and increase and by the time you knew it it has reached max level.  Oh there aren’t any best or bad ending here, just the happy end.

I ended up using the ff. walkthroughs : in LabsWiki and in momokan’s site

Perv Chara teasing Trickster

Hmm this is Luka-kun’s original and true character, the chara that loves to tease the person who he loves with suggestive moves. He reminds of an evil child that uses Saya’s guilt feelings to do whatever he likes, and he won’t stop until Saya bow down to his whims. Anyways, early in the game he discovers the fact Saya had an allergy with Ikemen, which he didn’t believe. After series of experiments on Saya on the roof top (teasing you as punishment and reward at his disposal ) he believes Saya. So he decided to agree with Saya  in joining the Prince Collection Contest since it was interesting. According to him, he might as well cure Saya of her allergy this way its like killing two birds in one stone. Note that he also mentions about going out afterwards.

The pervy Luka and Saya usually have their heart to heart moments on the roof top. One day, Saya and Luka comes to a cafe to talk about the Prince Collection when Luka suddenly becomes meek and runs away after a short while. Still bothered by it, Saya crosses the street without noticing the fact that the sign turned to stop, but fortunately she was saved by her sensei. Out of nowhere, they both spotted Luka having this hot lady by his side, and Saya was clearly shocked to the point that she was ignoring Luka.

Luka on the other hand, snapped at her actions and dragged her to the rooftop after causing a scene by the entrance gate of the school. He demanded the reason why Saya was ignoring him. Saya told the event where she almost died and saw he was walking with someone pretty. He huffed and said that it was his sister? or was it mother I’m not sure and that he just accompanying her. When Luka noticed the relief on Saya’s face, his face immediately grinned and teased Saya about being jealous. Well, you know what happens next, right?

He usually calls Saya up for some shopping trip or training for the Prince Collection Contest which ensues lots of confusion on a third person’s POV. There at some point that, he gets jealous with other people like Rhiito, VP Kousakabe  or Seiki (another contestant for the competition) since Saya was reacting to them when she should only react to him. There was one event where Saya accidentally drops her iced tea on Rhiito which placed him in a very compromising position by the time, her little brother and Luka arrived. Luka immediately orders Saya’s little brother to take care of Rhiito who was still complaining how cold the tea was while he drags Saya away to her room.

In this route, Luka and Saya went through a park where they meet Luka’s former classmates. Those classmate were highly interested in Saya, so they invited Luka out for some karaoke with Saya.  Luka on the other hand, wrapped his arm around Saya and kissed her cheek and said that “Oops sorry, I’m busy having a lovey dovery moment with Saya-sempai. Sorry, invite us next time ok?”

Somewhere nearing the day of the competition, Luka summons Saya again to a date in high class resturant, wherein he tells Saya that when he wins the competition, he and Saya will become an official couple and go out. Of course, this makes Saya flustered but  nonetheless she agreed cause she likes him. He was so happy that he promises that when the competition is done, they’ll go out on dates and he promises that she’ll make her the most happiest person in the whole world.

Happy END:
In the end, they went back to the restaurant and said their promises and confessions here. More like Luka proposed to Saya in the resturant and Saya agreed.

Noble Chara Kind but Scary Chara

Basically what ever happened in the Pervy Chara route, happens in this chara but in this route, Luka introduces Saya to where he goes for part time, which is being a bartender to his father’s bar (maybe uncle’s? ( ・◇・)?). Anycase, instead of the usual rooftop, they meet up in the bar where Luka works. The most perfect way to describe him without playing the game is the anime character named Yamato from Say I Love You. Kind but somehow leaks some possesiveness over the heroine. He takes your feelings into consideration, and acts upon that.

(・□・;) What’s surprising here is that it has one CG for the Noble Chara of Luka the rest are the generic. They had no idea what to put Luka’s Noble Chara CGs…huh……

Happy End:

As in the first picture, the scene was that Saya decided to come to Luka’s house to spend time with him. Luka was happy that Saya was there with him, and showed her some his photo albums. Saya recalled about Rhiito and her having the same smiles or height, to the point that she was somehow telling her tale about both of them which causes Luka to be actually jealous. Luka pushes Saya down on the bed, threatening her about taking her if she still considers her being with Rhiito. Saya smiled softly saying that, there will never be a her and Rhiito, and that she trust Luka that he will never hurt her….or something like that.  ( ̄へ ̄) I’m tired of actually caring.


Charakei Chara Otome poi speech


Instead of being a bartender, he has a job into being a gigolo, no, not the host time, but the type to come when summon to comfort people in a very high class atmosphere thing… ( ̄へ ̄) I just lost my sanity at this point with his english thrown all over the place. I don’t know how someone will come to like this kind of chara. What annoys me is the like “Let’s GO GO GO!!!” I have no idea why ( ̄へ ̄) and I have lost all my care of this chara. So i’ll just breeze through this.

Happy End:

Saya comes into the bar that Luka works in, and sees him behind the counter making cocktails drinks for everyone. Don’t even get me started on what KIND of customers he has ( ゚Д゚)<!!
Moving on with life, Saya approaches Luka who offered her a seat and asked what cocktail she would like to drink. Saya frowns saying that they were both minors, but Luka begged her to pick something for the sake of practicing. So, Saya picks a non-alcoholic drink and Luka loudly agrees. After a few minutes, Luka hands her drink but for some reason it was different from the picture. Luka explains that its non-alcoholic but it perfectly describes how he imagines Saya looks like. Simple and beautiful. He confesses here and asks if she can go out with him outside the bar? Saya,in turn,happily agrees.


Yandere Chara Religious Possessive Chara

This character has the MOST BEAUTIFUL CGs of all Luka’s Charas. WHY!? (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻  I mean, come on, after all those charas… THIS chara has the most AMAZING CGs WHY!? I had to go through all the [ ワワワワワ] laugh of his and the way he treats Saya has a goddess which should not be touched, looked or talked in his presence which annoyed me.

He also has the most funniest moments like when Masato Hasegawa comes out calling Saya “My honey”, Luka ignores his presence and says  [ ああ、あなたはここにもいる?] (●´艸`)  Also the event where they went into a maid cafe and Saya was kind of jealous that Luka was looking at them with intensity, Luka decided it wasn’t the case, so he dragged Saya out the maid cafe and went to a butler cafe instead. This time Luka was the one jealous that Saya was being surround with hot men so he magically produced a maid outfit and went around the cafe in a maid outfit.

At this point, I was Σ(゜ロ゜;) “What In D3Publishing’s name are you doing!? WHAT.” In the beach event, Saya was somehow swimming but one way or another, Luka ended hugging her underwaters saying that  he will protect her…basically confessing his feelings here.


Also nearing the day of the competition, Luka somehow brought Saya to his house to say that he bought a goldfish cause it reminds him of Saya, always pretty but doesn’t know where to go. I found this part quite creepy. Nope. No goldfish for me here.

Happy End:

Once again, Luka summons Saya to his house, and when Saya opens the door, she was facing a butler Luka bowing in front of the doorway saying “Welcome back, Mistress” Of course Saya was in disbelief, asking why is Luka in that outfit, Luka replied that he is forever a servant to Saya, and whatever she wishes will be his wishes. He will make sure that Saya-ojousama is happy and he vows to protect her and her happiness…. etc. well. you get the point.


Herbivore Chara  A Shy Dog Chara

In this route is pretty much, o(´^`)o “I’m tired with all this now, I want to get it over with” I didn’t much pay attention to the story anymore, and just concentrated in collecting the CGs. This route the most common story of all shoujo plots known to an otaku. You get confessed by a boy, and decided to try and see if there is a spark within you. At the beach scene, Saya and Luka played with some fireworks, smiling and having this heart to heart talk with each other. Luka and the others have a pretty good relationship with each other and that Rhiito has now found a rival in video gaming. Nothing much can be called worthwhile.


^in this picture, is a typical scene of a BAKA-couple in a ferris wheel, confess and after one revolution they are now officially couples. Oh well.

Happy End:

In the end, Luka and Saya decided to meet up in a park at night to watch the meteor shower. Luka states that Saya should make a wish, since they just saw a shooting star, but Saya said that everything she wished for has been granted already by Luka. Luka goes all soft and ドキッとドキッ on Saya, he ended up saying some pretty much over used shoujo lines.


Luckily, Luka had this photo which perfectly described what I look like while playing this tiring game.

Even if I hadn’t played Rhiito’s or Shion’s route yet, I can feel the procrastination is finally winning the war against my will. It just made me want to flip the table over and over again until I finally concluded “I’m done with this shit. Let’s just get this over with.” щ(゜ロ゜щ)

The most annoying here is that Otome-poi like character of Ruka is screeching my poor eardrums with his English; “Soul-Brad-er”, “Come on, Let’s GO.GO.GO!!!” or any other English thrown in that sentence.


In the end, I would like to say
“Must I really play the others? I’m sick and tired already playing over and over, must I really? Please stop. Its over already right? WHY IS MY PROFILE LIST STILL NOT COMPLETE (/□\*)・゜WHY!? ”
Other review have expressed hatred, while me I’d rather just cry in the corner, stare bleakly into the distance and cry. What kind of otome is this? This is far worse than starry sky and Hikari’s Route from Brother’s conflict Passion Pink.

Please share your experiences and insight!


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