恋愛番長 Renai Banchou

Renai Banchou 恋愛番長
CV: 森久保祥太郎
“Let’s run….Angel!”

So since I just went rage mode on Shion. I need to take a break and escape reality. I have confirmed that I have lost all my emotions for otome, hopefully I can find it with Renai Banchou in Renai Banchou.  He’s a dude running in a pink coat and a weird fashion sense. here is the following things I would like to comment:

(1) Renai Banchou’s outfit has so much hearts and love sown on it, I would like to know exactly how many are there.
(2) If you are a つんでれ, one must never admit unless force. This is evident wthl all つんでれ as a man and as a girl (go watch any anime that has one and I’m pretty sure they’ll deny being a tsun but they are).

The whole adventure starts where あい (my character’s name. I forgot her original name) and her friends were having this some girl talk about their boyfriends. あい ‘s friends was wondering when あい  would get her turn in talk about their love life since she’s the only one who doesn’t have a boyfriend . あい  proudly said that It was okay, she wasn’t the only one  until her only other single friend comes in and says “I have a boyfriend!” Of course, あい  goes “━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ ええええ!?”

あい is now worried that she wouldn’t be able to have a boyfriend and she doesn’t know how to love. Luckily, one of her friends has heard a rumor that if you go to the rooftop and throw a handkerchief a “番長” comes out and help whoever threw the handkerchief with their love problems. (・□・;) Apparently, she went to the rooftop to throw her handkerchief,  which was COLORFUL enough to summon ALL the 番長s including the 2nd group of 番長s (Do-S, 富貴、乙女 and the others). She was about to choose, but a booming voice appeared out of nowhere and everyone went (´⊙ω⊙`)!何!? どこ!?.

snap001Here comes the 1st batch of 番長s  from the heavens above where Renai goes “BACK OFF BITCH, That’s OUR Angel you’re talking to!” and the 2nd group of 番長s runs away instead, I think too stressed out to handle a very pink 番長 and the Alien 番長. Anyways, they introduce themselves as the following: Renai (恋愛), Sexy(セクシー), Disciple(安), Tsundere(つんでれ), Refreshing(さわやか), Mysterious(ミステリアス) and Pretty(プリティ) boy. Renai  immediately makes the girl choose who is going to teach how to love. The following day she was sitting in her room wondering how every thing is going to play out until she recieves a text from renai banchou.


It  will start that they’ll meet at the park for a date. Oh btw he calls you angel. So  あい meets Renai in the park and he ask some questions on what they should do. well she answered something like “(・□・;) we should go to school?”. As they were going to school they were spotted by Fuuki patrolling the streets. δ(´д`; ) You’d even police the people on the streets, Fuuki? Renai decided to run away before Fuuki decided to nag all day along about cutting classes by doing the old trick of “ah its ____!” For some ungodly reason teachers are afraid of Renai and can’t (・□・;)talk back to Renai . At the end of the the month of April, you get a little closer to Renai since he unconsciously hurt you with his words, then chases you after apologizing on what ever he said.


It’s sport festival month and miraculously Renai  has heard of this and asked if あい was going to join in any of the sports. あい replied that she wasn’t going to do anything this dampens Renai spirit but he doesn’t give up. He drags you along with his competition of tennis. so あい was going to complain that she wasn’t any good with the sport and unluckily for the pair they were up against the brothers + crossdresser. In the end, they lost after Renai boasting that their love aint going to lose to the brothers + crossdresser.  ( ̄へ ̄)

While dating Renai….Renai actually stuttered in admitting あい was cute, which made あい blush. They went into a nearby cafe they once went…. ( ̄~ ̄;) they haven’t gone much with each other and they are already having awkward moments with each other. WHAT. Then a random girl who i suppose あい’s former classmate spotted them and asks of Renai is her boyfriend. あい quickly denied it and says that Renai is just her classmate, this hurt Renai , but あい’s former classmate got a call from her boyfriend and left the two. あい asks Renai  if he was alright and Renai quickly said he was fine and decided they should go to.

They decided to window shop instead for the rest of the date and Renai  looked out of sorts, causing あい to worry then Renai gets a call and excuses himself. After a few minutes he still hasn’t come back, suddenly Sexy appears from behind. He asks if she was in window shopping on her own, but あい said that she was with Renai but he went somewhere because of a phone call. Sexy  notices あい’s sullen look and accompanies her to a near by park.

…… ( ̄~ ̄;) that was a LONG phone call.

Anyways Sexy  says that Renai isn’t the type to cheat or something like that and he was kind of hurt when she said that he was only a classmate. When they hear rapid footsteps, they saw Renai running towards him. Sexy, he went (。◝‿◜。) and kisses あい on the cheeks and walks away, before Renai whacks him on the head. Renai goes “(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ セクシー!! おれがあなた許さない!!!” . Just because he’s an upperclassman, he will not forgive him. あい simply laughs and Renai is shocked. “Σ(゚Д゚|||) どうして笑って, エンジェル!?”


( ꒪Д꒪) Your summer clothes, Renai… your clothes….!!! ( ꒪Д꒪) Oh! I love Tsundere’s outfit and pretty’s outfit for summer. It’s the month of June, the musical month in this game.They were pretty excited in creating a band and are now planning what kind of band they wanna be. Rock or Ba-ballad…. Does this mean Enka!? Good— Gosh.  (」゜ロ゜)」 so its 3vs3 since あい or Pretty doesn’t like to choose between the two genre. While everyone went off to their own music genre, the brothers + crossdresser comes in to announce that with the state of things, they will win the competition like easy as pie. Do-S invites あい to their own group as the vocalist, but Pretty complains “そんな…!”

Then suddenly,  one of the rock   group suddenly stops and blames the balled group for being such a noisy and that he can’t practice. The ballad group replies with the same complaint. The whole room was in chaos, when あい  suddenly shouts loud enough for the others to shut up, then went ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ “出てけ!!” at the brothers + crossdresser. She faced Renai and Sawayaka, the leaders of their group and went like “CALM THE F*** DOWN! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ why can’t you just you both just play together!!” The leaders said sorry but when she mentioned about combining, their eyes glittered in excited “THAT’S IT!!! (°◇°人°◇°)

After a few days they actually combined with Pretty and  あい as the vocalist, and they wild on the stage. I honestly had to stare at Mysterious, at the background with that triangle.   (●´艸`) Renai  and あい goes up to the rooftop and reflect on today’s event then after some heart to heart talk, they spot a shooting star. あい suddenly realizes there positions and quickly changed topic. She bought some canned coffee at the nearby vendo machine. I SWEAR those vendo machines are EVERYWHRE but when she gave to Renai he slips and drops the coffee down to the courtyard. Too bad, they were spotted by Fuuki. So they run away again before they face the wrath of the public morals. (●´艸`)

The following weeks, Renai spots a cat and he wanted to keep it, but he can’t due to numerous of reasons. あい suggested that she could keep the cat for him, this made Renai super happy that he unconsciously hugged あい. He lets go as soon as he realizes what he has done. On the way home, the cat wiggles his way free and its up to both of them to catch that naughty cat.  they managed to catch it using a double attack. and Renai decided to call the cat rain.


Its start with Tsundere ringing あい’s doorbell and inviting more like dragging her to a trip with the rest of the group. Out of nowhere Tsundere’s butler comes in to tell あい the details of the full trip which caused the Tsundere to blush and stutter just because he didn’t explain right. (●´艸`)  Tsundere you are getting some brownie points out of me. Arriving on the beach,  あい was surprised to see one of the triplets there on the beach. Also shocking tsundere…. omg. Σ(゜ロ゜;)
oh my gosh!? wtfh are YOU wearing Sexy !?!?  OH TSUNDERE, I am going to forgive you just once, since you’re now buried in the sand, due to weird and UMA banchous (●´艸`) .snap009

Later that day あい goes off exploring, and well you know what typically happens, the main heroine gets lost. ( ̄へ ̄) Night rolls by, and she’s still lost. She went into emo thinking until Renai finally found her. While he was nagging her on how worried he has been, あい runs to him and hugs him due to happiness  though the sudden hug from あい shocked him very much but nevertheless he calms down the hysteric あい . After some reassuring words from Renai, they decided to go back, when all of a sudden fireworks exploded. It was something Tsudere planned. oh my. his hush “bingo” is kinda cute. (。´∀`)ノ
…The next thing that happens to them was funny; Renai and あい were about to have this ドキドキ moment, Koakuma and Iyashi comes in worried about the two when they come across them about to kiss. Koakuma shouts “SENSEI—!! RENAI IS DOING SOMETHING ECCHI HERE!!!! >:D” At the end of the month, Renai  calls あい up and invites her to a date at a nearby shrine. あい agrees  and upon arriving there, あい was amazed when Renai comes in a yukata. If she only knew that, she could have come in a yukata as well.

(ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  BWAHAHAHAHA What is this HAHAHHAHAAH *laughs all the way through the event*
Renai: okay lets go—
あい : did you know thiis shrine is rumored to have ghosts that likes to get revenge?
Renai: HUH!?
あい : whats wrong? are you scared?
Renai: b-b-b-b-b-b-baka! iaint scared!!! i am r-r-r-r-renai banchou!!!

After walking around for a while, renai was muttering some Buddha spells then insert manly scream of do-S here.  (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖   Wahahahahha!!!!!! then あい plays that something was behind Renai causing him to release a manly scream oo. Renai swears to get revenge on あい. あい blushes as she got the double meaning of Renai.


Nothing much happened here, but Renai sent a txt asking if he could come to あい’s room and he does he was really happy. He mentions that when she agreed
for him to be on her room, and that means that he’s special. あい has nothing to say in reply and blushes.


hahahaha Renai and あい gets all lovey dovey and their bicycle trip moment but only to once again spoiled by Fuuki . (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  By mid september, renai and あい had argument and went on their seperates ways, Iayashi banchou spots here walking that night towards here house sad. In the end the made up and everyone is happy again.


October rolls in and  あい found herself with the others in a classic japanese inn. I have no idea why they were there specifically but they were there to celebrate or to party. After a few minutes, pretty boy suggested they should play a game, and Sawayaka chimed in saying that the King’s game should be played. Mysterious and sexy denied playing since  あい was there with them and it wasn’t appropriate. Renai suggested poker and mysterious second the motion claiming that he’s excellent in poker. (ㅎᴗㅎ ) I wonder if its appropriate to gamble away your money, hmmm….?

snap012But before they can  even start, the 2nd group of banchous appear, and that they should join in the fun. Renai didnt want them to join but nonetheless, he reluctantly agreed for them to join in their little festivities. later in the party they were now arguing who’s better. The Data can multiple large numbers as if he had a calculator implanted in his head. Otome and Yasu had doubts if it was correct. Otome wanted to see sexy banchou’s pheromone attack but Renai banchou denied it even fuuki banchou strongly deny it.  Did you guys just go to an amuzement park in your kimono to take a purika (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) Aint cold enough!?

by the end of the month, in one afternoon  あい goes home alone and along the way Koakuma finds her alone which was according to him was weird.  Assuming that they fought, Koakuma stated that she could switch and become his. Out of nowhere surprising the two, Renai comes in and openly declare that Koakuma is 2000 years to early for him to be with  あい. Koakuma leaves the scene reminding  あい the deal they made with each other. Of course,  あい declined it.


As November comes along, they were going to have a school play and of course with the script in hand the teacher didn’t even try to fight back when he learn that the script came from Renai.  あい was having doubt if she can do it, so Renai said they should practice the lines. The next day, they were going to practice the lines but one way or another…. it leaded up when Renai was about to kiss her when it was spoiled AGAIN by one of the brother Otome,  shouting “SENSEI–!! RENAI IS DOING ECCHI HERE IN THE CLASSROOM—!!!” WAHAHAHAHAHA the poor guy. (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  I feel not sorry for him.


This starts wherein the banchous and   あいare celebrating Chirstmas and are having a party prepared by Tsundere the ever rich chara. Btw… he owns the cafe. It is once AGAIN spoiled by the second batch of banchou who wants kidnap   あい. So they poses as magicians, a disguise-that-screams-THIS-IS-US-2nd-BANCHOUS. Otome started with the first common trick of spoon bending but instead it breaks cleanly with a sharp “SNAP” into half. (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  The 1st banchous paled.  They all go “That wasn’t just plastic right? It was a STAINLESS SPOON right? It cleanly broke in half….” ((((;゜Д゜))) Then Otome complains to Do-S who in turn pushes Koakuma into doing something so that they can get あい.  Koakuma proudly says he going to do Ventriloquism. So he grabs the mascot of the game,  and everyone goes ((((;゜Д゜)))  “THAT’S OUR GAME MASCOT- OI!!!”


facepalmThey started the year with shrine visiting. Renai and あい held hands only to feel it cold, so Renai stuck her hands inside his pocket and the walk around the shrine like that.

щ(゜ロ゜щ) Woman. Listen to me,  wearing jacket and pants like that without any what so ever insulation from the middle of winter makes you feel like walking into  Antarctica/Alaska naked. You just placed everyone around you to shame. ((((╬゜Д゜)))


After finding and entering intto some depressed mode here, あい gets sick. She gets sick after giving her chocolates to Renai who mysteriously went missing. Renai goes to her room, feeding her some porridge he made in her kitchen, forcing あいto get back to bed and takes care of her cause she’s sick. He also promises that made あい smile.

Depending on the favorability and your Love Level you will get 3 endings. The NORMAL, DREAM and the PERFECT.

NORMAL END Demanding Gurl End: (when favorability is less than 580 and Love Level is less than 65)

well something happens but… あい demanded that this isn’t the end, wasn’t satisfied that she graduated without feeling anything and that she wants to learn more. Renai had no choice but to respond to her enthusiasm (more like shocked and stunned at the sudden turn of events) and decided tomorrow they should once again meet up with each other for more lessons. Yes. there is no CG here.

DREAM END Close but not Good enough: (when favorability is MAX but Love level is less than 65)

Renai is going to leave now and あい is retracing her last moments  or reminiscing with snap017Renai. She visited the track and field, the rooftop where she first met Renai. Renai appears to say sorry, that he failed in making her find love but somehow after looking back あい was has come to terms with her separation with Renai. She was about to leave when Renai stopped her. He explained that he failed but… somehow he ended falling in love with and that he was confessing her to her not by words though. I totally feel like someone will interrupt this moment hahaha. Nope, no one actually interrupted this moment. I feel kind of disappointed… Aw.

So they ended up kissing, and that Renai ask if they could be together as lovers. あい says yes, so they kissed again. I seriously want someone to interrupt them.

PERFECT END ??? End: (when favorability is MAX and Love Level is greater than or 65)


Rants and Comments:

This is how I felt through the whole game and plus this is the perfect picture between the relationship of Renai and あい. あい is a girl who pratically or most likely to drag things into her pace including Renai. I had now idea how Renai could have fallen in love with her. She has not only 3 kinds of clothes and none of them includes a winter nor fall clothes. Seriously, it made me shiver through out the who winter season. I still did not find my love for Otome back. Hopefully it will come back to me when I play Tsundere, Do-S and Koakuma.

sickPlus the ending reminds me of Hatsukare. Normal or the Friendship End is self explanatory, the Dream or the Good End is where in( Renai Banchou) male lead confesses to the the girl while in Hatsukare the main girl confesses. For the last one the Perfect or the Best End is the same as the previous end except the roles are reversed.

Oh, Like I said in the Overall Game Review, this game actually forces you to complete the Normal and the Dream route before achieving the Perfect Route. So for now I should post this and maybe seperate the perfect Route of all the banchous into another post. *sighs* I’m done with games forcing me to side quest to get all the CGs for a character.

Well, that’s the end of it. SO. Leave a comment or thoughts on this route!!! Thanks for reading!


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