Touma Riito 当麻リト Route

Touma Riito 当麻リト

(CV: 豊永利行 – Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

The Super Genki Osananajimi who really reminds me of Kakeru from Hatsukare. (specially in this CG and the CG below) though he is much more hyper and louder than Kakeru XD. And so, like a template, this childhood friend had a long time crush on Saya but since she is as dense as a brick, she kinda friend-zoned him (why are all osananajimi end up in this kind of situation!?(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻).

And to add to the whole friend-zonning, Riito never set off her ikemen allergy, he assumed that he doesn’t have a chance against her and have kept his feelings for her hidden(he is the only guy at the start of the series that knows Saya’s ikemen allergy).

He asked to be part of the Prince Collection to be able to help Saya overcome her ikemen allergy, (*´ω`*) and since he had never once set it off it will be a good practice for her to be immune to it while Riito do his best to be the best ikemen there is. (lol, actually at the beginning of this route he was like screaming at the rooftop ikemen many times, he is chanting it to make it work i guess)


Genki Kei (The Upbeat/Energetic system): 

Riito’s default personality. Anyway, as all genkis out there he is super nice, energetic and helpful to others and tries to help those who he can specially girls and old ladies. Riito is also a little bit stupid slow on learning which proves when the two of them studies for a test and he goes like “agh! I can’t take it anymore!” which was really a cute scene.  (*´ω`*)

One day at Saya’s house, they were getting ready for a test and Riito complains that its too serious and its hot. He told Saya that he wants some ice cream. Just as she was to hand it over to him, he says that he wants to try some couple like stuff and want to eat it while she is feeding it to him. Saya blushed and protested but Riito managed to make her give into to it.


I’m starting to think genki dudes are like dogs….but I don’t care, still like them (*´ω`*)

Throughout the route, Saya and Riito are taking all the chance to get him to win the Prince Collection and little by little, Saya finally gets her allergy to set off around Riito though she tries to hide it since she doesn’t want anything to tamper with their friendship (yeah, you’re just going to make the poor boy suffer) and she is too shy to admit he have set it off this time.(-__-;)

Because Riito is really putting a lot of work to be an ikemen in order to win the Prince Collection, he has been getting the attention of girls all around the school and even starts getting love letters much to Saya’s demise. Since she can’t take it anymore, she accidentally says that maybe the reason why Riito wants to enter the Prince Collection is so that he will be more popular with girls, but since that is not the case (lol, he is doing it for you, you little princess you..) Riito got pissed and walks off. They avoided each other for a couple of days until Saya overheard Riito telling his little bro (Satoru) that the reason he was entering and aiming to win is that Saya really liked ikemens but due to her allergy, she can’t even go near one. So he figured that if he becomes an ikemen, and Saya manages to get used to him, then she’ll be cured of her allergy. Having heard this, Saya felt like a jerk and apologizes to Riito. ( ̄へ ̄)

One day, Saya runs into Ruka at the arcade and was dragged off to play with him on one of the racing games there and since Saya is a noob, she easily loose the game. Ruka, being the cheeky brat that he i, asked for a reward since he won and drags her to a purikura to take some pictures and ask her to kiss him while doing so. Because she kept on refusing to kiss him, he then moves in to kiss her instead. Just then, Riito accidentally walks in on them and Ruka jokingly says that he Riito ruin the good part of the kiss scene. This pissed off Riito and dragged Saya away, though when he comes to, he has no clue why he did it.

Good End: Riito wins the Prince Collection and like the genki he is, screamed out that he loves Saya which earned a good cheering from the crowd. After that, they meet up at the park and Saya still can’t get it across her thick skull that Riito loves her as a woman not just as a friend. So he confesses his feelings one more time and Saya (finally!) returns back his feelings. And so the start of the recycled kiss CG begins~

In the epilogue, Saya’s allergy is magically cured and is not anymore having her attacks around Riito. So they took a trip to the beach together ridding on Riito’s motorbike. They have a relaxing afternoon gazing at the sunset on the beach.

Do-S Kei (Saddist system): 

My favorite among Riito’s personalities. He teases Saya everytime he can and calls her a pervert for liking ikemens so much. He is much bossier here than in the genki system and acts like attending to Saya is such a drag. Though most of the time, Saya manages ignores his comments and focuses on how to make him win the Prince Collection. He still saves Saya when she is in trouble but acts like a Lord he is to say that she wasted his precious time saving her.

In the dream event, because of Riito’s teasing, Saya had a wet fantasy of Riito going in for it and pushing her to the bed and starts..umm teasing her up and moves in to eat her. She wakes up though before anything interesting happens.  ( ゚Д゚)<

In here, instead of the Ruka-purikura event, you get an event with Shion. While going home, you found him passed out at the street so Saya takes him home for him to rest (lol, what about your allergies girl!?).  Kaichou thanks Saya but before anything gets sweeter, Riito walks in on them and tells kaichou to beat it. He scolds her for being too defenseless and moves in to give her a hickey to remind her who she belongs to. Sadly though, Saya’s allergy kicks in and she faints.


One day, he comes over her house and somehow, Riito manages to make her watch some scary movie, Saya gets scared so she jumps on him but her allergy didn’t start out pissing Riito off. In the evening, she’s still terrified due to the movie and since her parents ain’t coming home that night she tries to get Riito to stay over, which earned her another round of teasing but she’s scared sh*t so she don’t give a care.Untill Riito tells her if she kisses him he’ll stay but the even the very thought of it makes her faint (seriously!?(」゜ロ゜)」).

In the end, Riito ends up staying the night and sleeping in with her in her bed.(๑´ლ`๑)♡ Saya is in a nice treat surprise though when she wakes up and finds out that there is a sexy naked ikemen next to her so she freaks out her heart and allergies goes wild. Oh! and the reason why he is half naked is that its too hot being cramped together in the bed and all and so…takes his clothes off.

The next day the kids went stop by Saya’s house and are surprised to see Riito there so early in the morning. Though Ruka gets the hint that Riito didn’t came so early but “spent the night” with her. He also noticed the hickey Riito gave Saya but Ruka brushes it off and says that she can only see her as a osananajimi so he still have a chance (yea, good luck with that kid). ( ̄へ ̄)

Good End:  Riito orders Saya  to come up to the stage and confess her love TO HIM IN FRONT OF EVERYONE instead! (・□・;) Which Saya freaks out and tries to run away but in the end, she still done the deed (most probably due to peer pressure). After the event, they meet up at the school rooftop Riito says that he accepts her feelings for him and smooch under the night sky.

CUSTOM_0081In the epilogue, the two of them are now dating and it’s Valentine’s Day~! So he comes over at her house and demands where is his chocolate. Saya says he needs to wait since she is still in the process of making them. But, being the ore do-S that he is, he hugs her from behind and starts licking her fingers and tells her to be quiet and let him ENJOY HIS SWEETS. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Ore-sama Kei (Selfish system): 

I was surprised when i saw that Riito also had the ore-sama persona since I’m pretty much used to do-S and ore being a package in a character so its really redundant separating the two since both are so demanding. Anyway, for Riito’s ore-sama mode, they made him really loud and demanding unlike the do-S mode where he is compose, calculating and a tease. ( ゚Д゚)<

Like in the do-S, he orders Saya around like she’s his personal maid but he is so much more demanding in here..and loud. He orders her from stuff like making him lunch to going with him everyday from school to going home.

The cutest moment the ore system had was when the two of them goes to Karaoke. Since he is the ore that he is, he ends up singing almost everything on the list for over an hour. Since Saya ordered too much when he left for the bathroom, he tells her to call up someone to help them finish the food. While waiting, he sings stuff like “I love you” “you’re the only one” “I’ll never let you go” and other sweet stuffs at Saya making her faint out. When Satoru and Matsuri arive, they scolded Riito thinking that he killed Saya right off the bat. XD

In the Shion event like the do-S, Riito barges in on them and tells kaichou to gtfo. Saya protested but kaichou obliged and Riito says that Saya belongs to him so she needs to know her place. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Good end:  He was asked if there is someone special to him but refuses to say and therefore didn’t do the confessing in front of the crowd part(・□・;) . Though afterwards, when going home together, he tells Saya that he’ll make her understand what she is to him and so we get another recycled kiss CG.

In the epilogue, the two of them were ask to take care of a baby and one way or another, they manage to imagine what it would be like when they have one of their own.Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Hakushiki Kei (Knowledgeable system): 

Second favorite mode of Riito, Genki is third. This mode is the total opposite of his default personality, he is actually smart, proper and a lot caring for Saya here unlike in the previous modes. And he is much honest here of how he feels for her and shows it in a gentlemanly manner. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

When the two of them made a promise of going shopping together, Riito sents her a SOS mail on the day of their shopping day. Saya rushes to his house to find a really sick Riito saying sorry for cancelling their plans. Saya says its ok and takes care of him instead of shopping (his parents are out or something…man these kids parents are never home when they need them).

When Saya tries to wake the resting Riito to take his medicine, he grabs her in his sleep and mutters in his sleep while taking her as his personal body pillow. Due to the ikemen holding her like that, Saya blacks out and they ended up sleeping together. When they wake up, Riito’s cold is magically gone though he apologizes when he found out what he did in his sleep.(*´ω`*)

In Ruka-purikura event, instead of walking away, Riito shoos Ruka out and goes into the booth with Saya to get some pictures. When the time shutter sets off, he manages to steal a kiss—on the forehead of Saya.(๑´ლ`๑)♡

Good end: Riito asks Saya to come up and there he calls her MY HONEY (・□・;) and confesses his feelings for her. Later, they kiss and confess their love again on the playground.

In the epilogue Riito says he’ll make dinner for her for a change and starts chopping up a huge pumpkin, Saya is unsure though if everything will turn out fine but Riito says to trust him.(*´ω`*)

Shinshi Kei (Gentleman system): 

The noble butler of Saya. In this persona, he is much more polite and refine than the Hakushiki but that also means he is much more stiffer, thank goodness he isn’t turning into a ‘hetare oujousama I am not worthy’. (-□-;)

In the dream event, Saya dreams of Riito having trouble with his mountain of love letters spilling out of his locker and saying that he wants to quit he Prince Collection and cannot anymore participate since he is getting more unwanted attention than he could handle.o(´^`)o


My favorite look of Riito

One of the most adorable scene CG here is when they go to the shrine together and meet some random jiji and oba-chan couple who, like them, were also childhood friends before they became lovers and eventually got married.(*´ω`*) Since Riito and Saya reminds them of their younger days, they ask the two of them to pose as a couple and made Saya to wear a kimono since Riito is already wearing a suit, he was already to go for some pictures.

In the Ruka-purikura event, instead of pushing off Ruka aside or dragging Saya off, Riito just apologizes for walking in on them, excuses himself and left the two of them with their business. So Saya now has to umm..woman up and chase after her man! She then found Riito sulking in the beach (/□\*)・゜ saying that he loves her but he is not sure if it will ever lead to anything other than being friends since it’s her.

Happy End:  Riito confesses to Saya as the template goes and they are in the classroom where  being the gentlemen butler he is says that he’ll love her forever and ever. I was actually worried since no recycled kiss CG was given in the ending and was tempted to repeat the whole thing, thankfully though, I played it through the epilogue where they gave the CG there.

In the epilogue, he takes her to a small rose garden and then confesses his feelings for her yet again and ask if he can kiss her and Saya’s and me like FINALLY!(」゜ロ゜)」

Oh yea, while completing the other missing CG of the other personas, I manage to have a low percentage for the  Shinshi system and therefore did not manage to get the happy end and Riito didn’t win the Prince Collection. Instead, I get a scene wherein Saya’s being encourage by Matsuri and says its not her fault (which is weird since when I checked the CG gallery, the CG is suppose to be in Shion’s route  ( ・◇・)?). Other than that, Shinshi really feels a lot like Hakushiki with some few changes around here and there—–but it’s still the same. Just like how do-S and Ore-sama are also quite in the same line of thought.


✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion ——✧*:・゚✧

Well, Riito’s route was the first one I did in this game and I enjoyed it a lot specially that do-S Kei. And when I went for the other two characters, I thought that it will be a breeze since i got the trick on getting the CGs of Riito’s route in one try per persona each, but daymn, was I wrong dead wrong. All I can say is that Riito have the most understandable personas and the most tolerable one.(*´ω`*)  The only persona that is out of line for him is the Hakushiki/knowledgeable since whenever I’ll switch to his original from this system he goes like “thank god”. XD

But I still liked Hakushiki nonetheless. My ranking for Riito’s modes are like so: do-S > Hakushikikei > Genki > Shinshi = Ore-sama. Overall, this is the only route in which i want to repeat it all over again to get the CGs, I regret the fact that I got them all on one go  o(´^`)o  and therefore have no reason to repeat the character again since I was curious as to how the others are going to be. In which I would like to say:



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