Nagihari Taiki 凪原 大貴 Review

Nagihara taiki 凪原 大貴 REVIEW
(cv.寺島 拓篤)
“… actually think you can get 100  in the test? “

Nagihara Taiki is the math teacher in St. Christopher Academy. He looks exactly like Ikki from Amnesia especially the color scheme. In any case, he’s a heavy smoker with an aloof side. He disinterested in many things, but still popular with a lot of students, like the teachers. stunned

At first I was like “Ikki my love is that you!?” Its been a long time since I played any otome games since I dealt with finding a job and handling graduation. When Jessi one day came to me and showed me this I was jaw dropping and squealing.  I actually like Nagihara-sensei’s attitude but what made this f*cked up is the education system that f*cked up school can come up with.

In fact I’m pretty sure they had based it on “Assassination Classroom” where they’d have a class filled miserable failed students to serve as an example for the other students NOT to become. TO TOP IT OFF. I’m convinced 100% that Asano’s father created this school as a sister/brother school of his with all the shitty f*cked up rules implemented there.

Well… this post is going to be short since the game ITSELF is short. Enjoy!

So let’s start where the MC enters the gate of the f*cked up school St. Christopher Academy. She recalls the memory of her father telling her that he was transferred to another place cause of his job, so he decided to bring the family. Her mother suddenly brought up the idea of transferring to the famous and prestige St. Christopher Academy. The MC didn’t like the idea but her opinions of staying behind was thrown out the window, instead she takes the test and miraculously passed.

She went to the faculty office and entered to find our main cast of hot teachers having their staff meeting.badmedicineShido-sensei immediately dissed her and insulted her for the fact she was there, not in class and that she interrupted the staff meeting. But Takahashi-sensei commented that he suddenly remembered that there was rumor of a transferee would be coming in, but he doesn’t remember the fact it was today. All the teachers suddenly jumping in, commenting about the transfer student that was going to come in, until Hino-sensei spots the papers in the desk. Confirming that the MC’s arrival today. It was the unusual for the headmaster not announcing it to them and leaving it in the desk. I KNEW IT WAS ASANO’S (from Assassination Classroom) FATHER. YOU F*CKED UP HEADMASTER. ૮( ᵒ̌▱๋ᵒ̌ )ა

Anycase since it was all cleared up the teachers introduced themselves with what subjects they were handling in, and the atmosphere became like a host club.

Now the system lets you choose what route you wanna take, but since I came from Nagihara-sensei I chose him first.

The following day, the MC was in the math class, listening to Nagihara discussing about x = 2…. etc. He turned to the class and asked what the answer is, so he called out the MC. The MC approached the board and wrote the answer, which he praised about being beautiful and clean. The MC having this ドキドキ moments with him and would study hard to earn his praises. Later that day, her newly acquired friend asked her if she can accompany her to Nagihara-sensei to ask something. Answering something along with the line of [No. I don’t want to.] makes you enter the bad route it would be denoted by making the speech box  gray.

Either way, the friend drags the MC to Nagihara’s math prep room and asked about the question, Nagihara-sensei smiles and stated that it would be a pleasure for him to answer. That’s what teachers are for. Unluckily, the MC forgot to bring her pen along with her (duh) so Nagihara-sensei  lent her his pen, which the MC decline since it was his and it looked pretty expensive. Nagihara-sensei smiled that he had a lot of pens so he wouldn’t mind letting her borrow, so the MC accepted it.

The next day, the MC went back to Nagihara-sense’s prep room( which he  was seen smoking) wondered if she had a question about today’s topic. She denied it and stated that she came to the room to return his expensive pen. He smiled and said that she should have kept it instead. The MC said that she didn’t keep it cause it belong to him, so Nagihara suddenly said that to throw it away instead. The MC was shocked that he’d throw away an expensive pen and it still works. Some way or another she kept it like a lucky charm. wtfh_1

She wanted to do something for him, since she something expensive from him and didn’t like the feeling for acceepting it just like that. Nagihara-sensei sighed and gave her the job of being his gopher which she happily agreed. As soon as she leaves the room, Nagihara-sensei brought out his cig and smoked away, mumbling how annoying the MC was.

After school, there was still time left before the school rule of staying too late in the school is a violation acts up, she hurriedly searched in the library’s pc about Nagihara and a person who resembles him on the tv. She finds about Nagihara-sensei’s dad was actually the one on the TV and that His older brother died. There was a part in the article, that the father was extremely disheartened that the older brother died who was a genius in math, expected to revolutionized the math of today.

But when she was able to read on, she was spotted by Nagihara-sensei. Nagihara-sensei states that it’s late and she shouldn’t be here. Curious enough, he asked what she was researching, saying he could help her… but he saw the site. Frowning, he commanding the MC to follow him to the room. Scared on what will happen, the MC followed.

Nagihara-sensei scolded her that it was an invasion of privacy though it wasn’t that private but it still considers it to a an act of privacy and it was a violation of the academy to do so. The MC says sorry but it was the appearance of his father on the TV last night that caught her curiosity. Nagihara-sensei sighed and told her about himself and his relationship with his father. The MC said that it was enough, and it was really wrong of her to pry into his past. Nagihara-sensei was glad that she understands so he let her go home so that it wouldn’t be dark by the time she arrives at her house. MC apologized once more before leaving the room.

At this point everything goes fine and dandy, and Nagihara-sensei was praising her none stop, she basically became a follower of his who loves math. WHO IN HEAVEN’S NAME LOVES MATH OTHER THAN GENIUSES!? MATH IS EVIL. I actually became kinda disgusted and goosebumps on how she thinks math is fun to study and do. Until she became ill and collapsed due to her, studying math like crazy.

I  KNEW MATH WAS EVIL. (۶ૈ ᵒ̌ Дᵒ̌)۶ૈ=͟͟͞͞ ⌨

Nagihara-sensei was there sitting by the bedside when she woke up. She asked what he was doing there, he replied that he was concerned about her and immediately rushed to her side when he heard her collapsing.

This made her heart ドキドキ. In the end he was just trolling. He was just there to actually cover in the doctor who went off to the bathroom in case someone was in need of help. (From insanity that’s what)nagihara2

When the doctor came back, he told her to rest and get well soon and left. While going back, he encounters Shido-sensei who was warning him about things about his and MC’s relationship with each other. Nagihara-sensei simply states that she was there when the doctor came and she was nothing more than a student to him. He was keeping up with the appearance of being a concerned teachers, nothing more nothing less. Shido-sensei walks away with a wave of his hand, saying that he was simply concerned as a fellow teacher as well.

Going back to the MC, she went home early she wanted to get some decent rest. The following day, she comes in all well and prepared until her friend asked her if she did the print out for math. She was confused, and realized that she messed up the schedule in her head, and wasn’t able to review the print out for math yesterday. When Nagihara-sensei asked a question that was in the print out, MC couldn’t answer. Nagihara-sensei glared and asked the reason why, she answered truthfully. This caused an uproar, cause apparently going home early was already violating the rules, even more the fact she DIDN’T do the print out.

Nagihara-sensei was silent for a while, then moved with the lesson. MC immediately knew that she crossed and failed to meet the expectations of her beloved Math Teacher. I was already going “LIES. I KNEW IT, EVERYTHING WAS LIE!!!!!!!” when the MC was moping around about the fact she didn’t review the print out.

Later that day, she finds an envelop saying that she has violated the rules of the academy so she has to have detention in the special affairs room.


….and I’m not kidding. As soon as the MC entered a room that was wasn’t like a room you’d find in an academy, but a room you’d had to go down by staircase in a freaking isolated area. She was faced with an irritated Nagihara-sensei, stared at her with all the evilness that was known to man.

He demanded her to sit down, and he would not tolerate any back talk from her, scaring the crap out of the MC and ME. As soon as the MC sat down, scared stiff, he immediately stated that she should be glad that he was there spending his precious time with a student who couldn’t even review a damn print out and a student you had the gull to violate the academy’s rules.

She tries to explain her side of the story that she wanted to get better so had to go home and rest. Nagihara-sensei brushed it off, stating he did not care what the reason was, it was her carelessness that she was work too much and gotten sick. The MC replied that she simply wanted to meet his expectations so she worked hard and didn’t realize her health was in danger. He simply brushed it off again, saying that he was only playing the good teacher like how a teacher should be with his students. He didn’t actually had real expectations with her, so she was working for nothing.

This cause the MC to waver, but did he care? NO. So Nagihara-sensei slapped down a piece of paper and she was to write a letter reflecting on her actions addressed to him. She wondered if all the gentleness she knew about him was just a lie, she was shaking all over.  He brought up the violation of invading of his privacy, NOT ONLY THAT he dissed the ballpen she was using. How sh*tty of her to use it, and the actual reason why he didn’t want it cause it has all her germs in it and didn’t want it back.

This is explains why he basically slapped the reaching hand of the MC when she tried touching him, and clinging me to forgive her. F*CK UP. Nagihara-sensei slammed his hand down saying that her hands stopped writing, so he’s going to assume that she was done. The gentle smiled came back and started helping her. LIES. LIES. MC was to write everything he was going to say, but infact it was looking like a formal apology letter….. it was just filled with insults about the MC. F*CK you too. gah

The following the day, she goes to the academy, traumatized at the 360 degree turnaround of Nagihara-sensei. Along the way to her classroom, she sees Nagihara-sensei walking down the hallway, he spots her and gave her the smile she knew before that SPECIAL AFFAIR event. She greets him, but in stiff way. He frowns,  concerned. He reached out but this caused the MC to (((╹д╹;))) and reluctantly he retracted his hand. He whispered to her, that she shouldn’t be too tense, afterall he wouldn’t be like that in front of another people.

So everyday they would have an interrogation private tutoring and every single time she would ask a question, he’d basically say in a nutshell “….are you stupid? You should have known this, I just taught it awhile ago. You are even harder to teach than a monkey, b*tch. Don’t ask me any more questions, can you think about it yourself?”


Now that there was this HUGE awkward-ness between them and the MC is obviously not in his good books, she suddenly one day had the gull and balls and all the guts in the world to STRIKE A DEAL with Nagihara-sensei with that kind of relationship. IM NOT JOKING. THIS WILL HAPPENS IN ALL ROUTE. THIS ISN’T HAPPENING IN BAD END ALONE. GYAHHHH !!!!!!(゚ロ゚屮)屮 WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING!? If she manages to score 100 out of the test, he would teach her math again in his gentle self. Nagihara-sensei snorted that she’ll never get a 100点. She’ll prove him wrong, and this provokes Nagihara-sensei into accepting. MC walks out and Nagihara-sensei suddenly flashes back into his childhood, saying that same things to his father who has given hope on him in carrying that his older brother had with his father.

On the day before the exam, MC was spotted roaming around (probably window shopping)  then was called out by some thugs (typical shoujo event flag) trying to ask her out. She denied but it doesn’t get to the thick skulls of the thugs, and when she was about to leave. The thugs grabbed a hold on her hand and forced her to stay. The argument  was now creating a scene until it caught a particular person.


He called her out, shoo-ed the thugs away then dissing her on why she was out roaming around and not studying instead picking up random boys. MC replied meekly that she wanted a change of pace and she hasn’t roam around the town ever since she arrived. This softens up Nagihara-sensei. Since it was getting late, he’d take her home. MC denied the offer since it would be a bother to him, but Nagihara-sensei refused to accept and brought her home either way. She thanked Nagihara-sensei and he left.

…..and me going “Nope. Just Nope” After all those insults and grudges of violating a damn rule that wasn’t even supposed to be violated in normal circumstances of an academic institutions (degrading a person for not doing the homework after getting better for a cold)…Just No.”

MC woke up very early on the day of the Math test and went to school earlier than expected. On the way on her classroom, Nagihara-sensei spots MC entering the classroom so early and called her out. Seeing that he wasn’t in that wretched room, he asked if she was ready to take the test. MC confidently replied that she did and she’ll score 100 so he better keep the end of his deal. They both entered the classroom and Nagihara-sensei’s took a hold of her hand and as a reward for being such a good student he did a bit of tutoring with her.

He soon walks in as other students comes filing in. Her friend wondered if that was Nagihara-sensei who just came out from this classroom, but the MC just smiled. Later that day, the math test was done now the MC prayed to the heavens that she scored 100 on that test. The following day, the class was in shock when Nagihara-sensei came in the class with the tests in his hand. He comes to his table and announces that he has checked the test and unfortunately he regretfully made the test too difficult seeing all the class’s average dropped 20 than the usual average (YOU MADE THE TEST DIFFICULT!!!!). He was glad to announce that the highest mark was in MC’s class.

He announced that it was the MC who got the highest score with……. 99.  The next one was 90

Everyone was congratulating her when all she did was stare in shock. (1 MAN.  1点  WHO WOULDN’T!?) Nagihara-sensei called her attention snapping her back to reality as she approached to the table to get her paper. As she received her paper, Nagihara-sensei softly whispered to her congratulations to her and smiled on her success (I think this time its was really from the bottom of his heart). But all the was processing in the MC’s head was that 99点, one step away from her goal.

After school, she was still in the classroom reviewing her mistake…. only to find out that it was such a careless mistake and the answer to it was so simple she overlooked it. A sound of the door, opening revealing it to be Nagihara-sensei patrolling around the school to remind students that it was time to go home. He spots MC (i think she was crying at this point), solving the problem she had a mistake on. He asked that what’s done is done, and he was impressed that she actually managed to 99 on such  difficult test.

She caused her to freak out, saying that it was useless everything she went through gone to waste, and she failed to meet his expectations. She snatched the paper that Nagihara-sensei was holding, crumpled it into a ball and ready to throw it out, when Nagihara-sensei stopped her and apologized. Personally I wouldn’t throw such a good paper cause I definitely in my entire life…. did not experience getting almost a perfect score in math…EVER.  He explained he never meant for her to actually seriously respond to the expectation and he never meant to create such pressure. He said that he forget such things now, and leaves the room.


From here on out it would branch out into 3 ENDs.

[Lovers END] REALLY?

nagihara4If you managed to get into this route, then first thing is that MC will run after Nagihara-sensei saying that it wasn’t his fault for putting any pressure or any expectation, she simply wanted to respond to him cause he made Math really fun and that she didn’t like math at all at her former school. He was really an excellent teacher so she wanted to reply to that (kinda made a roundabout way of confessing that she loves him). In the end, she ended up totally crying on him. Nagihara-sensei smiled softly and stroked her hair, explained that he saw his old self in her and unconsciously became harsh with her. He totally apologized that he never expected things to happen between them and such, they reconciled.

Moving on, Nagihara-sensei continued teaching her in private, makes MC extremely happy. MC asked another question, which made of course,  made him happy. Too bad for him, he grabbed the pen he gave (and the one he strongly refused to touch) and start solving the problem step by step, when MC just stared….. and stared…..and stared until he noticed. Nagihara-sensei huffed, and ask if there was something wrong cause she’s staring a bit too hard, which caused the MC to flustered and tries to solve it another related problem. Nagihara-sensei watched the MC solving the problem so intently that he notice that she would lately come to the room to ask questions then goes away afterwards when she got the answer. love

He mumbled about that his love rival was Math itself, with her solely attentive to the subject. (He’s basically JEALOUS.JELLY) I forgive him, for being so cute and adorable :3  WHY SO CUTE!? Hehe.

His attention snapped back when the MC called out to him, asking him if she was correct. If this was an anime I could have sworn that he would sigh and internally cry.

The MC graduated from the academy and after (I assumed )1-2 years she came back to the academy and confessed her love to Nagihara-sensei. They became a lovers. Then after a few more years, the moved in together.  The MC was shown getting coffee to Nagihara-sensei who was doing some work. They flirted around and got to the point where it suddenly turned into a seducing. She noticed that he was touching her with his bare hands, (noting his OC-ness) but he countered it saying she was “special”.  In the sudden turn of conversation, she exclaimed “Nagihara-sensei!” This caused Nagihara pout that he was still being called “Nagihara-sensei” WHY SO CUTE!!?!?!?!?!?!??!

MC is totally flustered, loving her reaction, he asked MC to  wait for him at the end of the month for a surprise.  She ask what it was but he denies the knowledge of it. Hopefully she would reply to him with a “yes”.

[Slave END] Reiji Ver 2.

nagihara3I rather call this Brainwashing but I just reminded me of Reiji and his OC-ness with the silverware/plates from Diabolik. In anycase, after Nagihara-sensei left the MC didn’t chase him afterwards rather the tutoring went on over and over again  to the point where the MC snapped and become a Masochist. With so much of the abuse her mind and personality broke….who wouldn’t?

In one of the days, she deliberately made herself late, which of course displeases Nagihara-sensei as he lashes out another round of insults. But it doesn’t seem to affect her anymore as he thought. He approached her noted that she should have a red collar since it matches her. He removes his gloves and strangles her, he whispers that this kind of collar suits her. OF COURSE MC was so delighted. Nagihara-sensei walks away to go wash hands for touching such a dirty thing while he leave MC in her happiness.

[Bad END] Murder End?

nagihara6In this end… she breaks down the following day, to the point she would mumble to herself about that 99  and it was scaring her classmates badly. Her friend tried approaching her to calm down, it was weeks passed she still haven’t gotten over it. MC snapped back at her, which caused a heavy awkward silence in the classroom. Slowly the whole class whispers about her being a whacked in the head but for her it seemed like laughing and mockery at her.  So she runs out of the classroom bumping into Nagihara-sensei who was now deeply concerned for her. It came to his concerns that her friend was worried about her (mentality) and said that MC simply wanted Nagihara-sensei to be proud of her.

She has already given up hope and pushes him away. This shuts up Nagihara-sensei as she turned around and continue running away from the academy with him shouting at her back “Where are you going!?”

After years as passed she became a shut-in. Her mother knocking on her door, leaving her food, completely worried at the state of her daughter (BLAME THE TEACHER). MC just sat there, her time completely stopped as the memory of that day kept replaying in her head non-stop. To stop the pain, she was convince that it was Nagihara-sensei’s fault so she dressed up again (I’m starting to think if she already got kicked out of the academy at this point.) and went to the math prep room.

Nagihara-sensei was shocked that she was there, but the first thing she does was strangle the life out of him. Even though, she was strangling him, he knew that one day she would come back before he collapsed. MC suddenly snapped back to reality from her rage mode and started screaming in confusion on why was he still kind to her.

Comments & Rants:

I’m totally surprised. He was SO CUTE and ADORABLE, BABES. I don’t know whether I still can forgive him for putting my heart and emotional state of bashing, but he was still him. Kind and Gentle. Its his history actually to put him in that state of mind, which I forgive. True, I hate the fact he dissed and counted all the violation that I couldn’t consider as a violation,  but he came extremely adorable and even started become jealous of math! Who doesn’t get all fluffed about a man being jealous on such insignificant matters!?

Well compared to Shido-sensei I rather love or live in Nagihara’s route than his. Nagihara-sensei definitely makes up for the total dissing. Though the bad end reminded me of romeo and juliet where juliet caught romeo cheating and killed him off…. then later regretting it. But I would be in her shoes, I mean 99! just one more point! Gah.

Please tell me your comments and share your thoughts about this!! Thank you for reading!



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