Sawayaka Banchou さわやか番長 Route




Well, following off with Ichi’s post on Renai Banchou’s route, I decided to go to Sawayaka Banchou’s route. Ok…I may not be a KENNy fangirl but I really liked his character in this one—afterall..Refreshing airheads fall into my like category ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡. For my playthrough,  I named the heroine Lulu(ルル) but really, the guys just call her whatever they want to so what’s the point?! So as Renai calls her Angel (アンゲル), Sawayaka Banchou calls her Honey (ハネエイ). Even though he is all 爽やか☆~ and is like an airhead (and bratty at times) and can’t seem to catch on the mood of Lulu here, he has his moments too where he can be pretty calculative and he is all down honest, so that he can get his feelings straight up to Lulu through her thick skull. And since Ichi pretty much written the common parts of the story, it saves me a lot of trouble and thus be writing the parts where its only Sawayaka and his ハネエイ☆~~ “ψ(`∇´)ψ


On their first date, Lulu is nervous as sh*t cause she really don’t know if she could do it or that what will happen from now on. But then she got a text from Sawayaka Banchou telling her to meet up in the park for their date.  And so they meet up in the park where the Cherry Blossoms (さくら) are blooming cause there isn’t more Sawayaka (爽やか) than that. Oh! and we also get to meet the Sawayaka boys (さわやか BOYS)who acts as his cheerleaders along the date.。゚(TヮT)゚RENAI_003 During their date though, Sawayaka Banchou gets glomps over by a bunch of fangirls asking for autographs or somthin.  Lulu gets a little upset over this since this is suppose to be their alone time together and that he should be focusing on teaching her about love. Sawayaka notices Lulu’s upset mood and asks ねえ、ルル。もしかして。。あなたが やきもち?(hey, Lulu. By any chance…are you jealous?)  in which Lulu denies and earned a questioning from the fangirls on what their relationship is. Where Sawayaka boldly announce to everybody that she is his 彼女 (Girlfriend) and embarrassed the daylights out of Lulu so she drags him off to somewhere and asks him as to why he did that and he quickly answered that its the truth and for a year he is her 彼氏 (Boyfriend). For their second date, they go on a cycling trip around town cause–as his BOYS say.. うわ!あれ 爽やかです!☆(uwa! that so refreshing!☆). Which leaves Lulu like Σ【・ヘ・?】.


For the sports festival Sawayaka is all hyped up and wants Lulu here to join in the fun too. Apparently there will be an event call Sawayaka ball or somthin where the Sawayaka BOYS will give a concert of sorts. Just as they were about to see the intro of the Sawayaka Boys to dance their pants off… in comes the rival banchou who is—KouAkuma-kun (光悪魔)~ who then tries to seduce Lulu to leave Sawayaka and go with him instead and eat cake—a デート(date) in short. It actually made Sawayaka panic a little when Lulu starts to consider KouAkuma-kun’s offer ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆(lol…lure her in by the cake) but in the end, Lulu refuses his offer and says she has to be here for the sports fest (and for Sawayaka too of course). So for the sports event, Sawayaka and Lulu goes on the 3 legged race where they lost at the end–but at least they didn’t get last place.。゚(TヮT)゚


After the musical event, Sawayaka finds Lulu at the rooftop taking a break and hands her a special juice called 爽やかジュース☆(Sawayaka juice ☆). Though he was only joking saying that its really いちご ミルく (Strawberry Milk) instead. And so after some chat, he hands her over a pair of roller blades…..cause they are needed for the 爽やか だんす☆(Sawayaka dance☆) he was talking about. Lulu’s all (●__●?) え? but Saywaka tells her to trust him and that he will guide her to it. RENAI_007And…like expected.. Lulu sucked at rollerblading–never mind dancing in it. Just as she was about to have an accident, Sawayaka catches her but she says that its impossible after all and runs off. She then  bumps into KouAkuma-kun who tries to cheer her up. And so after some cheering up, she decides to come back to Sawayaka who tells his boys to shoo while he and his ハネエイ have some alone time together while figuring out how they would do the 爽やか だんす☆rollerblading dance. And so evening falls and they go perform the 爽やか だんす☆together in public.。゚(TヮT)゚ Sawayaka tells her 私を見て.. (to look at him) so that she wouldn’t be so nervous and scared.


So while in class Sawayaka tells Lulu about this plan that the Sawayak boys are up to and tells her to wait later at night for the surprise. At night, Lulu receives a text from him telling her to look out her window—and there comes Sawayaka popping out calling her 織姫サマ (Orihimesama) and then barged jumps in her room which leaves Lulu ∑(O_O;). Then drags her out of her room to have a special evening date together. Like in Renai Banchou’s route, Tsundere Banchou drags invites Lulu for a vacation trip on his private beach (lol, stinking rich ぼっちゃま is rich XD). And so, like always, Lulu wanders off in the middle of the forest and gets lost till nightfall. She got scared sh*t and trips. But instead of falling hard on her face, she founds herself on top of Sawayaka who says that he came looking for her since he was worried about her. He apologizes that right now he isn’t being all 爽やか but its alright since he founds her safe and sound and its a 彼氏‘s job to make sure his 彼女 is safe and happy.☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


RENAI_009Sawayaka barges in comes over at her place being impressed at how her room looks like wherein Lulu points out that he already intruded went inside last time. He says that he was so hyped up about the dinner date that he really didn’t paid much attention. (lol。゚(TヮT)゚) Anyway, they pretty much spend the whole afternoon watching movies about some 爽やかろまんす or summtin. And Sawayaka takes this opportunity to sleeps in Lulu’s lap while she watch the movie.☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Sawayaka tells Lulu about this new gig of him and his BOYS and just when he was about to drag her off—again, the school bell rings and he says its too bad and he needs to go. They do agreed on meeting up afterschool. But a few moments after he left, in comes KouAkuma-kun again to once again persuade Lulu to having a デートwith him and to give him a chance. When classes are over, Sawayaka and Lulu meets up in her classroom and she tells her about the whole KouAkuma situation. To her surprise (and mine) Sawayaka actually lets her go and tells her to have fun.Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノWhere she says that え?本気ですか?それは本当に大丈夫でしょうかい?(What? You sure? Could it really be okay?) But Sawayaka then says that she should see if KouAkuma-kun can have a chance. At the date with KouAkuma-kun, he says that Lulu should forget about Sawayaka since it seems that he doesn’t care for her at all letting his 彼女 to be with another guy. But then, Lulu doesn’t seem to be having much dun either and tells KouAkuma-kun that she’s sorry and runs off. She then bumps into Sawayaka in the park where she asks him why he let such a thing happen. Sawayaka then explains that its because they are dating for training and that he doesn’t want to put a tight leash on her. But he did say that he didn’t like seeing her off with another men, much more if they are dating for real. So as a sorry of sorts, they go on a date on the amusement park the next day and had a 爽やか time together XD. 


In the yukata/hotspring event, he actually gets all mature and tells Lulu if she knows what couples do at a time like this when the two are all alone(´⌣`ʃƪ. Too bad though that they get cockblocked by Renai banchou who flips out telling them off 。゚(TヮT)゚。. Sawayaka RENAI_011says that its natural since they are a カプル then runs off and once again tries to make a move to his ハネエイ, Lulu tries to change the subject but Sawayaka banchou moves in and tells her that couples usually キス (kiss) in situations like this. …..but they once again gets cockblocked by his Sawayaka boys who was watching from a distance waiting for the right moment to go and be his cheerleader and all (-‸ლ)(lol kinda that..).  Since the mood is all but destroyed, Sawayaka suggest that they go back to the others and says to not be disapionted cause they still have plenty of time for them to go いちゃいちゃ(Flirtingtogether(´⌣`ʃƪ. Lulu also found out that Sawayaka is really good with kids when she saw him trying to cheer up a crying boy telling him to be a 爽やか☆ though he actually got a little embarrassed when Lulu pointed it out.


LOL. There was a cute scene for this month wherein he and Lulu are at the park and he still hasn’t changed from his summer outfit yet and leaves him sneezin.  Lulu ask why he hasn’t change yet and he says that it (his winter outfit) which he answered やだ!絶対 やだ and that it isn’t 爽やか enough for him. (∩⌣̀_⌣́)Course Lulu scolds him and he still isn’t giving up cause its his ポリシ (Policy) to always be 爽やか☆  When they’re still bickering about it, KouAkuma-kun comes in and laughs at how childish Sawayaka is being. The two goes head to head happily greeting each other while pushing the other off…or breaking the other’s hand in their handshake greeting of sorts.  あははははは。。。。あなたをあまりにも見ていい <– (the two are saying this in a monotone matter XD) At the end, Lulu manages to convince Sawayaka to change since being sick isn’t all 爽やか☆He then thanks Lulu for taking care of him and for being worried about him and says that she is being very a good 彼女 right now.(´⌣`ʃƪ.


After the party, Lulu here is not sure if she should give her present to Sawayaka, so she emo’s up in the park.(∩⌣̀_⌣́) After some time, Sawayaka finds her in the park asking what she’s doing there alone. Lulu tells him she RENAI_013was just clearin her head due to the party an all. They then greeted each other Merry Christmas and Lulu pulled herself together and gave her present for him. Sawayaka was both surprised and happy asking if he could open it now. Lulu says its ok and when he did, she was worried if he would like it or not but he says not to worry cause he それを愛する!He then gave her his present which is a cute テディベア cause its あなたとしての同じ  so while they are having a デレデレ moment, it starts to snow so Sawayaka hugs her from behind to keep her warm.(´⌣`ʃƪ.


Nothin of significance really happened here. They go on a date and Kouakuma still pesters Sawayaka to buzz of so that he can take Lulu for himself. So while they grow closer, Lulu is still bothered by the fact that their time together is drawing to a close and she doesn’t know what to do. (dilemma much?)。゚(TヮT)゚。

FEBRUARY we have Lulu emoing somewhere and is all worried and sh*t cause her time with her man is drawing to an end. Though she was somehow convinced by her friends that instead of moping around, she should have at least make some chocolates for her bf since that’s what girl’s do during Valentines, to give chocolates to the one they love.。゚(TヮT)゚。 So she baked in the school cooking class or something and stayed up late cause she really want the chocolates to be good. Sawayaka finds her and asks what she was doing, Lulu told him about the chocolates which makes him really happy. And then Sawayaka goes 私は賭ける.。。あなたのキスは、チョコレートよりもはるかに甘いです。。。 (I bet .. . Your kiss is much sweeter than chocolate. . .)(。◝‿◜。) on her which makes her blush like crazy.(´⌣`ʃƪ.


In here, because their one year time is up, they break up. But then Lulu here joins up with the Sawayaka boys to be their manager and goes on with them and Sawayaka Banchou with their love solving adventures. 。゚(TヮT)゚。In her mind, even if they didn’t become a couple, at least by this she can at least be by his side. (being one of his cheerleaders that is…(-‸ლ)) lol….really pointless and there isn’t any CG at all.


In the Dream end, Sawayaka tells her that because their one year time is up, as a banchou, he needs to move on and go solve other girl’s love problems.p(´⌒`。q) When Lulu hears this, she burst out a confession to him telling him she doesn’t want to be apart and all. Turns out, he was just faking it all as to see what she will do if she knows that he will move on to another girl. He did it to see if she really did love him. And to ease up Lulu’s temper (cause hey…nobody want to be laugh at with a confession like that 。゚(TヮT)゚。) he also confesses his feelings to her and says that he want to be a couple for real from now on. On waiting for Lulu’s answer, she glomps  on him and kisses him as revenge to his sick joke(。◝‿◜。). And so they become a 爽やかカプル~ (´⌣`ʃƪ) RENAI_015


In this end,  since Lulu is starting to get some attention from the guys of the school, some random dude confesses to her and this gets Sawayaka jealous meter to trigger.(。◝‿◜。) So he hijacks the school announcement system(lol, these banchous are just going on school premises and teachers like a boss XD) saying that Lulu is his and then goes to meet her outside where he confesses his love to her. They kissed in the middle of the courtyard or something with the Sawayaka boys cheering them on.☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion ——✧*:・゚✧

Well, it was a sweet route, but really nothing of significance really happened felt like a breeze~(but I guess considering the main guy is all but glorious pink Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ……….the game really has no sense whatsoever). But still….can’t resist all that 爽やか☆~ ness ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The romance does starts to kick in whenever the Kouakuma banchou shows up and tries to woo Lulu in which Sawayaka gets serious and  jelly in which he will do anything to keep Kouakuma away from his ハネエイ☆ o(〃^▽^〃)o. In which I think is the highlight/peak and the most entertaining part of this story. Though there are times where he just surprises me that he does in fact have experiences with love and is interested in いちゃいちゃ(´⌣`ʃƪ) with Lulu even with all that airheadedness ( that even a word?!(;¬‿¬)\) and laid back attitude of his.

Well then…on to the next character~~ 〆(・∀・@)/。.:*☆


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