Rin リン Review

Rin リンReview

According to the guide, Rin has also one ending. I suppose that Motomi and Rin isn’t one of the major characters, while Keisuke has alot of shitty endings. WELL. Why can’t you just give one for Takeru, who I probably guess he’s STILL gonna die in this route. ( ̄^ ̄)

So everything starts off just like Motomi’s route. Akira deny Keisuke’s presence and all his wish to be helpful, but Akira still goes back to square one as he stays.
Akira meets Rin when he and Keisuke was wondering around the streets. ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ They go to Arbrito then come back out since Keisuke didn’t want to join yet. They meet the excutioners Gunji and Kiriwar as well as the “dog”, afterwards they head to the  bar where they meet our fatherly Motomi.

(●´艸`) When Rin asks if Akira wants to take a picture, he declines and Rin sues Motomi to be the cause. He shoo-s Motomi away, Motomi looked at Akira for backup but nope. No back up there. So Rin takes a shot, and Rin grins that he was able to take a picture of the recluse Akira. Akira is introduced to Line, and as the story progressed on with Motomi interrogating the poor dog. Rin comes back to the table with the drinks, and Motomi leaves as the story from the previous routes go. Then they parted ways, he and Keisuke goes back to the semi-sanctuary of theirs, but what’s different is that he gets a dream about a voice calling to him just like Keisuke’s route.

On the way back to the Vischio’s HQ, they see the brawl between Igura participants. Keisuke was disgusted. Keisuke, compared to that and your extremely past of the realm of understand yandere (which reminds me of Morishige of Corpse Pary), I think what you see there is cute. Just being so adorably cute. After obtaining the tag, they meet Takeru, get into the fight, see him run away after Akira stabs the cross from his little sister, and they finally returned to their semi-
sanctuary only to see Rin taking pictures of the people he just KO’ed (killed).

(ノ>▽<。)ノ “Okariiiiii”

((((;゜Д゜))) Did I just skip the part where the game lets you choose to break away from Takeru or did the game skipped it by itself?? Well the game now goes to Takeru’s back story, and Akira’s two friends Rin & Keisuke appeared as Takeru escapes once again. The gang now goes to the store/hotel where they can stock up for pots. Akira exits and meets Shiki-babes, then he gets semi-raped after he fights with Shiki. Basically the story goes to Rin when Akira decides to stay with Rin after Keisuke goes AWOL on them.

。゜(`Д´)゜。 Must we really go through Takeru’s story!? If you keep showing it, then you must really have wanted him to have a route don’t you!?

fuckyouAnyways, in comparison to before, choosing [Stay with Rin] causes Rin to accompany Akira  to the stairs where he would be sleeping and having the dream about the voice. Akira goes to the bloody bar alone, where he meets the fucked up Takeru. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ WE REALLY HAD TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS AGAIN, DON’T WE!? STOP IT. I don’t want to see the poor guy die. F to you too Nano, eff to you too. So instead of Motomi finding Akira wounded in an alleyway after the fight, it was Rin.

As soon as Rin sees Akira, he glomps on him. Akira sighs and asked to let go, nope. (●´艸`) Rin whines about it, but relunctantly pulls away.  Rin is the type to pounce on wounded friends then worries about them later. (●´艸`) Rin is so funneh.

“Ah, you threw your bag away…. WAIT WHAT— YOU THREW IT!? Σ(゜ロ゜;) ” . Nope Rin is the type to ignore you when injured and worries about the supplies. “I traded my pigs tags for your supplies!!” So, Akira still worries about the 2-faced Rin, the happy-go-lucky and the cold as ice Rin. Rin now decided they should go his specialplace, but it wasn’t for long when they go out and they meet people screaming as if it was apocalypse and screaming “Shiki”

Shiki-babes. Rin now hurries to scribble down an address and shoves to the confused Akira and runs off. So he goes off to get some shut eye since he was emotional and physically tired. Akira walks by, and some men tries to pick at Akira, but as usual Akira wins. YANDERE NO KEISUKE APPEARS!!! //horrified.

45So Akira went into shocked mode and regrets what he said back the store/hotel. Nothing better to do, he goes to Rin’s special place and well, Rin was there complaining whyhe didn’t appear early. Rin tries to hug Akira’s arm but Akira unconsiously knocked it away due to the swirling emotions Keisuke made him feel. Rin runs away up to a building, Akira doesn’t want Rin to get all the wrong idea, chases after him… only to see the city view of Toshima against the night sky. He spots Rin in one corner staring right at the scenery.

“But all they can really perceive is one single little slice of truth, ya’know?”

Rin and Akira basically had a star gazing moment with out the stars and a dicussion of
how people didn’t appreciate life and that they only see what’s in front of them. Pfft.
Akira looks like shit here, a mix of shota and of some random nerd taken his glasses
off of him. (●´艸`)

Rin wanted to bring Akira to that place so that he can relax and enjoy because he noticed that so many things are happening to Akira that he was getting cranky. So he managed to convince Akira to tell him what’s exactly is happening well we have a yandera yuno gasai wondering around, with a big assed swiss butcher knife and the urge to rape the protagonisteverything is just fine. All in a day’s work.

Akira tells him Keisuke isn’t Keisuke anymore. This shocks Rin (gee Rin, that was two routes ago, where were you in those past routes?) and decided he should still look for Keisuke since he doesn’t like the idea of having Akira and Keisuke break up (I do! *raises hand like a good girl*) Moving on, they went to the hotel, since the club was not anymore a place of information, the hotel was their next bet of information.

It seems like everything around Keisuke is suspicious and that there were alot of dead bodies of Igura participants but none of their tags are taken. Akira mentioned about Shiki, but Rin denied it since it wasn’t like him to do so. I think that Rin checks it out but as soon as Rin leaves Akira’s side, someone grabbed Akira from behind and put him to sleep.

OH DEAR TOSHIMA GOD. KEISUKE. You know how it plays from this point on. So I have nothing to do here. Before anything hanky panky came about, Rin comes in and shouts Akira’s name. This annoys Keisuke as he was interrupted in murdering/raping Akira. Keisuke vows to come back and runs off. Rin spots Akira lying on the ground coughing, and rushes in immediately to help him out. Rin nags Akira that he shouldn’t go after Keisuke (//rage That’s right!) at his state, Akira sighs. They decided to go to the hotel and try to think of other ways to deal with the psycho pathic dog, which in turn they meet Motomi in the hotel. They told him, of course, Rin didn’t like the idea but had cause he might have some information.

After thinking over the past events, Rin mentions that what Keisuke and Akira were acting reminded him of his past, so it brought alot of memories for him. To others, Rin is a blonde cat… for me he reminds me of a pomerian who spots Akira has a toy to play with. Cute but feisty and noisy too. So he pounces on Akira teasing like a pomerian, Akira grunted in annoyance so Rin lets go after a few seconds.

facepalmThey wake up to know that there wasn’t any good leads of Keisuke (why are you still searching for him when he comes right at Akira. Honestly, waste of energy) the decided to go to the northern area of Toshima since there might be good leads there. On the way there, the duo spotted Takeru’s dead body. Really Nitro+Chiral, the poor guy’s dead and you have to always say such detail things about it. Honestly. Stahp it.

Upon arriving at the scene, Rin mentions that the atmosphere was weird in the theater, and it supposed to be a neutral zone. Going into one of the rooms, there saw a lone man sitting and approached them named Tomoyuki. He and Rin looked like they have a history with each other not in a good way.

Rin and Tomoyuki were talking as if they’re throwing knives at each other and laughing at the same time. Akira was confused that he was being compared to a person Rin and Tomoyuki knows. All of a sudden a man comes into the room and whispered into Tomoyuki’s ears
it seems that SHIKI (babe) has appeared on East 12th Street. Upon hearing that, Rin runs towards Shiki ((╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) YA! Only Akira will run to him. COME BACK HERE. (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)!!!!!)

Akira now chases after Rin but Tomoyuki warned him to lay it off with Rin since he “killed” his friends.tumblr_mv3xegMrcL1sv98gio1_500 It seems like he and Rin was in the same team till they got into a nasty business and Rin ran away when they were being slaughtered. Anycase, Akira left the theater irriated and continues to chase Rin. When he arrived there, Rin fell to the ground in front of him, weakened. It seems like Shiki (babe.) knocked him over with his katana. OH GOD HIS VOICE!!!  *insert fangirling* Shiki looked over to Akira for a brief second then put his attention to Rin. In any rate, Shiki was pushing Rin with just one arm while Rin was putting every effort into trying to kill him.


47……But I shall continue Rin’s route.( ̄^ ̄) Rin is now defeated, and was about to be beheaded when Akira stepped in to try to fight ofShiki. Shiki stared at Akira for a while, then grunted. He removes himself from the weapon lock and gracefully retreats after smirking. Rin shouts at Shiki but Shiki as already disappeared. Rin crumbles to the ground, frustrated saying that he wanted to die, wanted to die along with the others. Rin didn’t want to die but he wanted to, that made him confused. Rin stands up and runs away after saying I hate you to Akira.

Well, it seems that Akira knew where Rin was going to be and heads to the secret place. Indeed, Rin was there going to his emo corner. Rin immediately returned to himself, but when Akira asks a question, it caused him to waver and Rin ran away again. Akira was left there to think about the events leading to where he was, when he saw a familiar blue overalls.

DUN’T CHASE AFTER— nope. Akira chased Keisuke and they enter into the epic battle mode. Keisuke as usual gets Akira blood and he goes into shock and dies somewhere where like Motomi went, Akira is found by Rin instead. Rin remembers that Akira has 2 Jacks and Keisuke’s tag fell off revealing an Ace, so he asks Akira if he could have them like a child asking a toy off a toy store.flip table If he doesn’t well, Rin will just have to kill him. WELL. THIS IS MORE F*CKED UP. THANK YOU RIN. I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOVING SHIKI INSTEAD.

Akira after while defeated him after Rin revealed that he was the leader of Pesca Corsia…? Did I get that right, oh well. Akira being a good boy, brought Rin and himself away from the rain and he nursed both of their wounds. Rin, later woke up and acted like Keisuke being rehabilitated from the drugs and demands tags instead of line. So Akira casually shoves into
a room and locked Rin there, even if Rin punched him in the face as soon as he woke up.

Akira told himself that he will let Rin go free if his wound is closes. So as Rin was goingwild in that little room, he went down to the hotel, exchange some pig tags and went back. Unfortunately, his body also wanted to rest so he fell asleep before he could even truly give some first aid to Rin.

49AKIRA YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD GUY. *pats and hugs* Akira wakes up to hear that the room where Rin is has gone deadly silent. He carefully entered the room, anticipating an attack but he just saw Rin there inside, sleeping. However, Rin wasn’t moving much and Akira realised that Rin has gotten himself into a fever and probably dehydrated. Akira tries to give water but Rin couldn’t move a bit so this forces Akira to get a gulp of water and mouth-to-mouth feed him.

Rin mutters Kazui when he had liquid into his body now, but it was enough. Akira tendded the wound and left him again to get some medicine to give to Rin for his fever. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GOOD BOY. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

Now that Rin’s all patched up, Akira goes back to sleep. The next thing Akira does after waking up is to hear some movement of clothes. He enters the room and Rin become a lifeless doll, has no will left to live. WOAH. Rin and Shiki was half brothers. Well that’s news to me. In any case, it seems like Rin was off somewhere when his friends got attacked due to a nasty business they got himself too, and Rin came back to see them lying in a red sea.

In the end, Akira said that if he was Kazui, he wouldnt want Rin to get revenge and die because of him. Rin lashes out, so Akira left him again. Later, Akira spotted Motomi and rushes out to him. Motomi was glad that Akira was alive and that he wanted to talk to him. He mentions Keisuke being all zombie like, blood all over him and staggering while he couldn’t find Rin at all.

Motomi mentions that the civil war is close now. So he has to find some secure route before the war breaks out…. or the event where Nano stabs Emma for being an annoying prick who shot Gwen for being an annoying prick in her butt. Before that happens, I had a feeling that Rin will escape and run to challenge II RE. Apparently when he tried to chase after Rin, he found himself being the contestant instead of Rin. He discovers that Shiki was the II Re and Rin was dragged out having a nosebleed. Well the sick bastard decided to let Akira and Rin duke it out to have the right to fight Shiki.

Shiki couldn’t care less who is going to fight him.feelings (fangirl sad) So Akira went as I say “YOU CANT’T PICK AMONG the options always make the 3rd option”. Akira fights out with Shiki and ARBRITO STILL CONTINUES the count down. HELLO!? Are you not seeing the chaos is going on here!? Well before Arbrito could even finish the count down, the place falls down to pieces causing the people inside to panic even more.

Motomi emerges from the smoke that came with the rubble, grabs Akira and Rin and runs away from the scene. In the end of the underground passage, the arrive in the room that leads to safety. THIS ROOM IS NOT ANY MORE A SECRET WHEN ITS LIKE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO IT. Well Motomi leaves to get some documents for them to get out of Toshima. Before he does, Akira called out to ask if he had any word, which didn’t. Akira felt sad about that but he knew Keisuke died. This time, Motomi really leaves.

h456EDF46When Rin comes too, he immediately curses out to Akira about being such a prick and he wanted to die and shit. Akira finally manned up and slapped him like a bitch he is. GAWD DAMMIT, you are definitely like a pom, nothing but bark, bark and more bark. So Akira states that Rin was afraid of trusting a person, Rin denies it strongly. Rin now starts to…. well its not exactly rape but going there…Honestly Rin irks me now that I had to skip. Dammit Keisuke I am liking your route compared to Rin. I AM OUT OF HERE. *slams hands down and walks away*

AFTER THAT SCENE. I can’t believe Akira is the seme in this relationship. I’m putting that aside, stepping over that and forgetting that, Rin wants to find Shiki. AGAIN. Only this time, to end to his matters, and return to Akira afterwards. (your dead body that is….. but okay fine)

*internal screaming due to Shiki’s presence and voice*  Shiki knew that Rin was coming and Rin knew where to51 find Shiki. Rin explained his feelings and Shiki simply “hmpf.” He then gave Rin a sword similar to his, this is also where Rin noticed that Shiki was injured from the explosion in the Palace. Now evenly matched, they clashed.

Akira was with Motomi when they left Toshima and Akira was still waiting for Rin to appear. He got a call from Motomi that he was going to be pretty busy and wouldn’t be able to meet up with him. It has been 5 years past, and there was no word of Rin. Akira goes to the Bl@ster competitions but not as a contestant but as a spectator. Until a familiar voice appeared. Rin, holding Shiki’s sword….and he looks like a host. As always loli or shota people tends to grow up sexy or hot. So Rin gave the sword to Akira because it symbolizes the end of his past.


“Here you go, take it Akira….”

Comments & Rants:

Looking at the relationship from a far, it looks like a Akira is training a noisy pom and the only way to tame it is to let yourself get bitten even though the urge to throw the pom which was probably hanging of your hand/arm into a wall is  so strong that it makes you want to head desk yourself cause you know it isn’t allowed to…..then the pom goes away only to retrieve a stick for you to hold as a proof of ownership.

sickI can’t believe I am typing this and saying this but…..I like Keisuke’s route better than Rin’s despite the f*cked up bad ending of his. I mean Keisuke at the beginning is understandable that he just wanted to be near Akira that its twisted but he gets all badass, gung ho and with a calm matter as well as a new humorous side of his since he couldn’t understand his strength.

tumblr_mv3xegMrcL1sv98gio1_500Rin’s the complete opposite, all badass and gung ho once he was in love with Akira, he goes into Keisuke’s “PLEASE NOTICE ME.”  I conclude this route closed and now SHIKI BABES. COME. TO MAMA. //gets stabbed.

Please tell me your comments and share your thoughts about this!! Thank you for reading!



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