Ichthys Review

“God of Pisces

Fun loving, trouble maker, the vein popping God
of Department of Punishment

Ichthys aka Ikky, cause his name is so hard to spell. Ikky is the God of Pisces who rules the fishes in the water. He’s quite a troublemaker and slightly perverted, but innocent in comparison to Leon, Teo and Dui #2. He just loves to make pranks to other people/God, probably the reason why he was cast out to of heaven.  He just loves to putting pranks at others to the point, that probably scorpio as written Ikky’s name on the Punishment List better yet Zyglavis just placed had the very urge to throw Ikky somewhere for all the vein popping, and prank he went through. HEH

Knowing the saying “The most happiest person is actually the saddest person” Even if jessi warned by with all the spoilers she saw with Ikky, I still bought him. regret

MC Name: Eve Valentine (but you can name whatever you want to be called).


Chaos. as in. CHAOS with the all capitals.
Player is doing “ROFLMAO” (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off). period.
I mean come on, man. When Eve falls down, she shouts Ikky’s name he replies “Okay~” °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  He catches MC and manages to activate his powers, he grins. Even I’m reading the damn script, Im just laughing.

He goes down carrying the mc in a PRINCESS STYLE. Eve started to feel like she regret choosing Ikky cause all the gods are saying “You’re an idiotic goldfish that i than you were. happyof all GODS you had to choose him.” he replies “AWWWW your making me blush. Staph it.” WAHAHHAHA to end that conversation Huedhaut coughing saying “…..You have my condolences”

<Player is in critical condition laughing her spleen out>
While everyone was saying their farewells/regrets to mc, he SECRETLY rearranges the frozen people in funny places. Like one man was hugging a random woman, another was a child’s jacket all tied up and other child’s ribbon all wrapped around her head. I can simply say he’s Beel from Beelzebub, born to just love making people confused and making things explode into chaos.

Scorpio scolds Ikky and demands it to be fixed, but he had already put down Eve. It didn’t work. He RETRACED HIS STEPS, carrying eve in the SAME position. Everything worked out fine until the gods wanted to try out as well. Ikky just gave Eve up like some teddy bear he won in a crane game.
Teo: OHHHH!!! Let me try *holds Eve  same position*
Eve: !?!?!?!?!?!
Teo: I want Milk! *summons and a cow appears* Oh…. well that’s not what I wanted.
Cow: MOO—–!!!!
Unfrozen people: Why did a cow appear out of nowhere!? tumblr_inline_n95rs2WUZg1sy5z1r
Dui: I want to try as well. *Dui takes Eve and snaps his fingers*
Eve: !?!?! *still in the SAME position*
Un-frozen people: OH! I got cherries in my hand!
Dui: Now everyone can enjoy cherries. 🙂
Huedhaut: *takes Eve and puts her down, hold her shoulder and snapped his fingers. Everything returns to normal* You don’t know to hold her like that. You just need to touch her.
Every God: OHHH
Ikky: Aw, you’re no fun *grinning*

Thus, Ikky found it adorable to keep confusing and giving frank yet flirting lines at Eve, cause she’s like a literally goldfish. Flapping her mouth open and close, plus turning red.


After all the things happened in the roof and in the mansion, Eve goes to work and got teased by her friend. Sooner or later, Ikky comes in casual clothes, surprising Eve. He tells her that he was simply curious, and has been always curious about Earth. Then some kids teased Ikky not of knowing what a planetarium was, and Eve finds Ikky in a crowd of children. She overhears the conversation, and was shocked to see Ikky now teaching the kids to be pranksters then scolds Ikky.

I just love you Ikky. My sweet Baby.
Couple of days later, Eve gets annoyed by the ringing sound that Ikky made to call her. When she was handed a bunch of paper, she flinched at the paper cut. Ikky healed her, causing Dui to panic. Ikky waved his hand saying “Its fine, its fine” Dui didn’t seem convinced.

OH GOD NO. I SEE IT NOW. I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. I WATCHED IT. NOO!!! NO PLEASE GOD NO!!! MY TEARS.  I KNEW IT!! I KNEW THIS IS GOING TO END BAD. REALLY BAD. She goes to the mansion, only to help Ikky with the punishments. The word “punishment” is scary for Eve, but unfortunately she was to slap her face and wanted to pat Scorpio at the way Ikky “punishes” people.

As soon as they come back, Dui told Eve that, “Healing for him, is taking his life force away. He healed someone so great that he lost his immortality and he’s what you call a “Mortal God”. Please do not in under any circumstances let Ikky use his powers. ” This shocks Eve greatly (Tears are falling here. TEARS!!!!!) Eve promises to do all her best to prevent that.

Eve dicovered Ikky love for Taiyaki (Is this cannibalism?)  when she was feeling down at her mistake, she made during the planetarium event. What surprises Ikky was the Eve just love him pranking, since it keeps people around them smiling. She was really happy for that, and Ikky was terribly confused but happy. MY TEARS AGAIN ARE BAWLING. IKKY IS PUTTING ONIONS UNDERNEATH MY EYES.  。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 NO IKKY. PLEASE DONT DIE—-!!!!!!

They also met a child Kent, who got into an accident and broke his leg. Now he can’t play his dream in becoming a tennis player, so he lashes out at people who wanted him to try to recover and go to rehab.  It was a long battle, but because of Ikky’s prank, Kent became really motivated to do his rehab and
Somewhere along his route, Eve finds out the truth about Ikky’s reason why he became mortal and she started to bawls her eyes out (Player as well). Ikky was terribly confused why she was crying when it wasn’t her business at all.

She just cried and cried for Ikky. Ikky didn’t want her crying but he doesn’t know how to make her stop so, he does several impersonation of the other Gods scolding him (this was funny really) but it didn’t help and made her even cry harder. At lost on what to do,  he pushes her to the wall and asks her ” will you help the ‘Ichthys in front you’ make a memory” They stared and I was waiting for something to happen, he just grins “you stopped crying!”fuckyou


At the end of the route, Eve gets stabbed cause of a man Ikky punished that went nuts. Eve collapsed to the ground, with her stomach bleeding and Ikky desperate to heal her. She stopped him saying that she didn’t want him to heal her. She didn’t want to disappear. This convinces Ikky to go the next best thing to heal her. It was in the Ocean outside his bedroom. Yes. His bedroom is underneath the ocean. Go figure.

By the time she has her conscious (in a dream) back, Ikky was going now. Eve didn’t want him to go, she didn’t like even the idea he used up his life to heal her. Ikky said to smile, cause he liked seeing her smile. Eve went “You apesh*t. You think im going to just smile and move on cause you’re gone!? NO. IM NOT SMILING HERE AND TOMORROW. YOU’RE NOT THE—” Then ikky cried and hugged her “I don’t like it either! I didn’t want to die. I want to stay beside you!!!”

<Player has fallen into depression>
<Room is now flooded with tears>
<Player has become Witch (left 4 dead)>

Eve wakes up, Ikky really disappeared, she started to tear up when she sees a note saying
“Go look under the bed”crying-waterfalls
“You think this was a porn mag?  look at the drawer”
“Next look at the train!”
“Then look at the largest box and open it”

When she did, it was a bag of taiyaki with a note “Smile :)”
<Player has fallen into deeper depression>

Dui comes in, saying that Ikky has just left to go to heaven. Eve demanded that Dui to bring her to the heaven. She’ll get Ikky back and she doesn’t care what she’ll have to exchange as long as she gets Ikky back to her. GO GIRL! ೕ(;ㅂ; ) BRING OUR BABY BACK! She matches right up to the throne room, which for some reason, the King knew and started to interrogate Ikky, coaxing him for his true emotions about Eve and his mortality.

In the end, the king wins and explains that Ikky isn’t actually going to die, but if he gets to depressed he REALLY dies. WHAT. King also explains that Ikky has to limit himself cause he has his powers back BUT. he got ignored. LOL ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) King got ignored when Ikky was so happy he was shouting “I GET TO TROLL PEOPLE MORE! I CAN PRANK EVE ALL I WANT NOW! ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)GO ME!” King got all pouty, taking back his words of approval and Ikky shut up. None the less they went back together, with Ikky in one piece.

HERE’S THE THING. Better get the Forbidden ending rather than the Blessed ending. Why do i say this? (๑❛ꇳ❛๑)gimme
Causee in the Forbbiden Ending which I wished that it would have a CG. They celebrated the homecoming of Ikky minus Leon (cause he hates parties) with everyone is fearing the day Ikky pranks on them cause now he got his powers back, Dui actually invited someone SPECIAL. Yes, its our precious ZYGLAVIS!!! [insert trumpet sounds] (๑❛ꇳ❛๑) Zyglavis just had to insult Eve, and because of that Ikky gave this WONDERFUL MAKEOVER. (that scares 2 other punishment Gods) Leon JUST had to walk by and even complimented the poor guy.

(,, ՞ਊ ՞)=☞)՞ਊ ՞) WHY IS THERE NO CG OF THIS. DAMMIT.


Im going to be putting his short and simple. Im pretty sure you gets will understand it anyways. Eve was kind of sad cause Ikky wasn’t pulling out some moves, and she had to drop SO MANY HINTS already. Im quite surprised really! But Ikky goes like “Uh, yea. I gotta go. Rest well ‘kay?” So she invited Ikky to go to this shrine said by her friend that it makes couple closer. NOPE. It was a shrine to find new love.

Things escalated, Ikky demanded on what she was hiding, which she said that “I want to do COUPLE-Y THINGS with you!!!” Ikky was stunned, then laughed. He was actually holding back cause Dui said if he went to fast then Eve might just leave him. If that was the case, he said that he should approached Leon or Teo instead. Eve quickly shut that idea out and just wanted the atmosphere.

Dude, One thing I learned about Ikky, you GIVE HIM AN INCH, HE GOES BY THE MILE. So Eve protest is now being ignored as he did his own thing. Afterall, she wanted Ikky and her to be couple-y and stuff. (´艸`〃)

HIS POV (Warning: Waterfalls ahead. Fragile Hearts are not allowed):crying-waterfalls

Just stop it really.  Voltage. When did you learn how to make sad stories!? WHEN!?

Ikky was really happy and was having fun with Eve and all, but because of Dui blabbing his mouth about this history, he found it weird for Eve to bawl, and dish all the water in her out her eyes when she found out. He looked back on it and found that he didn’t care much about it and hasn’t sinked in that much, he was like “oh? really?”

He found it weird that Eve was actually appreciating his pranks and jokes, to the point he was actually pranking someone with a purpose of making them happy unlike before. He realized that he was starting to fall in love with Eve. This is where it starts to hurt like a invisible force SQUEEEEEZING the life out of my heart. HE HEALED KENT’S LEG. HE F*CKING HEALED THE BRAT’S LEG. WHY!? WHYYYYYYYY!? IKKY!???!!?!? This causes him to become weak but he also noticed that the mark’s already so faded that he’d go back to the heaven soon.

When he revealed it to Eve, she totally cried. I, THE PLAYER, just cried my heart out, broke every water works I had when Ikky finally wanted to live, and not to die. He didn’t die now that he has met Eve and has come to love her. Now he wanted to fight the idea of dying. He didn’t appear much anymore to Eve because of his health and that the mark has disappeared. He wanted to make Eve scared and angry so that she’ll forget about him.

Too bad. Fate’s a b*tch. At the end of his serious way of punishing people, hoping to scare Eve (but he didn’t) he watched Eve protect him from that evil EVIL man who tried stabbing him cause Ikky stopped him.  He immediately tried to heal her but it was just too deep plus Eve weakly said that he shouldn’t heal her, she didn’t want him to disappear. She didn’t want him to die.  When Ikky was now really confused what to do but when he sees Eve close her eyes, he didn’t care anything anymore and went to the place where he can heal the best.

After that was done, it was time to go back to heaven. He didn’t want to leave Eve, but knowing that she’d wake and cry. He painfully squeezed his remaining power to put some hints that will lead her to the treasure chest in his room and leave her some bag of Taiyaki. REALLY ICHTHYS!? YOU REALLY THINK A BAG OF TAIYAKI WILL SOLVE ANYTHING, HUH!!?!? YOU’RE JUST MAKING IT WORSE DAMN YOU。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。

Sequel: [Spoiled Baby Fish]

In the sequel, we see that Ikky is still up to no good… including the sudden increase of sexual innuendos。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。  They planned a date, but knowing Ikky… he seriously made their date more troublesome. This including messing up the shops, pranking other people cause serious headache for Eve but she just lets it go.

Seriously Ikky 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。, but you are so adorably cute HAHA. I can seriously imagine there no gadgets as toy that respond to claps or TOASTERS.

Eve decided that instead of Ikky coming to her, she wanted to come to Ikky for a change of pace but instead Altair tells her Ikky is sick. Ikky was super happy yet shocked that Eve came to visit him, Eve scolded him when he’s flirting with her and not resting. In the end, Ikky followed as Eve nursed him, not that he minds. In fact he’s happy. (´ε` )♡ You cutie pie.

I’m starting to see him spoiled——AAAAANNND HE IS.

As soon as they have this lovely ドキドキ moment, his door SLAMS OPEN and in comes his parents that has been so ever mentioned in the main story for oh so numerous times.  They both rushed over to Ikky who goes like “UGH DAD. MOM. STAPH!!! YOU’RE IN FRONT OF MY GIRLFRIEND—!!!! STAPH IT!!!! (」>ロ<)」”

Yup, he’s a spoiled child alright. No wonder he has the guts to all prankster to all the gods. Its kinda surprising that he hasn’t been cursed at this point. The parents finally noticed Eve’s presence and this time gushes about her, which she goes like “(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)」 um….Hi. Name’s Eve.”

Ikky’s parents mentioned about a place where there is this “Holy Tower” where lovers confess their love for each other there and will be together forever. They went there, so they suggested for Ikky and Eve to go there and both of them go like “(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) kay. We will.” then they left.
Eve goes released her breath, and Ikky wondered why, she answered in a panic voice “Of course, I was nervous! It;s the parents of the person who I love, so WHO WOULDN’T BE!?\(º □ º |||)/” Ikky eats her up cause she was being cute. VOLTAGE, I kinda appreciate if you would blacken the screen when Ikky was already touching Eve with his clothes on but to describe up till they stripped of their clothes THEN blacken the screen……TOO MUCH DITS (Details aka DITS), DITS.!!!

Anyways, after a few days or probably weeks… Eve gets an invitation to go to the God’s party event which she became extremely flustered since Ikky plans to introduce everyone that she’s Ikky’s girlfriend. Its revealed that Ikky’s parents are big shots in the King’s department and they are in charge of healing people. No wonder why Ikky’s abilities is a healing ability.

Surprisingly, Ikky can be a decent and well behaved child when he needs to and not prank around as usual which impress Eve greatly as he introduced her to the other gods. Ikky complains little while later that the party is too boring and needs some “his” touch. Eve slapped the idea down (°ㅂ°╬) “No. Ikky behave. PLEASE” .

A lone boy came up to the pair and introduced him as Mykyatos, the ruler of Ursa Minor. Σ(・口・) The Big Dipper!? wait no– that’s the teddy bear right? Ugh. *googles it* Oh wait. Eve goes into full fangirl mode about the stars which kinda surprises Mykyatos. Imma just call you Miki, cause your name is too hard to type with. (°ㅂ°╬) Ikky and Miki had a good start and found out their like cousin but not.

As the King goes on with the event, Ikky is there with Eve having their own fluffy world with him feeding her without the care of TPO (Time, Place and Occassion). (〃´∀`) my potatoes, Please. My little heart can’t take it. King announcing that Ikky’s parents are well now and their going back to the healing business. The chandelier comes crashing right on top of his parents.

Luckily for them, Ikky managed to stop the chandelier from making his parents into total permanent veggie. All the gods, glanced at the chandelier and saw that the chain that was holding it has rusted, so meaning there was no foul play involved. Miki voiced out that he was glad Ikky’s parents were okay, but because of this Ikky’s parents became flustered and just walked away.

(〃゚д゚〃) When it actually comes down to it… Ikky isn’t that of an idiot. He knew something was suspicious of his parents. Eve as well knew that it was bothering Ikky bad.

They decided to spend some time in the garden, the next morning…. Well, of course a bit of a fluff needed like “Morning kiss” and sexual innuendos. Ikky being Ikky decided to a garden designer and rebuild the gazebo so just bits of pieces where now floating everywhere, but Even stopped him. Ikky instead made flowers dance and rain flower petals. (°ㅂ°╬) really Ikky, you just can’t stop “redecorating” where ever you go huh?

Suddenly Miki showed up, LO and Behold he comes right up to Ikky basically saying “I’m your parents’ killer and imma do my revenge cause they killed mine.” This puts Ikky into a confused stated to the point ALL the other GODS are bothered with him, but Eve manages convince him to talk to his parents once more, to know the truth…. after series of arguments coming from his side….and a “make up”…..event….. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS.

happy…..WTH REALLY. The gods only know something went wrong with Ikky is when Ikky stopped playing pranks on them!? Is the number of pranks Ikky does, determines his status!? Let us mention them going,

“Ikky didn’t do any single prank today! That has NEVER happened before!!!”
“Does his mortality have something to do with this again….?”
“WOMAN. FIX HIM, YOU BROKE HIM.” (you all know who that is. LOL)
“Its been too quiet around here, its eerie.”
“I thought he recovered from his illness…. did you guys have a fight?”

Truth was that Ikky was kidnapped cause of political reasons when he was still a baby, and Miki’s father tried saving him. By the time Ikky’s parents came, both of them were covered injuries and probably their health is around 10 hp left and has a [Bleeding] status. Healing Ikky drained their powers, but they still tried. It was not enough, and soon Miki’s father died. Both of them fell ill which resulted to Ikky’s current mortality issue.

Well, Miki decided it was a good time to try kill Ikky’s parents when Ikky and Eve was there in the house. Even tried to explain things including Ikky’s mortality issue, causing Miki to hesitate. The evil gods were the typically bad guys “Screw him, we don’t need you anymore. Kill them all” shit.

A mini battle ensues, of course Ikky wins… by simply removing the belt of the evil gods or flinging some poor evil god somewhere as if he was on his job. Miki saw the error of his ways,  Ikky hates him for hurting Eve (D’AWWWWW (´∀`)♡ my heart again) but he lets Miki go cause he know he might do the same thing in his shoes and the King decided that he was a victim too.

After everything has happened, Ikky confessed his worries and his mini depression to Eve and Eve was like “Next time, talk to me. Okay?” Ikky was glad that Eve was there and all to comfort him. tumblr_mv3xegMrcL1sv98gio1_500This resulted to more fluff fluff moments.

I SWEAR TO VOLTAGE’S GODS, they have bestowed upon the idea of putting TOO MUCH DITS on this route and I can’t continue with a straight face on. My parents are probably thinking of putting me through therapy with them seeing me with a grin that I can’t explain why I am grinning without squealing in front of their face. PLEASE. MY EYES!!!!!

…and yes Ikky. We all work… sometimes.
He replies to his mother when she questions about his dedication to his job.

In the Forbidden end, Ikky runs away with Eve ignoring his parents who were laughing/sighing, a furious Scorpio and Ziggy when he decided to crash his own party. While in the Blessed end, they simply walked out of the party and go to the [Holy Tower] Ikky’s parents talked about. Confessed their love and shiz. (WEDDING?)

Sequel Epilogue: (>//////<)



……………………… A moment of silence please. I just can’t. I can’t go on with reading this smut..? This is called smut right? Is there even a mating season for fishes?  Let us put this way….

Eve got sick.

She got sick, and Ikky has this “thoughtful” idea to return the favor of taking care of Eve. He “took care” of Eve by “wiping” her sweaty body, taking her to the bathroom “to let her take a bath”.

My face in that order.

✧*:・゚✧—– Afterthoughts and Conclusion —–✧*:・゚✧


Two things. Crying then Laughing, or Laughing then crying.
Its one minute to another, I kept crying. Enough said. I have all the fluff and feels I need in this route enough to overtake my love for Leon and Heudhaut (the main OTP). DAMMIT.

Seriously, I cried when Ikky had the nerve to troll Eve when it was supposed to be serious. With the choo choo train and the hints only to find Taiyaki in a treasure chest, SQUEEZING the last bits of his power just to make Eve happy. I don’t know how many times I had to use the “TEARS” word in the whole review. This including the fact that Ikky always puts on a smile even though he was OBVIOUSLY depressed. (Reminds me of ourselves when we are depressed)

I was pretty shocked at the truth of why Ikky’s morality was like that. Ikky parents lost their powers, Ikky lost his morality when he healed his parents. Miki aka Mykratos was an emo child who went on a rampage cause of his love for his parent. It was kinda boring honestly…at the same time amusing, I don’t know. I wanted more pranks I suppose that included Ziggy chasing after Ikky or something (○´艸`).

GODS. VOLTAGE. WHEN did you learn– uh wrong question. When did you hire such a scriptwriter!? WHEN— my eyes, my heart what am i reading in that sequel epilogue. I’m literally hyperventilating here! (ノ∀\*) OMG why *voice broke here*

(12/12/2015): Added Sequel Review
(12/12/2015): Added In the afterthought and conclusion
(12/16/2015): Added In the sequel epilogue review

Please leave a comment! Next up KARNO! The ever so loving spice eater who brings food to a whole new level.


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