Bad Medicine ~ Infectious Teachers ~ 凪原 大貴

“He” was the ideal teacher you’ve been longing for.

With that in mind, you break into the dark forbidden classroom (sanctuary) for the group of dangerous teachers’ special lesson.”

That time you found out about the teachers’ true selves—

Can you endure the shock (pain)?

The forbidden special guidance begins now— 

(info from this site)

Yo! Its been a long time since we have posted anything and all! Its been hectic for both of us and I recently(we’re both working now) and the last thing on our minds was this. Now that we have time and all, Jessi managed to drag me from my busy schedule and made me play this game.(please..I just gave you the games -_-..) Plus I was able to download this whole PC Game Translator thing….. I can safely say. I understood SOMETHING.

So anycase moving on!

Gameplay: ★★★☆☆

Jessi’s POV:

Typical otome gaming. You get to chose if you will end up in the “white end” or the “black end” based on your choices. is short…I mean waayyy too short. It came from a drama cd and all…but still….way to cut it short like that Rejet (-__-;)tumblr_myqa63ZfCl1t2yvn6o1_400

Ichi’s POV:
Its too short. too short. Very short. I would be happier if this was as long as Ikki’s route in Amnesia! D< but NOOOOOO. They had to make it short. RAWR.  That Jump Button. Dammit Actually jumps the ending credits so I had to come back multiple times!fuckyou

Art: ★★★★☆

Jessi’s POV:

Played it for the hot guys and the art….period. And of course Ryota-sensei (*´ω`*)


The hot men. What else? But I kinda wished for more CGs here… then I again was kind of disappointed since the story wasn’t that very long. Not much CGs as I expected it to be. *sigh*

Sound: ★★★★☆

Jessi’s POV:

As usual of Rejet’s games Dummy mics just added the creepiness to these teachers’s—umm magic touch of killing the mc–and probably the players too (-__-;)

Ichi’s POV:

Story: ★★★☆☆

Jessi’s POV:


Roller coster—well in this case a bull ride of events. The slightest, most idiotic and unexpected way will get the senseis ticked off and..well….goodbye poor mc—and the teachers too….. sigh ( ̄へ ̄)\

Ichi’s POV:

It was the every first VN where i had to say. LIES! YOU ARE ALL FULL OF F*CKING LIES. I KNOW YOU! BS! I never thought that I’d actually see another Yui w/ Cordelia b*tch inside but this time its was actually trained. I feel sorry for the MC, for having go through a prison academy. I mean….

WHO IN HEAVEN’S NAME GETS AN EXPULSION JUST BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO REVIEW A PRINT OUT. I mean COME ON!? No game consoles, no magazines, you can’t roam around the night if the school tells you too. HELL!? WHAT IF I RAN OUT OF SOY SAUCE AND I NEED TO COOK MY DINNER!? I qualify in being your sadistic schemes cause I’m not this so called model student. F*ck you too St. Christian Academy *flipping tables* F*ck you too.


Overall: ★★★☆☆

Jessi’s POV:


Now, I love studentXteacher relationships…but…dang! This game took it to a whole new level of saddism…….and its not even cero-D.. I think? Oh well, its from Rejet so, I have prepared myself for their…umm—unique way of taking things too far–waaaayyy tooo faarr.


Ichi’s POV:

LIES. ALL LIES. The art is a trap dammit. My heart can’t take them, I do love Yandere or two faced people but this just shot through the line of reality and sanity. I pretty suprised that their even teachers and not torture team. I cannot handle the pain.

Bad Medicine

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