Dui Review

“God of Gemini

Kindhearted, Yandere, Split Personality Gentle God
of the Department of Punishments


DUIIIII!!!!! AH GWAD SUCH A CUTIE!! Ahem….scuse the fangirling there but…HNGGGG! DUI IS MAH BAE! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ He managed to kicked Josh and Wilfred in my #1 Voltage guy and that’s something since they have been in that spot for at least 2 years or so.╭( ̄▽ ̄)╯╧═╧

Anyway, Dui is the Kind god in the Department of Punishments—kinda makes one wonder why such an innocent guy like this will have “punishment” as his job.( 。ớ ₃ờ)ھ He is the “toy” of Ichtys and usually gets drag into one of Ikky’s antics/pranks(he usually gets blamed for Ikky’s prank…since the fish always runs away and ditch/pins it on him once mama Ziggy–Zigalvys comes)( ̄︶ ̄)ψ

Ok..so as I said before, when Dui’s route came out….so did ALL OF THE SALE AND WHATNOT ROUTES OF VOLTAGE THAT MADE ME SPEND MONEY LIKE GasBuddy

But lol… regret
Moving on~~


Like Hue’s and all of the other guys’, at the start of his route Yu(My MC’s name) falls down from the building she calls out to Dui.

So Dui comes to her rescue and UNLIKE the others, he doesn’t insult her or call her names. He just gently put her down and made sure she was ok ah gwad such a sweetie (っ °Д °)っ

Anyway, since she did chose Dui, by saying his name back there, Dui is now in charge of babysitting taking care of her. Oh! And they also found out that they’re powers are activated by simply touching her. So naughty Ikky and Teo were like “hey hey! Lemme try~~” which made Yui try to hide behind Dui and Dui is like “nope, she chose me so she’s mine now~~” ( ̄︶ ̄)ψ


At the start of his story, Dui warned Yui not to trust him too easily since he sometimes do unexpected things.

rawr (1)but lol..trying to warn someone by hugging them from behind with a cute face doesn’t seem treathining to me Dui •́ε•̀~ Its like…a pomeranian trying to threaten you by acting or looking mean but…who can feel threaten with THAT kind of fluff/cuteness??!!?

So Yui is starting to feel like she made the right choice since Dui is such a sweet god and all. Like a knight in shinning armor, Dui always cones to her rescue and makes sure she is safe from any harm. Also, she found out that even if he is a god of punishment…his form of ‘punishment’ is a two way door, he gives a second chance for those he punish and have them redeem themselves. Also, among the gods..Dui doesn’t seem all that interested on erasing his sin, as he said that it is something that he deserves and he always avoids the topic when it is brought up.

Dui is really caring about Yui and it seems lile he is also curious about the earth and Yui finds it cute how curioustigerbunny5 Dui is about how things work in the earth. But of course…the story doesn’t stay all that fluff and in comes the conflict!

As you would have known by now, Dui (god of Gemini) has a split personality that is the total opposite of the kind and sweet Dui. Shadow Dui is mean and even threatens on killing Yui the first time they met. Oh! And the only one that could ‘control’ Shadow Dui is Scorpy by making the guy lose consioucness by punching him in the gut (⊃Д⊂)

Anyway, Yui ain’t buying that crap that Shadow Dui is what he claims to be truth is he is just a big tsun2…well..we’ll see more of that in the sequel and isn’t also happy that Dui is blaming himself and beating himself too much for his ‘sin’.large (3)

So she makes it to a point of understanding Shadow Dui and seeing the real him–the real Dui. And even if they are completely different personas..she deeply cares and love the both of them. (。┰ω┰。)ZKVASY1

So long story short, Dui’s mark was erased thru the powa of love by accepting and moving on with his ‘sin’ and not blame himself too much for it. (o゜▽゜)o☆



So having the conflict about keeping the sexy Shadow Dui out, Yui is now trying to learn how to be with Dui knowing that he has 2 personas
And…well…. Lets just say Yui and I is in for a troublesome sweet experience falling in love for these 2 cuties 💘( ̄︶ ̄)ψ💘

This…is summarizes Yui’s my feelings about Dui during the epilogue…



Here we can see the struggles Dui has in being able to move on from his ‘sin’. As said in the Main Story, he really don’t feel like he has any right on erasing his mark.

Truth to be told, he doesn’t know how to get the whole stay with the goddess to erase your mark thing done quickly. He would like to not participate but seeing as Ikky and the others ARE kinda supporting him, he feels that their support will be a waste if he just throw the opportunity away.feelings (fangirl sad)

Throughout his struggles, he find Yui to be his light and even believes that he could be saved. But of course, the road there will be bumpy and full of challenges as Yui begins to be someone very important to him and he feels like he doesn’t deserve someone like her due to his ‘sin’. lol…like Yui and me are having any of that!

Bonus in his POV…we can also see/read what Shadow Dui was thinking all through out the story. What his motifs/struggles were and his impression on Yui.


In his sequel, Dui and Shadow Dui are now acting as one–though they still have different personalities..but they now share same memories with each other to make things easier for Yui. not Couple of months have passed since Dui and Yui became an official couple a sickening to the other gods couple and are having a wonderful time spending dates and being lovey dovey with each other until the king spoils the moment and tells them that there is a god within the heavens that will betray them. And ladida Yui is now the target of the fallen god so they took extra precautions on protecting her.of course…not like Dui will let something bad happen to her

The sequel story also reveals the incidents pertaining to Dui’s sin and how it happened–who was behind all of it. fuckyouThe story also shows how Dui is treated in the heavens due to his ‘sin’ and it ain’t pretty those damn @$)¥*?@ know it all gods



The sequel story also lets us meet this smexy handsome god


Don’t temp me in my Dui’s route!

Anyway, I really like how supportive Yui is with Dui and though they act like a sickening couple–its kinda refreshing in its own way…due to this side of Dui


Fluff fluff fluff ♥(。→v←。)♥
Ok..well the second part made me want to claw out the stupid b*tchtresses goddesses’ eyes out but Dui once again prove himself as to why he easily made it to my top 1 voltage man (੭ु ‾̑ω‾̑)੭ु⁾⁾

Ok so the Sequel Epilogue is about how Yui will deal with Dui getting popular in the heaves–particularly with the b*tchtresses ( ̄ε(# ̄)☆╰╮o( ̄皿 ̄///)goddesses. But lol Dui assures her that she is his only goddess and the others can just kiss the floor he walks on since they are just his ‘fans’ nothing more nothing less—unless they bully poor Yui..then they’ll be treated as dirt by Dui *inserts evil laugh* ( ̄︶ ̄)ψ


✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion —–✧*:・゚✧

Unlike Ichi, Dui is my first route in Star Crossed Myth followed by Scorpy. And man…..when I saw the teaser image pweaseof the group…I kinda knew I would like Dui but…..I did not expect him to go and DOMINATE my Voltage list.۹(๑•̀ω•́ ๑)۶

He was such a cutie and a sweet dork that’s it hard not to go crazy over him.(ノ≧∀≦)ノ💕

As for his route…well.. it may not be as feel packed as Hue and Ikky’s are…but I do feel his pain. It is so hard to keep on going with THAT kind of guilt and knowing that you can be a threat to the ones you love may leave you emotionally scared and prevent you of loving another person due to the fear of hurting them. Another thing I giphyloved about Dui is that..he doesn’t blame others…he would only think of it as HIS fault and fails to see the dirt of others—might seem boring but really..its not…..thus resulting in Shadow Dui to separate himself from the real Dui. He might seem a goody-two-shoes but really..its his kindness that become his fatal flaw and there is nothing wrong with that.

All in all…Dui is such a sweet bae! He must be protected! That innocent cute dork needs to be protected! (っ °Д °)っ




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    • Yea…can’t believe it too..but…Dui is such a package. He can be a cute innocent guy, a gentleman..then a saddist…then a tsundere…..then a beast (o゜▽゜)o☆

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