Kyohei Rikudoh Review


Sexy, Egoistic PERVERT persona of REVANCE

Kyohei Rikudoh is the producer and the sexy persona of the boy group called Revance, which I actually thought it was Reverance not, Revance. Moving on, seeing that he’s the producer of the group, he holds their schedules and has the power to bring down who ever he wants or he considers an obstacle in achieving Revance’s world domination dream. Not only that, he literally OWNS the freakin company named Rikudoh Productions. He also owns a dog named Little Yamada.

Unfortunaly, you who dreams to be a screenwriter managed to somehow become their ghostwriter for the missing run away lyricist. You’ll be filling him in until the group finds him but you have no idea how to even write lyrics. “OH NOES, What ever should we do?” [insert sarcasm here]


MC Name: Eve Valentine (but you can name whatever you want to be called)


So it started when Eve and her friend Rina went to a famous concert and not only that, their tickets was the ultra supreme seats. They went to their ultra supreme seats, which was just in front of the stage and her friend Rina gushed about Revance. She told the ever clueless Eve that Kyohei Rikudoh is the producer of the boy group and the sexy persona, Kota Igurashi is the cute cat like persona also the best actor, Iori the gentleman persona of the group, Nagito was the dog persona cause he reminds everyone of a dog (a gold retriever in my opinion) and lastly the leader was the silent and the composer of the group, Takeshi. Rina also mentioned the mysterious 6th member of the group who was in charge of the lyrics for the group’s songs. It reminded of her mysteriously missing screenplay.

Then lights dimmed and one by one each member of the group entered. All the fans grows wild and sooner or later, Eve found herself actually enjoying the concert that it felt a bit short when the concert ended. But before it ended, Kyohei announced that they will be singing a new song, which was far from their usual genre of songs. Upon hearing it, Eve  recognizes the song because of the lyrics.

Eve remembers the day when she received the tickets. It was on one fine afternoon in her favorite cafe when her friend “Makoto” one of the waiters gave her usual order of cake. He asked if she was working on another screenplay of hers. Eve sighs and nods. It was to replace her missing screenplay and plus it made her disappointed cause there was a lyrics in that screenplay which she placed her heart and soul into that.

“Makoto” smiled and offered her some tickets to a concert, it might inspire her. OR SO HE SAY. Eve took the tickets with appreciation and called out Rina to come with her to watch. Thus, putting them where they are now.

It was HER lyrics with a slight alterations. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ “How did my mysteriously missing lyrics ended up in their hands!?” Σ(゜ロ゜;) “Wait, is it me or are they looking in this direction!?” she thought as she noticed that each member looked her way… but she brushed it of since it would be impossible that they were looking AT her.

At the end of the concert, Eve was spotted by a familiar face, it was Mr. Yokohama. The molester. He invited Eve to come to the after party to celebrate a very success concert of Revance. Eve asked if her friend Rina would go and it was okay.  Rina was delighted to see so many famous people in the party and babbled her way. Eve on the other hand doesn’t know the younger generation of superstars as she always looked up to the older generation.

Time flies by, one way or another, Yokohama the molester wanted Rina to discuss her screenplay in his private room. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Eve tried to weasel her away from Yokohama but unfornately she bumps into Kota when she pushed Yokohama away. Eve was about to apologize when she saw a troupee on the floor.

……Awkward silence. Yokohama was furious (this is death sentence for newbies in the industry). Even tries to apologize but nope. Iori steps in a “defends her” Kota breaks it heavy atmosphere by saying “…. pig in a wig….” making Eve go Σ(゜ロ゜;) “can you really say that”

As they head for the entrance, she and Rina was talking to each other about the concert when one of the who works for the industry, approached Eve to talk about something. Rina thinking it was for work, went ahead to go home and Eve who was worried that it might be Yokohama again but nonetheless, follows the worker up to the exclusive suites floor, made her dead nervous. She knocked on the door and a voice shouted “Come in!”

This part made me laugh (○´艸`). So, she peaked her head, as soon as she saw Revance she was about to close the door when she was stopped by Kyohei.
Kyohei: You’re late!! What took you so long!?
Nagito: Haha, you can’t just open the door and poke your head out then leave. (Me: Pfft. (๑❛ꇳ❛๑) I can cause I don’t believe you people want to talk to me)
Eve: I think I have the wrong room (Me: see. Wrong room. Good bye)

Then Eve thinks that they were all after her, she was coldly brushed by an indifferent Iori. Kyouhei laughs and says that if she wants, he could make some arrangement aaaannndddddd Nagi wanted to join in. 3P!? 3P!? ARE YOU SERIOUS. Its just the prologue and this character wants to 3P.

CaptureNagi: Kyohei might tie you up, but I’m gentle with my women.
Player aka Me: Are you f*cking serious horny dog….. Are you f*cking serious? (」゜ロ゜)」
Kota: Knock it off. You’re gonna scare her. We have business to settle, so tease her later
Takeshi: That’s right.
Iori: She’s hopeless.
Player: That’s it. They are f*cking serious. 〣( ºΔº )〣

Anycase moving along, they knew that it was REALLY her lyrics that was sung at the last end, cause it was the mysteriously missing lyricist who copied it. Plus, the mysteriously missing lyricist was the one and only “Makoto” aka Ryo the 6th member of the group who Kota notes that also moves like a jelly fish. Kyohei uses his “eye powa” in convicing Eve to be their ghost writer but too bad, Eve truly wanted to be a screen writer so Kyohei’s “powa” ain’t working. With that she leaves despite the voices calling out the her.

The following day, as expected she was banned from the industry cause it was Yokohama’s revenge for making his toupee that wasn’t glue in right fall. This causes Eve to cry, and unfortunately for her she was spotted by Kyohei and was dragged along with him to Revange’s house in order to do business again. Eve wanted to run away but Kyohei’s offer was very tempting. Kyohei was willing to pull some strings in the industry seeing he does OWN the company, in exchange she’ll be a ghost writer for Ryo until the group finds him. She hesitantly accepts the deal seeing that she vowed to do anything for her dream.

Thus, she was forced to live with them since Revance didn’t welcome the idea anymore of their lyricist running away from them. She wondered how in heaven’s will she live in place where fans would hunt for her blood just because she was living with the top idols.


The next day, Kyohei explained her job:

  • She’ll be working as the assistant manager, so that it’ll be easier to keep an eye on her and for her to know what to write for them
  • When camera’s are rolling, she shouldn’t be beside them. Avoid camera’s at all cost.
  • This deal is confidential, any violations will make her say bye bye to her industry career. Do a good job, and she’ll be rewarded.

gah……AND she’ll be writing a theme about “SEXY” for their upcoming 10th anniversary concert which…. Eve finds quite a hurdle is as high as the great wall of China. She doesn’t know how to write lyrics furthermore it was about seduction and sexiness which Kyohei believes she was lacking in that department.

Kyouhei looked at her and doubt if she can actually pull it off but.Eve was like “Y-Yeah! I know “sexiness”! Just wait and see!!”  Kyohei was all smirks and smugs as he’s expecting the lyrics to come out as good as she says or it’ll be bye bye dream forever. Girl if you can’t back that up, I’d be in a whole lot of trouble…. [clearly traumatized by Bad Medicine Infectious] Just don’t.

Kyouhei still doesn’t believe her and put seductive moves on her by pinning her to the sofa, their face almost touching. Eve was about to cave into Kyouhei’s eye “powa” until Nagito interrupted them and of course, knowing the dog that he is…. he pouts and said “Let me join in too!”

So in any case, Eve follows the group around doing manager stuff and wondering if she could even put together a lyrics that Ryo might have made, let alone sexy. That very night, she was overwhelmed by their schedules and even claimed it that it was lighter compared to the other days. When she was about to go up, she was invited to sit and drink with them as they watch themselves on the screen. Eve wanted to decline but she was convinced to drink with them and the rest was history.

The following morning, Eve woke up with Kyohei to her left topless while a dog which she assumed its name was Little Yamada to her right. She immediately checks her clothes. (The first thing she does was to check her clothes. Hell?) Relieved that her clothes are still there, she remembered that she drink to much and fell asleep right after. She wondered if Kyouhei brought her up to the room.

Kyouhei wakes up and pushs Eve down on the bed, putting them in a suggestive position because he was tired for carrying her heavy body up the stairs and the heroine to be speechless. After all, Kyouhei wants to help with the lyrics, so he’d teach her but Nagi comes in, looking for Kyouhei for Takeshi spots both of them and the first thing he says “Just be glad that I was the one who opened this door. If you both still want to continue, I would like to join” What.


kyohei POV

He turned out to be doubtful yet hopeful when he found Eve, and little by little he starts to fall in love with her not only with her skills but as a woman as well. Kyohei always states that her expressions were so open that it might as well be written there for anyone to see, made him want to tease her. Her determination as well was so greatly, he was surprised when Eve told him, she thought about the lyrics sooo hard that she fainted in the bathroom.

He fully regret also the day when Eve left, he was so angry on himself why he didn’t noticed that Eve was so cornered on the day when Grenade used her lyrics for themselves. From then on, he couldn’t function well and Takeshi was getting pissed off badly. What made me scream and cry in happiness is when he saw Eve and Shinya together behind the concert hall, cornering the poor lyrics. As soon as he heard, his name being called out, he dashed “like a bullet” and punched the daylights out of Shinya. (Me the player: *squeals like a banshee dying*)

At the end of the concert, when Eve’s lyrics was done all the members leaves the stage, another wave of painful heart plucking attacked me when Kyohei wrote a song for Eve in reply to her “love letter”. OH GAWD. MUST IT BE THAT BEAUTIFUL!?!?! WHY!? [insert tears of happiness]


✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion —–✧*:・゚✧

After going through all those suicidal games such as Renai Banchou (crazy ass-ed CG gathering) and Bad Infectious Medicine (crazy ass-ed teacher) has made me rage quit. I’d probably get back at those……whenever my heart feels like being beaten into a squashed tomato. This TIME, I’m 1000% sure this isn’t going to be a heart/mind crushing sanity-losing game. VOLTAGE. The one who was responsible in inspiring Jessi and me into making our OCs. tumblr_n8qhadghDT1rl9sqto1_500

I been ignoring Jessi’s promotions about this game, I was busy with work and was extremely tired afterwards. Then one day, I had no idea what compelled me into downloading this game but I did. So I bought Kyohei’s route for a couple of bucks plus…. Jessi said “IT OOZES ICHI VIBE ALL OVER” hell, what you mean by my vibes!? He’s a pervert!

Its been a long time, that the familiar BGs made me nostalgic. OH!!! OH OH OH!!!! I wonder if there’ll be like a crossover? I haven’t heard amything like a crossover other than BMP and BMP 2. That would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Aside from my wishful thinking……

All the time had goosebumps all over my arms and back, cause I felt the heroine’s danger senses as Kyouhei barges in the room and he proudly defends himself saying “What are you saying? I own this house, I don’t need to knock.”  WTH. But surprisingly,  by the time I reached the end of the main story and the beginning of the sequel in the  I was like:

Its just simply adorable, Kyouhei being such a spoiled child who wanted the heroine like how a girl loves her stuff toy. Plus, he gets turned on even when the heroine hasn’t done anything at all. How in heaven’s name did you even get turned on when the heroine wanted to simply stay beside you.

He also gets jealous with little Yamada cause the heroine often consults her problems to an animal rather than him, her boyfriend.  To add to the fluffiness of his, he would sulk, cry and not function well when he knows  heroine isn’t beside him. DAMMIT. How is that not a killer fluff!? I-I—–!!!!

Now, Voltage just released his POV and all i did was clutch my heart and cry, “How could he be so a fluffy fluff man!?!?” How can Voltage create a character filled with opposite and yet manages to perfectly blend it to a perfection. He couldn’t be Kyohei a egoistic, stubborn naughty man without the heroine. Kyohei turned into a desperate, love sick man who tries his best to still move one yet he couldn’t and he WROTE A SONG. in response to the heroine’s song for him, which makes my heart suffer another wave of pain. DAMMIT. JUST WHY. JUST WHY!?!?

Honestly I was expecting more from the sequel like rivalry,  a new group/person wanting the heroine to write the lyrics or an actress wanting Kyouhei thus making into a scandal or even Ryo returning to the group. They could have written a better sequel. really.  It’s boring compared to Be My Princess, spent P153.00 (yes, I am from the Phil) for a slightly boring plot for the sequel. I guess Kyohei’s POV and the main story is something worth while. I hope the Sequel Epilogue would be worth it.


4 thoughts on “Kyohei Rikudoh Review

    • Thanks a lot of nominating us. Never knew people actually like seeing us flipping tables, and cursing/slapping our forehead about the guys’ logic. :’D

      As for the award, Jessi will answer to you cause I, Ichi, is currently living as an owl who screeches at the blasted sun for being so goddamned bright so early in the morning after I work at night.

      • Yup! 😀
        Thanks for reading our reviews(frustrations) with the guys…though we reaaaallly don’t have that much time anymore to post…we’ll try…once things work calms down >A<

        As for Iori, I've played it 😀 And it was good. MC and Iori make a perfect couple—dog master couple XD But Iori really is a sweet guy underneath that saddism. Ichi don't want to him we exchanged….she gets kota..I get Iori (^ 7 ^)/

      • Haha I work at night too, so I know how that goes! You guys don’t even have to do anything with it. I just liked your blog and wanted to give you some recognition. 🙂

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