Huedhaut Review

“God of Aquarius

Intellectual, Bully, Snarky, Sarcastic Loving God
of Department of Wishes

Huedhaut, in short Hue (only the most very, VERY close to him can say that nickname) Oh yes…he doesn’t have a last name [insert sarcasm tone here]. He’s a God of someone’s sake, I never heard Zeus having a nickname. He is the most Intellectual, Gentleman (Dui is considered as a kind God rather a gentleman, but you get my point), not to mention he’s a bully, sneaky, sarcastic and probably the only God who really felt mutual love before he fell down from the heavens.  Leon actually listens to him despite his ego blocking every thing existed, he considers Hue’s advices very much cause he has an ability to see the future.

 Of course, being a God of Aquarius, he has powers over water. Unlike Ichthys why is their names so hard to spell UGH  who controls the fishes who lives IN the water, Huedhaut control the water itself. Also, like the myths he makes and serves wine to the other gods in his magical pitcher, which gets it from somewhere in the mansion.

So it was revealed that Huedhaut is actually the MC (main characters) lover in the past!! O.M.G Leon why in heaven’s are you the poster boy!? Oh yea I forgot. He must be the one on the poster cause he’s Leon.

MC Name: Eve Valentine (but you can name whatever you want to be called). To support the game, I’m not going to put any CG and im going to be pretty vague on some events and details. This way Voltage might not release so many stories so suddenly like automatic machine. I was to buy Eisuke from (kissed by the baddest bidder) and look where it got me.thehell I bought Ota (kissed by the baddest bidder), Huedhaut, Ikky (recently released) and Leon. Now they just released a sale for Chikage (enchanted by the moonlight) REALLY. MUST YOU GIVE ME PAIN!?


Basically at the start of his route, as Eve falls down from the building she calls out to Huedhaut. A cool breeze engulfed her and by the time she opens her eyes again she was looking back at the annoyed look of the God of Aquarius. He mumbles on why she had to call his name out of all people, really. He also states in a gentleman-manner than she has quite a grip for a human, which makes her fluster and lose her grip but he held her tight assuring that she won’t be dropped.

To me he looked like she was something that literally drop into his arms and was so troublesome to the point he might as well throw her to one side. In fact, he made so much intellectual sarcastic remarks I couldn’t be like Eve and more. Stare and go “What-!?” and “…. Huh?”


Basically Heudhaut acts like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. Really. Enough said.
He pretends to protect you, shielding you away from the holy trinity its actually a square of perverts (and a bull who is constantly in the heat, a teasing fish who just loves to poke around, and a nonchalantly all-mighty Kitty) but once you are left alone, he’d push you away turning your every words/sentences into something sarcastic.

Seeing that it was kinda useless that their power didn’t work as before and it was stupid enough the king told them that Eve is the former goddess and she’s the key to their power. Heudhaut immediately said, “She’s a useless goldfish. Please allow me to dispose of her” Leon was suspicious at first but as rules stated that a human aka “goldfish” is not allowed in the mansion, so Leon gave his approval. Eve was starting to think they were going to kill her, but unfortunately Heudhaut just waved her to the door peacefully.

Too bad. Ikky and Teo went on to be come slightly evil people and dragged her to some room to have fun with her.∑(;°Д°)ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ  Are you both that desperate to the point you’d rape? ICHTHYS!? REALLY!? Luckily for her, she was rescued by Huedhaut when he noticed she was still in the mansion. The two Gods went “Let’s all calm down okay, Hue…” “Eep! Hue!!” Huedhaut simplied had this scary smiled and hugged the girl before snapping his fingers, summoning cold wind against the two.evilgrin2

Well despite the her fear for her safety against the powers that was going around her, she strangely felt safe. As if it was alright just to keep hugging him. When Huedhaut stopped and calmed down.  Ikky and Teo complained that they just wanted to have fun, it was too soon for her to just get out and leave. Plus, how was he able to summon his powers like that. Huedhaut scary smile came back and threaten the two, silencing them until Leon came to investigate the sudden increase of powers in the mansion. He noticed that Eve was still around, scolding teasing Heudhaut that it seems that it was impossible for him not to know about the reason why he was able to use his powers. Heudhaut sighed, and revealed why. Leon again scolded teased the poor guy on why he held back on that information until Heudhaunt personally escorted Eve back to the house

Moving on, she would have dreams of her former life as a goddess who is always sitting by a pool of water that reflects the events happening in the earth. It was showing that she had a lover, and Eve would suspect it was Heudhaut. Every time she mentions “Have we met somewhere before?” (no puns intended) or feeling deja vu because of how Heudhaut replies to her comebacks, he would immediately either blackmail you, look away hurt and change the topic.

I just simply loved Huedhaut when Eve came by to his room thinking that he was extremely tired because of his circumstances, she just walked in his bath time. (yes, he was a pool/bath of water right in the middle of his room). Eve stared. Yes she stared until Heudhaut teased her so bad she had wanted just to walk out and leave, but her concern for Huedhaut made her stay. Eve thought to herself…..


Of course, Leon being a huge bully kitty, got his eye on you for Heudhaut, though he’s not going to admit it outright (he’d insult you about being a goldfish). Leon told a summary of Heudhaut history, saying “You’re the goddess Heudhaut loves. Afterall, he sacrificed one of eyes/power to return your soul on the wheel of reincarnation. Being so, you’re a pain in the ass. Kill Heudhaut, you’d be a God killer.”

So, one day Eve and her coworkers went out to a wooden lakeside cabin (with her slightly depressed).  Things happened (funny things), but later that night the 3 Gods (Leon, Teo, and Heudhaut) formed a ring-a-round-the-rosy circle with Eve by the lake. A lot stars appeared, there were so many that its already enough for them to use the stars as a light. Eve noticed shooting stars, and Heudhaut noted that the bigger the star, the greater the wish was. Unfortunately, somehow one of the shooting stars came down on her and she finally remembered who she was in the past and who Heudhaut was.

When she woke up, she muttered Heudhaut’s name in the same way the goddess did. He frankly became shocked, and started asking if she remembers which she did. This where I went feelings (fangirl sad)“Praise the heavens, she finally remembered! Heudhaut you don’t have to suffer anymore!! HUHUHU” Nope, that didn’t end very well either. She was starting to feel jealous of the damn goddess saying that She was She, and the Goddess is the Goddess , they were two different people. Heudhaut was not looking at her, he was looking for the goddess inside her. I was like “GIRL. GIRL WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!? ARGH!?!? I KNOW WHAT THIS IS COMING TO *curse in korean* IF THIS HAD A BAD ROUTE YOU ARE IN THE STARTING POINT OF IT! GIRL” 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。

Anyways Heudhaut sadly smiles, and asked for only one night, for him to act foolishly. He simply wanted to see his beloved again, and he might be just rushing it but he ask if he could let him be himself. MY HEART. [insert witch (Left 4 dead) wailings here] 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Heudhaut started to grow feel distant not only because of that incident but because of his mark is now almost gone but somehow Eve is ironically falling in love with Heudhaut caring so much about him. So before he goes, he and Eve went out to a date. Finally, at the end of the day, he had to say good bye to Eve on the rooftop, same as Leon, and when he does Eve wished so hard to rain forever, that she even granted her own wish. ∑(;°Д°)

myfeelsFor days, she was so depressed that it was making the living room of the mansion so oppressive.

My heart.

Next thing, I know Ziggy or Zyglavis, comes in through the window and Leon commenting something along  “Please use the door. Have you forgotten what doors function as you Stupid God?” (・∀・) pfft.

I got to say, Zyglavis (God of Libra) is totally making himself turn the relationship into a love triangle. Well, I suspect cause of the fact he holds some soft feelings for the goddess who done some heroic deed (after all he’s a justice type of person God) (。 >艸<) True enough, he does become a huge part in Heudhaut route.

After the typical conflicts and cheesy facepalmexchange of lines of
“Im not going leave you, you sh*t. Don’t die on me!”
“Well, I don’t want to lose you or your smile. I got to protect it! I’d risk my life for it.”
“Screw you, sh*t head. I’m going and that’s final. My smile is better off gone, since you’re not going to be here, anyways! Burn the world for all i f*cking care.”

Those death flags. I played enough Otome to just skip those cheesy lines.
The king approves, Zyglavis doesn’t complain but he frowns. (cause the king just happily tripped on a pebble and went blind to the strict rules of the heavens he made.) (。 >艸<)

Here’s where it gets interesting.bakatotest11
Huedhaut becomes someone who couldn’t anymore win against Eve. Seriously, I’m falling in love with the way he blushes, dumbfound-ness and stuttering. His comebacks aren’t working anymore. Eve has the God of Aquarius, wrapped around her finger. if Huedhaut threatens her to that he’s going kiss her if she doesn’t shut up, she goes like “Then I WON’T shut up, so kiss me!” Heudhaut stutters and replies “Why are you saying cute things all the time? Do you like seeing me react this way?” She happily replies, “Yup~! cause I love you, Hue.” The dere goes on. GAWSH *goofy accent* My face is also rising in temp at the why Eve teases Huedhaut.

WHY!? IS THIS——– *rolls around the bed, squealing like a pig*


I find Leon quite amazing here. Really. Really Amazing. Who knew he could actually be a love advisor rather than a pervert? Eve simply wants to get to know Huedhaut better than the goddess (quite useless if I don’t say so myself ε-ε-(‘ヘ´○)). She goes around talking to the other gods or hanging around Huedhaut to observe and question him, especially Teo alone in the living room making Huedhaut insanely jealous.

In the end she confesses, that she just wants to get to know him better, yadi yadidi ya. What’s just interesting here, is that Huedhaut still stutters and blush when ever Eve makes bold and frank compliments on Huedhaut. I think in the end, they just went into a kissing fest.


Basically he was in pain as he relieved the memory of his time with Eve as the goddess of faith. He wasn’t enjoying in remembering the pain, and loneliness he went through after that tragic incident. After some time as passed, he wasn’t looking at Eve as his lover from the past, he fell in love with her as Eve. This also pains him because he wasn’t ready to move on just yet. Ever since the incident, he confirms that Eve and the Goddess of Fate are two different beings. Seeing Eve is seriously wrapping him around her finger, no threats are working anymore. I guess you DO Heudhaut realize she was different from the beginning. Now, he looks forward to taking care for a goldfish. (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  LOL, good luck with that.


Well.. At the very start they were in a holiday honeymoon at the beach, where Eve became excited like a child when she saw the ocean. She was gushing how pretty it was and how romantic, while Heudhaut suddenly killed the mood with his scientific facts (what are you, Kent from Amnesia?) OF COURSE its a holiday honeymoon  so what do you expect what will happen on that very trip? That night, they did the pretzel and the following morning, they were all lovey-dovey.

As soon as Heudhaut touched her cheeks, his face paled so bad it look like a sheet of paper. This cuts short of their holiday honeymoon and they went back. As they went back everyone  was about the tease them, but when they noticed that Huedhaut and Eve wasn’t much on a happy note as they expected to be, everyone was pretty suspicious.

Especially, Huedhaut.

As they days goes on, with Eve being nervous because Huedhaut was so busy that it was really stressing their relationship. It goes to a point where Eve fainted, and Huedhaut is actually hiding the fact that he was trying to save Eve’s life without anyone knowing. Because of that, he didn’t mention about the water wars, Heaven and the other fallen Gods went into a panic.

Cause Earth is once again being evil, they were having a war on the sea and because of that war, Eve is terribly weaken because of her soul is totally tied to the fate of the earth. Basically, one can call Eve/MC is Mother Nature herself. (Does this mean in their world, there wasn’t any major earth destruction such as drought, dynamite fishing, garbage all over the place, deforestation and all those stuff? Voltage. She should be dying at this point ya know?DYING. ((╬●∀●))

OF COURSE, who do ya think is coming to the mansion thinking, that if he kills Eve off the face of history, everything will be fixed. Zyglavis. Who else? ε-(‘ヘ´○) This resulted to a serious nagging. In the end, another round of deja vu in the main story. It was heartbreaking that Eve decided to sacrifice herself in order to save Earth. (゚´Д`゚)゚

//weeps //wails


bakatotest11Three words: SO MUCH FLUFF.
WHY IS THERE SO MUCH FLUFF IN THIS PART!? There was this party organized by the King, and all the Gods are invited ordered to come and attend it. It made Eve sad since she’s a human and she can’t go. With luck on her side, she gets to go since she saved earth again and that she IS A FORMER goddess.

Then Zyglavis comes by again, scaring Ikky like a cat he is (“I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!” (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ LOL Ikky. BABY. PLEASE) Zyglavis reveals that Eve is to go with him as his date (ordered by the King) as an apology for all the death threats she went through and for Huedhaut to find another date. Huedhaut accepts easily shocking Eve. Eve accepts happily the date invite of Zyglavis and he went off. Eve is pretty pissed at this point. She ignores Heudhuat through the whole days before the party starts.

Zyglavis picked her up and dressed her up in a sexy (im assuming a flashy, slightly expose evening gown) she became someone who’s turns heads too. She was still sad and mad that Huedhaut actually went through partnering with another b*itch goddess who probably screeches the poor life out of anyone’s ears.

Somewhere towards the end of the party, Zyglavis (by now has a broken foot somewhere cause of the dancing) and Eve were chatting happily, and in the end King nominates Ziggy and Eve to be the best couple. Huedhaut snapped and pulled Eve, saying “SHE’S MINE. KA-PISH. PERIOD”

and you know what happens?
KING JUST SMILED and said “okay. then you do it”
Heudhaut narrowed his eyes saying “You PLANNED this, didn’t you!!”
King goes like “uuuuhhhhhhh maybe? maybe not? who knows~ Lala-di~ ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ do your best ‘kay?”

✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion —–✧*:・゚✧

I actually played Leon and Ichthcys before Huedhaut and I say… I had tears in my eyes when Heudhaut was struggling with his feelings with Eve. It was heartbreaking, but his route just made me satisfied that Eve or the MC (whatever name you call her) is actually played as the goddess of fate, she actually had a role AS the FREAKIN’ GODDESS in this route. Meaning she has POWA, and the fact she’d be sacrificing herself is waaay interesting. The other two route was really heartbreaking because she was portrayed as a character who had human limits (curses, and mortality).

bakatotest5Unexpectedly, I actually loved Zyglavis in this route. He just has his brief in a knot with all the rules and shiz, but if you get to know him a bit better (strip his sense of duty), he’s actually a decent guy really, not to mention, funny. The other guys in the route always love to make Huedhaut jealous and possessive(Leon’s new play thing). Their goal was to break that poker-sebastian-face of his, plus Eve/MC jumped in the bandwagon, loving Huedhaut reaction when she says something along the lines “But I belong to you, and you belong to me” or “I love you, Hue.” [insert peck to the lips] to ease Huedhaut’s jealousy. SO CUTE. REALLY. In the end, it goes into Huedhaut’s way, and the others shutting up cause of the threats/secret Hue is unleashing through his mouth.

ESPECIALLY the part where Huedhaut gives alcohol or any of his drinks to Eve, who gets easily bold and frank once drunk. Oh the reactions. Oh yes, by the way, I  actually do not support…well, more like neutral with Huedhaut’s route (I found it quite cute and satisfying but I’m more of my baby Ikky.) Ikky’s more interesting than Hue, like tripping Zyglavis cause he enjoy causing trouble with people. *happy sigh*

Anyways, as you noticed *waves hands* I don’t have any pictures cause I want you to buy and support the game. Comment your thoughts about Hue, or tell me your woes and sorrows about them being the OTP.


Update(08/17/2015): I heard Zyglavis will have a route. HAH!! I SO WANT TO SEE HIM GO AGAINST HIS WORDS!! *evil side comes up* Falling in love with a human when all he did through out the routes I played was to chase the couple with probably/possibly/most likely with a pitch fork to stab them up the butt and a club to hit the god.


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