Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen 女王蜂の王房ーめのう編 Review

Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen


In a far away kingdom, there lived two princesses. Although they were really close sisters, they seemed to live in different worlds, one was happy and cheerful while the other was somewhat more serious and mature than the other. One day, they sneaked out the castle to go on a stroll together. From their world in the sky, they look down at another – it’s like trash, one of them says. Laughing. Then an accident occur and one of the sister fall on a cliff and is assumed to have died. Several years later only one of the sisters lives on. With the other long since dead it’s time for her to take up the role of being queen bee – until she’s told to assassinate her beloved sister who supposedly died. At the same time, males aiming to become the queen’s husband begin to make their move.

Why was Kaguya’s survival hidden?
What does one lose when they become queen?

So since Ichi is reviewin Bls, I thought why not I review R18 games? And since Ichi kind bailed out on me on this…(she doesn’t want to play them..or doesn’t have the heart to play them–like i dun want to play Bls XD)those naughty R18 hotties are all for me.\(*T▽T*)/

I repeat, this is an R-18 game so some verbal and physical abuse, sexual scenes and some unsettling scenes so don’t proceed any further if you’re a minor or don’t like R-18 stuffs. Anyway ,on with the review of this crapball….sigh(;へ:)


Typical otome game wherein you get to choose the heroine’s answer. Though there isn’t an indication wherein you got the correct answer or not. You will know though, cause one wrong answer and you get the bad ending, much like in Amnesia and the likes. Bad ends…..sigh….I wonder how the hell they come up with this crap. Even the good or true end sounds like crap, specially Hakuou’s true end…..WHAT THE HELL MAN!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻giphy


Well art was really good and its one of the reasons why I wanted to play this game. Character designs were really awesome…But..yea…story is bullcrap so…sigh…such a waste.o(╥﹏╥)ofeelings (fangirl sad)


JUST WHAT THE ACTUALL FUCK MAN?!!? I DUN EVEN WANT TO KNOW HOW THEY CAME UP WITH THIS CRAP….BUT THEY DID. Like I said earlier..this is my first Erogame and..well–I really feel sorry for the seiyuus that did this shit. I was here sitin in front of my laptop and wondering how the seiyuus dealt with this crap…I know it brings bread to the table’on can’t you least give them some descent story!?(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I really feel sorry for Menou…being the center of all this crapball story. She was a cute doormat heroine but….yea, Pure Wool just blow up her whole story.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

That and the random sex scenes really doesn’t have any meaning and are kinda pushed in for it to say that ‘hey we have many sexy scenes so play this game‘…its like…like…like this..6fc

Oh…and apparently…one way or another, the guys will just go and rape Menou at some point of the story. it was so pushed in that even the guy didn’t know why he did it so he repeatedly apologizes.(。┰ω┰。)darn


Well…i dunno. at the first part, the BGM was really entertaining…but like the story….at the second part some of the BGM really doesn’t match to what’s happening and feels like its random. And I gotta say….the sex sounds they provided sounds like someones slapping water in a swimmin pool or a kid shaking a water bottle or sumtin.(; ̄д ̄)tumblr_movvb4EgLB1stb6fao1_500


I don’t know man……….the whole things is like a crapball out of shitsville. I have read reviews saying this game is like so…but I didn’t expect it to be THAT CRAPPY(; ̄д ̄). Only redeeming point is the art, nice heroine and the set of characters. I PLAYED THIS JUST FOR THE CHARACTERS (︶︹︺)and…well..i dug my own grave i guess. I ended up hatin characters I thought I would like –I’m lookin at you Hakuou! — and lovin characters I thought I would hate/ignore–OMGGG RUUBBBYY SOO FREEAKKIN CUTE! ☆ ♥☆ ♥ o(≧∇≦o)tumblr_mv3xegMrcL1sv98gio1_500

Well, this is my first eroge and I don’t know if I’m scarred or entertained due to this but I will try to play other eorges too.  According to otomejikan, this is the debut game of Pure Wool….and well, they are not makin any good impressions with this crapball story….sigh…(|||❛︵❛.)

beelollol…It’s not “Will the girl be embraced by Love or Madness“…..its “Will the PLAYER be flippin tables /get traumatize or just accept the shitty story and the game“(メ`д´)┫~┻┻ ~┣~┳┳  (。@ヘ@。川

So, I’ll just place the beginning of this shit here to save space and time—-that and I’m lazy to put it else where.(*/ω\*)

As the description goes, the game begins with the story of the two sisters, Menou and Kaguya. All is well and they really get along well and treasure each other. They know that one of them is someday destined to fight for the throne, but Menou really loves her sister and is willing to step down for her (that and she thinks that Kaguya is more..suitable for the job(ノдヽ)). One day, they decided to sneak out to have a look at the “Lower Ground” but then an accident occur and Kaguya fell off the cliff leaving Menou guilty and alone crying for her beloved sister back. Story then returns to the present time wherein Menou is called in by her mother to dicuss her future sumtin.

When i showed Ichi the game, she asked why bees? that they don’t looked anything like bees. Well, that’s what I thought at the beginning too—and the fact that this is an otoge..well here is what the game answers that question…….her mother is this..umm…curious thing….∑(O_O;)menou_005

Anyway, after…mother dear finishes her—umm human meat, she tells Menou to toughen up cause she is gonna be the next queen bee whether she wants to or not. And that means she need to suck it up and be like mother dear and eat her human meat like a big gurl. (eww..YUCK ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ) Since if she were to be a queen, she needs to set an example for her citizens and show em who’s boss. Her mother then tells her the real reason she called her daughter in; She needs to kill her sister Kaguya so that she could have all the rights to be the next queen bee.

Menou’s like ‘wtf?! my sister is dead yo’. Which mother dear counters ‘ she ain’t now go be a big gurl and kill her for good.’

Menou went back to her room still confused about the things her mother told her. On the way, Menou asks Takenemaru-san what he thinks of all this—her mother revealing that her beloved sister is alive and that she now wants her two daughters to go into a killing spree with each other for the throne. Takenemaru-san then tells Menou that her task to assassinate her sister is a test for her. Menou protests that she doesn’t see why they have to kill each other to be Queen, Takanemaru-san replies that if Menou doesn’t kill her sister, then the rebels will probably be the ones to strike first and kill Menou instead.

Cause ever since the current Queen’s health has gone to shit (mother dear ate too much human food and didn’t listen to the doctors..ヽ(。_°)ノ), the country has been unstable–rebels popping out everywhere.  Menou answers that she wants Kaguya to become Queen since she more fitted to be one; and then she says that she will just leave and start a hive of her own and it will all be alright since she has Takanemaru and Hakuou (faithful bodygurd—who was not shown just yet..ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ) by her side to rape her.

While Menou’s clearing her head off on the gardens, she notice some stranger creeper who was discussing some sort of plans with someone. She asked him what’s he doing there since the castle is no place for some nutjob like him. (ah…gwad! Sumeragiii~~~ such a creepy yanyan voice~~ (´∀`)♡) Anyway, he notices that Menou is already near in heat (発情期) and tries to flirt with her.menou_006

Menou tells him to back off but instead he pressed on and continues his antics…


ah..gwad~~ such a creepy yet alluring voice~~ *(*´∀`*)☆ ♥☆ ♥

Anyway, he bids the cute princess good bye and while telling her to entertain him more from now on.

damn that voice! I should hate him....but i really don't

damn that voice! I should hate him….but i really don’t ♥✧♥✧\(*T▽T*)/♥✧♥✧

And so, to prepare for her assassination of her sister, Takenemaru-san brings her to the Lower Ground (Human World) and stayed in a cabin in the woods . While Menou’s still unsure of all of this nonsense, in pops Rubyyy~~~ (he literary pop out—or rather jumps/falls down on the screen XD o(≧∇≦o)) 


Kyaa~~ RUUUUBBYYYY~~σ(≧ε≦o)

Anyway, Takenemaru-san reveals that the cabin was where Kaguya stayed in while in the human world, so Menou demands to know how could he know such detail and why was it kept from her. Before Takenemaru-san could continue, Menou spotted someone at the window who appears to be Kaguya . And so, due to her undying love for her sister, Menou ditch the two guys in the cabin and went after the hooded figure. When she managed to catch up with it, it turns out to be some shota (Rin) who is apparently a slave of—Kaguya !

Menou was both happy and confuse on why is Kaguya here. She asked her what the hell is going on but instead Menou got tied up and was left behind by her sister in the middle of the woods all helpless and all. Kaguya tells her that if she really wants to know what happened to her all these years then the best way is to experience what she had.(´∩`。)menou_010

Menou desperetely tries to call for help but no one comes in to her aid (weird…..i don’t really think she went THAT far away from the cabin..【・ヘ・?】)Just then, a group of village men are approaching and realizes that she is a bee so they starts on peeving on her and molesting her. Menou realized that Kaguya knew this would happen and that this was the ‘experience’ Kaguya was talking about though she still can’t believe and denies it.


If you choose 耐える (Withstand) then you get the ED01:真実はいまだ遠く (The truth is still far away) Wherein the men had their way with her until they got bored and kill her in the end.ε=ε=(怒゚Д゚)ノ

So if you choose 助けを呼ぶ  (call for help) one more time, then in comes the no.2 bodyguard slave Hakuou to the rescue~~

So, anyway, I’ll cut the intro here since it’s getting long and I’ll just continue it in Hakuou’s route (since most of the start of their route overlaps with him)~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Hakuou
  • Ruby
  • Takenemaru

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