Keisuke ケイスケ

20Keisuke ケイスケ
& Vischio GRoup (Gunzi, Kiriwar, and Arbrito)


Apparently the Vischio group is heavily tied to Keisuke’s route. I decided to just combine all of their routes into one post.

The Vischio group has no bad endings, since you’d end up as their pet/slave. No thanks to that. While Keisuke has 2 Bad Endings (brutal, gory and disturbing to add) and a Good Ending. Also, I will refer “that”into the word of “fun” time to make this review into a rated PG-13.

Words to Remember:
Bl@ster – the good and innocent game compared to Igura.
Igura – refers to the game of mass murder tag collecting (aka the bloody Bl@ster) and when you have enough decent poker hand you
can challenge the current head of Vischio and the strongest person in Toshima called II RE.
II Re – the title of the drug lord and the strongest in Toshima
Line – the drug that is being distributed around Toshima. This drug serves as a “Beserker Potion” wherein
the user experiences sudden extraordinary boost in physical and mental abilities for a certain period of time,
but the side effects are quite deadly. The longer/larger amount the person uses it, the deadlier and life threatening
the side effects that may lead to death.
Vischio – the current drug pushers company.
Toshima – the place where Igura and Vischio are based. Its like a very desolated and abandoned and can only
be accessed through the Old Plains.
Refugees – Whacked in the head people who kills off newbies like Akira and gets their tags. They pratically and possibly
are wolves. (since they did howl)
Executioners – the trolling police of Igura and Vischio.
Palace – the HQ of Vischio in Toshima.
Project Nicole (n)- Super top secret of all top secret projects of Rabbit. To create a wanna be Sephiroth
Rabbit – a pharmachutical company that envisions a super soldier. In short. Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII flash backs here.
So the selected children and were taken to a specialized area called ENED.


The route starts if you chose to allow Keisuke to be with you. tumblr_m9leebnUMq1rvdpyhThe reason is because he’s your childhood best bud and beside he can’t go home now that he doesn’t have a guide. Akira despite his instinct saying otherwise allowed Keisuke to stay.  If you’re going to ask me if its okay personally, I’d say no. So now that they’re together Keisuke decided to sleep. Yea, let the person who ran away sleep after becoming a burden. (ಠ益ಠ) Clearly Akira has been repeating, Keisuke aka Dog has not yet fully grasp the situation or the atmosphere of Toshima. I’m not happy either way, wake up and smell the coffee Keisuke.

So Akira tells Keisuke to stay, but he refuses. This goes for awhile, in the end Akira finally agrees for Keisuke to come. He gives Keisuke this unique knife, Keisuke tries to return it but Akira refuses. Either way, as long as firearms are not allowed then he might have a chance to go amano amano with people. They left their santuary, but as they rounded up in one of the alleyway upon hearing a voice, a blond chara comes into their way. AH, its RIN. The ever blunt loving photographer.

Keisuke thought that Rin was a girl, which made Rin laugh. Rin immediately noticed that there were newbs so he self-proclaimed as their guide and companion cause3 he liked Akira’s face, that made Akira suspicious immediately. Correct. You should always doubt a person who is willing to help you in a world filled with murders are suspicious. In any case, he can’t pass up a chance of info, so he asked whether there is a weapon shop near by. Apparently there wasn’t so, Rin just gives it to Keisuke, since he doesn’t use it much. he mentions that Keisuke can return the favor… of course with his body (ↀДↀ)✧, which Keisuke goes “….はい!?” ヾ(*´∇`)ノ Oh Rin.

Rin says that since he’s here and all why don’t he just participate. Keisuke has no idea what he’s going to participate. Didn’t Akira tell you already WAY before he left the safe haven CITY!? Rin pouts and complains that whether you are a participant or not, you’re going get killed sooner of later since they ARE in Toshima, might as well have fun. Relunctantly, Akira and Keisuke decided to follow Rin to the Palace aka Vischio’s HQ. Keisuke whispered that what if he’s forced to participate, Akira replied seriously, “(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ Go to the bathroom or something then run away.” Keisuke had to stare at Akira. LOL (●´艸`)

Finally, they have in this European-themed building used as a multipurpose hall before World War 3. It was for some theater or celebration, but ever since World War 3 it was abandoned so Vischio moved it and used it instead.  Inside it was like an overblown and luxurious decorations all over the place, but inside was filled with young boys not one is a female. HINT HINT. It was also a rule that everyone is two wear a mask not only to satisfy the master of the place but also to hide the participants face from immediate murder.

After Keisuke going into the participants room, there were footsteps echoing in the corridor. It was Arbrito and his group of bodyguards. Arbrito is the person who needs to be Fashion Policed with his magenta fur scarf and blonde hair like Atobe’s from Prince of Tennis, matched with red polo, green necktie and white tux. Arbrito’s eyes lingered longer on Akira when he was checking out the tags on their bodies. It was creepy according to Akira. So Arbrito moved on into the room where Keisuke came in, and stayed there for a while to discuss to the newbs about the rules and regulations of Igura.  Rin says that Arbrito’s little hobby of his to slavery selling to satisfy his fetish. Those who loses (and probably still alive) are taken in by the Executors and that if their face are Arbirto’s type, he’ll turn them into slaves to sell). Akira had shuddered in disgust  about Arbrito.

After a few minutes, Arbrito exits the room, noting on that Rin and Akira are still there at the corridor, but he didn’t stay for long and moved on. Rin reminds Akira that the newbs needs to leave one by one per 10 minute interval to avoid bloodbath. Keisuke came out only to declare he’s NOT joining. (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )  Imma stab you. Imma stab right on your head and throw you out to the dumps. Akira says that he was glad that he didn’t join in since Keisuke might turn into a slave. (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )  Keisuke being a dog (might as well see the world as EVERYTHING GREY except Akira) asks what he means by slave. GREAT SCOTT, what do you think what a slave means, dear blanked Keisuke.   Rin retort that slaves are slaves and they should get out of the weird building.

They head out fuckyouof the building and decided to follow Rin for now even though Akira was still suspicious of Rin.  While Rin was going trying to contact whoever his friend is, Keisuke and Akira talked about what Keisuke knows about what Akira is into. All of a sudden at the end of the discussion…. Keisuke decided to join. YOU JUST WENT TO THE HQ TO JOIN ONLY TO DECLINE AND NOW YOU WANT TO JOIN!?!?! A-YA-YA. *facepalm* MAKE UP YOUR MIND, just because Akira confirms that you can have some “fun” time with the loser, you JOIN IN. WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE (丿>ロ<)丿 ┤∵:.

As they go to the bar, they encountered some crowd going on.5 The 3 were curious, and approached it only to see a man being murdered on the spot. Rin recognized immediately who was murdering the poor dude. It was the Executioners Gunzi and Kiriwar. Gunzi being the blonde with the bloody claws  who also like to curse every little thing (Dog-lover) and Kiriwar being the camouflage dude with a bloody pipe with tags hanging on the end (Cat-Lover).  Rin whispers that even though they are executioners they also make up excuses just to beat people up to pass time. Sorry Keisuke, they aren’t your typical Public Morals.

Anycase Gunzi called out a…thing… well a person to be exact. A person who had several rings on his chest down to abdoment, blindfolded, stitched,  gagged and walks like a dog. Gunzi ordered to sniff the poor 99.99% dead dude’s tag incase of forgery or something like that. The point is that the thing can actually sniff out tags. Well the executioners decided to go back cause they’re hungry, but when the thing went up to Akira cause he likes Akira’s smell, Kiriwar took interest in Akira, but Gunzi doesn’t give any fucks, screaming that he as hungry. So the two walked off after telling Akira that they may come back for him.

Well, the group moved on into a hidden bar, where they meet Motomi, Igura’s informant. “Meal of Duty” is the name of the bar and its one of the neutral zone according to policies. So they talked for awhile, Akira disliking photography but Motomi managed to force Akira be in the shot. Akira notices a man taking in something in a dropper.

8Motomi explained that was Line, the drug that is passed around Toshima. As Rin goes for the drinks, Motomi asks if Keisuke was participating, he wasn’t…..yet. “You can’t just force your feelings on others…That’s only being stubborn”—-Motomi.  HEAR HEAR KEISUKE. LISTEN TO THIS MAN. Well as the night passed by, they went on their separate ways.  Akira and Keisuke went back to their sanctuary at the coffee shop cafe and went to sleep with not much talk. Akira dreams of hearing a voice,  he mentions of something of regret. He soon wakes up to Keisuke, leaning on the entrance. Keisuke mentions that Akira prefers omelet rice. Akira denies such a fact, it just he likes it better than any other flavors.

After breakfast, Akira and Keisuke goes BACK to HQ. Along the way they saw a brawl going on, and Motomi on one side watching the brawl. Akira noticed that Motomi was lying about seeing them coincidentally seeing the # of cigarette buds on the ground.  Motomi tags along with the two and entered the HQ. Keisuke goes into the room AGAIN, and Motomi and Akira sees Arbrito coming in again. Surprisingly Arbrito hates Motomi for some ungodly reason, seeing that it caused Arbrito’s future to go downhill. Motomi adds a bit of juicy info about the room Keisuke went in is where they challenge the II Re. FINALLY, Keisuke comes out with the tag and they went on their way, while Motomi went his seperate way saying that he needed some cigarettes, though Akira  knows Motomi has some other plans. As the go along the alleyway, Akira senses a person following them, though its common but this stare had an ill intent all over it.

Suddenly, Keisuke was attacked from behind by a blue haired dude, trying to get Keisuke tags. Well does manage to get Keisuke’s tag after a 2-3 struggles. Well, that was fast. Akira tries to save Keisuke, by attacking the blue haired eye patched dude. They had this intense battle until Akira manages to stab the blue haired dude right in the chest. Luckily, karma saved the dude and Akira manages to stab a silver cross instead of flesh. This shocks the dude and the dude runs off, forgetting his tag and Keisuke’s. Weird.

Well, Keisuke…. Your tag match was over very quickly. Well upon arriving at their sanctuary, they find not empty but filled with people. When they approached the coffee shop with caution, they find Rin taking pictures of multiple… semi people. Sick hobby. Rin manages to greet them “お帰り!o(〃^▽^〃)o” and that ain’t normal to greet people in the middle of semi corpses.

11Keisuke was shocked to see Rin. Akira wondered if Rin was the one knocked them all out, which was happy to reply “Yup! I told you I’m strong just because I’m cute on the outside doesn’t mean I’m not strong~” Keisuke mumbling Rin being a carefree boy, which Rin quickly deny. By accident, the content of his waist pocket dropped, a bunch of photos came spilling out. Both Keisuke and Akira help to pick the fallen photos. Akira notices a certain person in one of the photos which was all black, down to his hair and coat. Rin quickly snatched the photo and placed them away…while Keisuke had no idea what so every happen.

Akira and the gang goes out and the first thing they say is the blue haired dude who attacked Keisuke is now being chased by Executioners. Well, Keisuke made a “Ah” that made Rin think that they know him. Akira quietly said no, but the blue haired dude spotted Akira which automatically includes him as an accomplice in the Executioners’ Logic. Akira tries to shake him off but the blue haired dude still continued to drag him.


Choosing to [shake him off] thinking that the Executioners is just a matter of few minutes on their tails and it was better to split. (nope it doesn’t) Akira managed to slip the blue haired dude and went off in the opposite direction, until he reaches a forked road. Choosing to [Go Right], Akira is caught by Kiriwar, the pipe wielding old man. Kiriwar covers his mouth and drags him to the back alley. Akira tried to resist but he knows it was useless. Kiriwar is currently being a child and starts to play with Akira. Well…. they had a bite fest and gets raped.
……It wasn’t over. Kiriwar has taken a liking to Akira no duh it is a BL GAME. Akira tried to struggle but nope, Kiriwar knocked him out cold at the back of his neck, and he knows what Kiriwar will do to him. Did Akira die here?


After breaking off with the blue haired dude, if you choose to [Go Left], Akira is cause by Gunji, the blonde claw freak. Well compared to Kiriwar, Gunji threatens Akira with his bloody claw instead of dragging the poor protagonist to the back alley. Akira was a afraid of Gunji’s unpredictable-ness. He was being scratched little by little and even though Gunji stripped off Akira’s pants, he couldn’t have time to react before Gunji added another scratch on his chest. Well… you know the rest. Raped then Killed.

A/N: I’m not going to put the ff CGs here. Making this a PG rated post here.

If you choose [Not to Shake off} the blue haired dude, Akira and him manages to escape the executioners by hiding in a near by dumpster which smelled like corpses. He introduces himself as Takeru, one of a participant of CFC but quitted early to join Igura for money. Money for his little sister. When Takeru discovers that Akira wasn’t in for the money, he thinks that Akira was living in the glory of the money and just got bored with things. Akira didn’t manage to explain himself cause Takeru went pissy on him about the greed little bastard he is.

They were going to battle when they heard footsteps. It was Rin and Keisuke who went looking for them following the Executioners. Moving on, they are going towards the hotel where in they discovered that you can exchange your useless tags for some provisions like food, first aid, water and such. What Takura is kinda making Akira doubts his reasons so he heads out to think, but something big was happening outside. People where screaming and running away from a certain Shinigami.

A12kira curious as a cat, he walked towards the commotion to spot the man like in Rin’s picture. ITS SHIIKIIIII!!! (*´▽`*) BABE. It was just for a moment but Shiki disappear only to appear near Akira ready to kill. Akira manages to dodges which Shiki took interest. They had this baby fight until Shiki decided that it was stupid and walked off.

Akira confused walked back but apparently people started attacking him seeing that he managed to survive Shiki. There they ganged up until some random silver haired dude managed to stab Akira on the arm and licked his bad. OOPS, for some reason after tasting the blood, his side effects of the Line kicked in and he started to choke until he died.  Akira simply got the tags and ran off.

HE meets Motomi and hides the wound on his arm, sadly Motomi notices. He accompanied Akira to the hotel where he says that he won a Igura fight that’s why he was bleeding. One way or another Akira snaps at Keisuke for all his worth, causing Keisuke to run away.

Rin scolded Akira but Akira didn’t chase after him. Later that night, Akira now gets worried since Keisuke didn’t come back as he thought and decided to look for him in the morning. The story goes to Takeru doing some rule breaking tag gathering methods, and is running away from the executioners. As he was escaping he saw NANO (a brunette and weak looking person). Nano approached him and gave Takeru some Line, a strong concentrated Line. Takeru took the Line drunk in wanting the power to kill Akira and those who opposed him from killing Akira. He then is seen dropping the cross and is looking back at a flashback about his sister.31


The story moves on to Keisuke going into this emo shit that Akira doesn’t want him anymore and that he had no place now that Akira abandoned him. He remembers the time when he looks up to Akira, then him getting a girlfriend but doesn’t get it up during their “fun” time causing them to break up and him missing Akira presence beside him. FOR SOME UNGODLY REASON he sees a lone Line bottle rolling towards him. Well no one gives a fuck about him, so he drinks it. NOW AWAKENS THE YUNO FROM MIRAI NIKKI. You know Keisuke if given the choice to run and chase you I might have done that you know. (இ﹏இ`。) NOT MY FAULT. THE OPTION I WANT AINT THERE.

The following day, Akira goes out and looks for Akira. Rin suggested that night to go back to the bar to get some info out of people, but when Akira comes in there, he sees RED everywhere. Its like someone redecorated the bar into red and that its not any kind of red… its BLOOD red. Akira stands in shock, but that also didn’t last long. When he sees Takeru have this Im-taking-Line-here eyes, he wides in shock and tries all his might to defend himself. They went out in a wild frenzy and Takeru managed to pin Akira, and licked some of the blood. There the same reaction is happening to Takeru. Taking the change, Akra runs off away.

32Takeru soon follows but weakly walks towards where Akira hid. Suddenly someone pulled on his shoulder, and takeru gasped. Oh, even though it wasn’t revealed I knew it was Keisuke. Keisuke grabbed Takeru’s neck, strangling him tighter and tighter until———he popped like a squeezed tomato. (இ﹏இ`。) TAKERRUUUU WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE LIKE THAT!?!?! HE DESERVED TO LIVE MAN. At his last moments Takeru saw his little sister being so happy that he was home, and everyone was there just waiting for him. (இ﹏இ`。) AAH. Takeru you deserve to have a route. TAKE KEISUKE INSTEAD!!! Ah the feels of this man. (இ﹏இ`。)

Well seeing that no one was after him, he went out of his hiding spot and looked for a place to rest. The following day, he woke up and went off looking for Keisuke, but there were some stupid men challenging Akira that came along the path he was walking on. Akira beats the crap out of them, but Keisuke appeared to him after that all DRUGGED AND SHIT.

No Akira it aint the same Keisuke you knew before, he’s all fucked up now. RUN. RUN I SAY. He admits that he was the one you went on a killing spree on the club. So now he’s gonna going to torture you and kill you afterwards. Akira was dumbfounded that his childhood friend is gonna kill him. Akira goes off thing what was the plan now, Rin spots him and drags him over to the hotel which surprisingly Motomi was there. He didn’t tell them that Keisuke went whacked and now they were discussing about the club incident. Rin decides to buy some solids so he went to the other neutral zones. Akira went out of the club, to get some fresh air.

Well, problem people keep coming on to him as the poochie (gagged, stitched, ringed, bounded boy) apporoached Akira with a letter in his mouth. Akira was hestitant on getting the letter, but there was no harm to getting it right? Wrong. As soon as Akira gets the letter, poochie leapt on to him knocking back Akira. Akira struggled for while, hitting poochie, poochie had enough so after that one hit he went off.

Akira now curious of the letter, opened it only to read the Arbrito is inviting him to the palace to talk about the current state of his friend. Determined, Akira goes off to the palace even though he knew it was a trap, but this trap left him no choice to accept it. Along the way, he was knocked out at the back of his neck and when he woke up, Keisuke was there. WELLL. NOW. Is it time for the torture aka most probably rape then death?


If you [ cried out in pain], then Keisuke gets high on this and starts pushing the limits of their “fun” time until Keisuke rapes Akira. Akira still tries to talk Keisuke out of this… Too bad, still addicted to drugs and he doesn’t give a fuck. In the end, Akira dies.

If you [endure the pain] Keisuke rapes you still, but lets you live to see another day. Akira wakes up, Keisuke not there and obviously wasn’t in the right health here, he continued to towards the Palace, but he got a shortcut when the executioners went to pick him up. Soon, he meets Arbrito who casually chatted with him until he offered some bread. Akira knows that EVERYTHING was suspicious, Arbrito offered that he could let his servants taste test it in front of him. Well, nothing happened when the servants took a piece of bread.


23Akira has lately been skipping out meals, assuming that the bread was safe after the bodyguard took a bite to test taste it, he ate half the bread. Arbrito smiled, and explained what he truly wanted and that Akira’s blood was the neutralizer for the drug Line. Not only that, he wanted Akira to be mated with his pooch. So Akira who wanted to go away cannot, since his body was turned paralyzed. Akira wakes up to see himself strapped into handcuffs, and Arbrito watching him like a prey. There he plays Akira till he turns into a slave that his pet…thing would love.


Everything is so wrong in so many places. Akira walks away from Arbrito, seriously suspicious of the bread. Akira ponders about his blood being the neutralizing/ tranquilizer for being taking Line. He wants to see if it can help Keisuke get out of his Line craze. So he sets out to find Keisuke, which wasn’t that long.

If you chose to say something at the end of your heart to heart talk, you go through a HUGE EPIC fight with Keisuke . Akira remembered about Arbrito’s words as his blood might be the key to neutralized the Line inside Keisuke’s body.  The risk of it failing is so high because Keisuke isn’t an ordinary Line user, thinking him as an ordinary Line user isn’t going to apply. What’s there to lose? Akira shoves some of his blood into Keisuke, and he reacts but for some reason… it fails. Instead it acted more of a drug. Its like using a healing potion on your enemy that you should have been defeating. So Keisuke gets a upper hand in the fight, finally pinning down Akira. This means Akira just lost. Do remember that as long as you lose the loser gets what he wants with the loser including some “fun” time. Instead, Akira tries to talk Keisuke, but the effect of his blood seemed to be a heavy dose of Viagra as he continues chopping off Akira. So Keisuke starts to torture Akira. Akira continued to described it (NO AKIRA. I DON’T NEED THIS SORT OF INFORMATION *Irish accent*), about somewhere (I think his life is now 0.10% HP left). Akira felt his body now open like a fish just been through a butterfly cut and the last thing he sees is Keisuke getting so f***ing high on the taste and the smell of his intestines.

shocked2Finally Akira dies after hearing Keisuke saying “I love you…..”. JUST NO. UGH. THAT BLOODY GORY ARGHHHHHH I was honestly crying for Keisuke to go back to his former self. THAT was one thing I do not want to know. Its like seeing Yuno from Mirai Nikki.I’M SORRY KEISUKE. I’M SO SORRY. Please just go back to your old pathetic weak self.  Please。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。


If you choose [not to take the bread] and [……] on the heart to heart talk. You still get an epic fight with Keisuke but this time, the blood works on Keisuke as he spasms out in pain. Akira now is able to touch Keisuke without being sliced off, is concerned about him as he struggles to breath. Akira drags the poor boy out from the rain and nursed him, trying to coax the whacked in the head Keisuke away from Line. From time to time, Keisuke wakes up to demand to be killed, or wanting to kill Akira or wants some more Line. Akira barely slept and went through so much trouble, begged Keisuke to bear with it. 25

At last after a lot of spasms, Keisuke comes back to his former self. With this, Akira has now the right to sleep AFTER he punches Keisuke on the head(*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Why one? when you HAVE ALSO EVERY RIGHT punch him more times man!?. He wakes up after 2 hours to see Keisuke there in one corner, growing some mushrooms. He regrets going of into a killing spree and he clearly remembers about making Takeru into a squashed tomato.  He also CLEARLY remember about shoving to screwdrivers up Akira ass which made Akira stiffen.

He apologizes as he stands to leave, but Akira stops him. YES. After saving him, going through a huge battle and shit the rescued one leaves to be in even MORE danger. (ー△ー;) *sighs*

Anyways Akira tells Keisuke to live for those who he has killed to atone for their killing them instead of killing yourself. Besides if Akira didn’t care for him he would have left him a long time ago but he didn’t since he was determined to leave with Keisuke safe and sound. Anyways everything is now fine and peachy no it isn’t for me Keisuke noticed that Akira didn’t hang around many people. Akira grunts saying that he doesn’t like the crowd and he’s satisfied that one is enough, meaning Keisuke is enough. Keisuke blushed at the mild confession mentioning that is sound like a married couple .

(・□・;)………………………………………………………………..WHUT. Σ(゜ロ゜;)
Akira and I… I repeat. AKIRA AND I HAD TO STARE AT KEISUKE, with dumbfounded look on our face. In which part did it sound like a married couple and how did it end up there. Akira clearly is worried and says “おまえ。。。大丈ぶですか ほんと?(;  ・□・)?pwease” Keisuke quickly denies the embarrassment statement. One way or another Keisuke AGAIN confesses his love for Akira and Akira was so stunned that  his brain refuses to understand it that it went PAST THE REALM OF UNDERSTANDING. (●´艸`) PFFT. Well Akira basically says at the end is that he can’t stand without Keisuke  beside him, and without him it aint normal, so he determined to get him whatever the cost put his feelings/mentality back to normal. Keisuke was so happy that he pounces on Akira like a dog seeing his owner after a long day at the house. They had a mutual “fun” time.

AFTER THAT…. IT AINT THE END. Akira and Keisuke now determine to leave Toshima after defeating II Re but they were ambushed by a group of thugs but surprisingly Keisuke manages to retain the effects of Line but isn’t whacked in the head. …..THIS IS THE TYPE OF KEISUKE. BADASSED, stil had that doggy attitude and he AINT whacked in the head.  Why can’t you be like this from the very start? (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ I might have liked you if you were like this and totally understand your love for Akira!

Akira was surprised at the sudden badass of Keisuke but he didn’t complain one bit about it. Akira tells Keisuke to switch locations so that he can tell why Keisuke was acting so cool all of a sudden. When Akira was done explaining, Keisuke goes all pissy that the drug’s effect still linger in him, causing it to be the very reminder of his mass murder and the sin he committed against Akira. With that cleared, they noticed people getting all epileptic on them, it wasn’t just one but alot of people are going epileptic on them. Everything was going whacked now.  Akira said that Arbrito might know something about this so they went towards the palace.

Well it wasn’t just Toshima but the Palace was also receiving some damage, everything painted in red. Arbrito explained that the civil war is now broken loose and they are going to escape now. The drug went out of hand and he has no longer any control of the game anymore. He suggested Akira that they should find away to go out of the city since Igura gone and they would die if they stayed longer in there. Akira and Keisuke runs away now after the Vischio group, in the middle of the main street they were attacked by overpowered zombie-like running people you see in the game of LEFT 4 DEAD. Akira slashed his hand and fed those zombies with his blood, causing them to fall over and die.

28They thought everything was over, but there was a lone unoticed OP zombie running person going to attack Akira from behind. Luckily, he was saved by Nano who squeezed that zombie like how Keisuke made Takeru a veggie. Akira, Keisuke and NANO had a staring contest until Gwen and Emma arrives on the scene. Their true goal was to send Akira to Toshima to arouse Nano from hiding and that to take back to their lab for more experimentation shit because of their blood being so special. This includes Keisuke cause it seems that all three of them came from the same orphanage.

In the end, Emma kills of Gwen for being an annoying prick, and tries to shoot Nano but Nano being a badass Sephiroth-like power kills Emma off with a stab of his hand through Emma chest. Nano now tells the remaining two to run away using the secret entrance near where they are. With slight hestitation and the fact that more reinforcements are coming, Akira and Keisuke left Nano to probably fight off the reinforcement.

Everything was now over. Akira and Keisuke left Toshima safely. It was a newly for them as they worked in construction/manufacturing company with their boss not prying into their history. Keisuke used his strength around the company which automatically made him the VA (valuable assets) of the company. Akira is now a superior and something teaches the newly hired employees. All the while, Keisuke making so moves to Akira and Akira being all tsun tsun about it. The boss now calls over but before he does he whispered Akira in his ear which made Akira frozen and the metals he was carrying just dropped to the ground with a heavy noise. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


Comments and Rants:


Everything is just so wrong in his Bad End (ノ`Д´)ノ.:・┻┻)`з゜)・:゙;. EVERYTHING!! JUST EVERYTHING!! (」゜ロ゜)」 I thought everything will be fine, I mean I’m okay with Keisuke being badass but the feels that this game brought on. Oh LAWN.  Σ(゜ロ゜;) From the unexpected love for Takeru and the bloody ending, It is just… AUGH. My head will never look at Keisuke the same way again. Im glad that CG is just a few seconds of screen time or I’ll seriously cry staring at it or reading it  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. Surprisingly, I had to make this post, a review for the Vischio since it just differs at the option at the end. They’re pratically the same.

Still… reading it in the manga is one thing, but to read it in a different way and the CG of it….. nope. Just nope. Plus, why doesn’t Takeru get a route in this!?  щ(゜ロ゜щ) Takeru is such a good guy! He didn’t have to DIE! moreover at the hands of Keisuke and that brutal fashion. 。゜(`Д´)゜。 He deserves better!!! And everything sounded like a squeezed tomato. Well in the end I loved Keisuke only for a brief time, which was at the end where he went all badass and cool, and slightly a teasing perv. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Hope you enjoyed it!


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