Motomi 源泉 Review

cv.一条 和矢
“the goverment should learn how to wipe their own ass”

Well… Motomi is a information broker and not an Igura participant who’s shrouded in mystery as he pops out of nowhere. At first, I had no idea what will come out of this pairing. o(〃^▽^〃)o I actually like this pairing! Compared to Keisuke and the Vischio group… you have to forget Keisuke in the beginning.

facepalmSo choosing [Nope. You can’t stay] allows you to be one step closer to the true ending and all the hottie endings.

Keisuke was stunned to hear that Akira didn’t allow him to stay. Well duh, Akira doesn’t want to be killed and raped while having the thought of his intestines being a turn on for you, might as well push you aside. Akira thought things again,he allowed Keisuke to stay. We are back to square one. UGH. (ノ_ _)ノ Things goes the same way like in Keisuke’s route, meeting Rin, bringing the poor dog to the Vischio HQ aka Palace again to let him join. Seeing Arbrito and his weird colored fur…Keisuke later joining Igura after he denied it. Finally meeting Motomi and all…. the route changes ntil you reach to the point of injuring yourself at an igura battle which was right after Shiki’s appearance. Choosing to [Strike at him] causes Motomi to catch Akira weaken fist. Motomi asks like he’s poking Akira with a stick while asking if he’s dead yet.

33So they go back to the hotel. You know what happens next, off Keisuke goes to go grow some mushroom and turn into a yandere. Now we’re dead. Akira brushes the running Keisuke and Rin went rage at this. So anycase Akira goes out to find him and all… meets the poor the Takeru who will probably at this die and there nothing I can do. 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

So after running away from Takeru, instead from the previous route that Akira had to go out, Motomi spots you sitting there with heavy injuries. Akira asked what he was doing here, and Motomi in simple wanted to be a detective for once instead of an informant. Moving on, Akira and Motomi after some recollection of the Bl@ster, Motomi mentionedthat, something was off not your typical “Imma Kill you B*tch” more like “RUN AWAY”  type of atmosphere. It is better to find Keisuke.

Yes, old man. I clearly understood what you said. “GO DIE”. ( TДT) At this point Keisuke wants to see our intestines scattered about…and that the relationship between these two are in for a father-son relationship. (〃・ω・〃) Motomi mentions that Akira was like his son. This fact shocks Akira that he had a son, Motomi simply said “Yup. He’s dead.” Man, you remind of Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny with your cheerfuness. Motomi ask how Akira’s parents are but Akira said that he doesn’t have real parents which reminded Motomi of the new policies. Motomi now tells Akira that there will be an II Re battle in the coming four days, the first battle to boot.

Akira now is curious as to why Motomi was selling infor around Toshima since it doesnt seem like it was worth something. Motomi treat is as a game somewhat like Igura. Now, they split up since Motomi has someone to meet. Akira decided to rest for awhile since he knows that he’ll collapse somewhere. The next series of events was just like Keisuke’s route. Meets Keisuke, and knows that Keisuke is whacked in the head. He’s definitely shell shocked here, (・□・;) to the point that he wonders off instead of the hotel, he finds a lone chapel.

36Surprisingly it wasn’t that much burned down, and it still looks like it was useful. Akira then noticed that there was a flicker of light, and someone much be inside. Curious he went inside the chapel, there he sees a person sitting on one of the pews. Σ(゜ロ゜;) It’s Motomi, praying… or sleeping. Motomi was surprised to see someone beside him there, since the way to that perculiar chapel is like a maze. He sues Akira for not saying anything now that he has been in the chapel for awhile. Apperently, it was embarrassing to see him for an old man like him to be praying and Akira replies “That’s what you do in this kind of place T_T ” (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) LOL.

HOW CAN YOU HAVE SUCH AWESOME QUOTES, MOTOMI!? “No matter who he is, a human being can only tolerate so much before his heart exceeds its maximum dosage.” and “Keep struggling and enduring without knowing your limits and you’ll end up passing your
maximum dosage without realizing it”

tumblr_mv3xegMrcL1sv98gio1_500AH. Quotes for today (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) I never knew that I would come to love this pair Kotetsu & Barnaby FTW The fluffiness. This pair will kill me with fluff. Motomi was right about one thing. and that is Akira had never had a chance to go to others for help. Motomi asks if Akira believed in gods and Akira denied that he never been to such a place which once again shocks Motiomi. He described that he doesn’t remember much of what his childhood was like, it just ended there.

Motomi tells Akira that it was better for him to tell whatever is on his mind, but he’s not going to push Akira to tell him, its just it was better for him too. After a few minutes, Akira finally tells that it was Keisuke who got him in a bind, which surprises Motomi. At any rate  Keisuke’s alive and is now tartgetting Akira’s inside he should be glad. Then once again Akira and Motomi departs from the chruch.

NOPE. Too bad. As soon as Akira wakes up from his sleep, exits the chapel and enters the alleyway, Keisuke is there, waiting for him, and whacked him from behind, dragged him to the cafe to be raped. The minute he sees Keisuke standing, trying to put him into some where facial emotion…. Σ(゜ロ゜;) SUPRISE SURPISE. There wasn’t ANY rape scene, instead this Keisuke still wants to continue to play with Akira and leaves him. Akira now realizes what made Keisuke change and its the nasty shitty drug. Akira also looks back and wonders how Keisuke feels. Well, emo and shit. what do you expect?

TAKERU STILL DIES. WTF. Will there be a route for him to actually live? Anycase, after  finding the poor dude’s corpse, Akira notices the unusual of people walking by. He  was reminded that there is an II Re battle. Not knowing how to spend his time, he goes to the palace. There he meets Motomi again and they came in the palace together. When they arrive at the coliseum ,t he first thing Akira does is to get lost, and meets Nano. They still had the staring
contest, later Nano walks off. Akira wonders why he wanted to chase after him but Motomi grabs Akira, telling him not to get lost. Akira tells Motomi that he met a person who can switch eye color from blue to purple and….. apparently Motomi knows Nano. He leaves Akira who also left soon after because he couldn’t stand watching the Line user who was going to challenge the II Re appearing on the center of the coliseum.

38Akira again manages to go to the chapel and enters it. He finds Motomi in it, and asks if he ever seen II Re. Motomi denies it, since he’s one mysterious person. Well go look for a ditzy weak looking brunette who gives out drugs to poor people like Takeru, maybe you’ll find II Re. Awwww ʅ(´◉◞.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨.̸̸̨̨◟◉) ʃ THE FLUFF between these two! Anycase Motomi goes back into the backroom and produces a bottle of water, a solid which was coincedentaly flavored as Omelet rice and 2 blankets. Motomi sat by the altar and pats a spot beside him for Akira.

It feels like Keisuke is going to barge in any moment and ruin the whole fluff scene here.
Oh? Is it time for the epic battle scene? Akira after a nice innocent sleep with Motomi,
he went back to searching Keisuke, and found him in an alleyway.

They go through the epic battle scene and WOAH, instant good end—- Oh wait, Akira only
had to stare as Keisuke goes through the neutralization of the drug and went walking off.
Akira being too wounded, collapsed on the ground as the rain still continues to pour. Later Motomi finds him and slaps Akira to reality as Akira demands to find Keisuke despite his wounds.

They wrote off Keisuke here. Moving on, Motomi brings the wounded Akira back to the church  and nursed his wounded as Akira mourns for Keisuke. Motomi dries Akira off with the towel and pats him, conforting him. Akira suddenly finds himself to have fallen asleep and wakes up to a call where Emma. ACTUALLY CALLED. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━   Emma demanded a report on things, and when Akira mentioned about Motomi, she automatically orders him to distance himself from Motomi cause he’s not to be trusted. Akira goes into  panic why on such order, which resulted a distrust between Akira and Motomi as soon as Motomi arrived back from the outside.

39Motomi wonders about Akira’s blood and decided to go visit the weird masked pervert who enslaved  Akira for his pet as a mate in the last route, Arbrito. Haha, Motomi started to interrogate Arbrito, about the II Re and Line that he started to remind me of Taken and its famous quote  “I don’t know who you are and want you want but I will find you and I will kill you.”

The story goes back to Akira who was walking alone in an alleyway and got suddenly attacked  by a line user after sensing the sudden shift of the atmosphere. Akira was about to get killed when he used his left hand and smeared it all over his attackers face. As the attacked goes into a series of spasm, Akira runs away and concluded that something is wrong with his blood.  When Akira came to a stop and paused for a breath, Nano comes up to him and reaches out to touch
his cheeks. Akira immediately notices the ice cold temperature of his hand and that it was  nostalgic while sad at the same time. Later, Nano leaves him quietly and Motomi appears in  one end of the alleyway.

Motomi mentions about a man, all curled up dead and notices Akira’s bandaged hand was all loosen up. He sighed at Akira and decided that it was too dangerous for Akira to stay, so he’s willing to  help Akira escape Toshima. Akira snapped at him and ran towards the chruch after some pondering moments away from Motomi.   40Akira spots the lone figure at the end of the altar, Motomi sat there. So he and Akira goes into a heart to heart talk and Motomi spilled the beans about him. In the end, Motomi feared that Akira  might turn into a 2nd Nano and decided to kill him. Akira was stunned but Motomi grumbled about not able to kill him cause he felt like he was going to kill his son. Akira went ballistic on this,  and told Motomi to kill him.

In the end Motomi, gave up and confessed that he too was just trying to evade his sense of guilt and blame poor Nano for everything. Now that its settled, Motomi mentions about his butt getting all stiff and painful so he tells Akira if he wants to use the bed. WELL. At this point I can’t put the  two and two together, cause seeing them so fatherly with each other… it’s quite disturbing.

stunned I WILL HAVE TO SKIP THIS CAUSE IT’S ALL WRONG TO PUSH THEM TO THE EXTREME AND ALL WHEN THEY ARE PERFECT AS A FLUFF COUPLE. IT IS JUST WRONG. Only Kotetsu and Barnaby aka Bunny from Tiger & Bunny can only pull this kind of relationship together. AKIRA stop in the name of whatever you are doing——– Nope. Not here nope. I have no business here what so ever, I wipe my hands clean of this couple.

OKAY. Now that they finished their play time, they head back to the palace to squeeze the info out of Arbrito. Here, Motomi revealed that he and Arbrito was co-workers at the lab. He found out Arbrito’s fetish one night while he was playing around with a child. Arbrito hated Motomi for that. They come out at the main street where they see the Left 4 dead zombies.

So they head back to the church. Motomi decided to the palace, but leaving Akira in fear that the goverment will get him and mess him up (like keisuke did) and turning him into a 2nd Nano. Akira agrees, and after some time, Akira hears those zombies knocking down the church door. Akira determined to use his blood again, however as soon as he gets out and ready… Nano was there.

He had a  heart to heart staring moment with Nano, when Motomi comes in the scene with a gun raised.  Akira refused Motomi when he tells Akira to get beside him. Akira tells Nano to come with him and  they’ll run away from the goverment. NOPE. Emma comes in and shoots the gun out of Motomi’s hand. Things go as they went with Keisuke’s route. Emma shooting Gwen cause he’s an annoying prick, and  Nano stabbing Emma right in the center of her chest cause she’s more of an annoying prick than Gwen. They escape with Nano trying to buy some time for them, down the sewers and Motomi officially confirms that Keisuke died.

In the end, Motomi was there sitting on one side of canyon since he was sketching the scenery and Akira was there with him, also drawing too. Both of them, traveled around the world, both becoming a journalist… well, Akira a PA (personal assistant) for Motomi. Motomi reminds me of Kotetsu. ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ


Comments & Rants:

I’m totally surprised. I didn’t expect my love for this pairing to be gushing out like a waterfall and makes me just roll in bed and squeal cause…. Everything about Motomi reminded me of my beloved Kotetsu and his adorable partner Bunny aka Barnaby. How he treats Barnaby as his son, while Barnaby not only treats Kotetsu as a fatherly figure but someone whom he truly confides in and trust. If anyone of you, readers wants to know how exactly I feel about this pair, go watch TIGER & BUNNY.

loveMotomi x Akira might be the second place in my pairings list in this BL Game.

Please tell me your comments and share your thoughts about this!! Thank you for reading!



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