Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 13: His Surprise

Chapter 13: His Surprise

Translator’s Note:
I’m terribly rough with my japanese, seeing that taught myself grammer and words from anime… + checking in Google to make sure I got the words right. I tried Translating.
But I love this novel very much even if my mind is dying due to the intense ecchi.
Please forgive me if the ecchi scenes are not as good and its my first time translating. Please take care of me(//////)

I would be placing ” (?) ” – symbol if I am not sure how to translate it and I might translate it roughly on how I understand it. Feel free to correct me.

PS: I have received permission to pick it up ^^!

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Author’s Note:
For everyone to like it, I’m glad. Fu. I will continue the R18, so please bear with me.

Giving her my words of love, I tasted her lips once again.

I opened my eyes to look at her, watching her face showing an ecstatic expression.

It seems like she’s pleased.

Her sweet voice escapes her lips every time we separate our lips.
From just her voice alone I might just cum. As I tasted her lips to my heart’s content, she wrapped both of her arms around my neck, wanting more.
Pulling my body much closer to hers.
She showed a seductive smile.

[……You’re bold woman.]
[……You don’t like bold women?]

Noting my opinions about her, she tilted her head in response.
Suddenly, I thought that she might be uneasy as well.
Being so bold at this point, they say a man would be likely attracted to this.

Maybe she just had a bad experience… Thinking about it, a man knowing about her other than me, makes me jealous. My guts burned with jealousy when I think about they know this side of her.
I even wanted to kill all the men involved with her.
But for now, I have to ease her uneasiness.

[Being bold is good.]

As I lightly kissed her, hoping this would help her calm down.
Making a difficult face, I cannot help it because she’s too cute.

……I don’t have worry about that.

It is for her, there is no problem even if she is not reacting.
Even if I have to follow the rules according to the『tradition』its fine.
After all, with or without reaction, as long it is her everything is okay.

While talking to her, she quickly relaxes.
Unfastening the ribbon, I touched her breast through the opening.


The feeling of her skin is sucking me in, my mouth loosens to the feel of her soft and elastic breast.
A long breath leaks out of her mouth.

[Does it feel good?]

She’s too cute nodding meekly, using my finger I moved forward to touch those peaks.
Although I lightly touched it, she reacts sensitively.


I unconsciously whispered aloud. I closed my eyes, wanting her to feel more pleasure, I nibbled on her soft earlobe.
By the tone of her voice she felt good, when I removed the top half of her dress off .
A delectable pink bud sits on center of those round breasts, pert and sensitive
Embarrassed, she turned her face away from me who staring at her.

[…Nn, its embarrassing so please don’t look]

——I give up.

I unintentionally looked up and place a hand on my forehead.
Up till now you were seducing me, now you are saying you’re embarrassed.
Such an excellent destructive power.
What does she intend to do to me.
Even though I am still controlling myself.

I breathed in heavily and stared at her.
I was aware that my eyes reflected lust in them.

[……Could you not seduce me further…… when I’m trying to hold back?]
[What are you……Ah!!]

I cannot stand her cuteness any longer, so I nibbled on that delectable pink bud.
She adorably cried out while I was sucking, my felt lower body react.
Not forgetting the other one, I caressed her other breast and played the pink bud.


To her reaction, the corner of my mouth rises up.
I sucked faster to hear more of her voice.
Meanwhile, she shook her waist and her breath heavy as she embraces my head.
This kind of gesture is like begging to be loved, my feelings will naturally respond.
To respond to her actions, I used my tongue to play with the pink bud.

[You’re feeling it. I’m glad…… How about here?]

By the way she’s shaking her hips indecently, I  could not bear it anymore.
I slide my hands down her thighs.
Reaching to that particular spot, I traced her entrance using my finger, the slimy feeling I felt made me happy.

[You’re wet……]
[……That’s because!!]

Despite shyly shaking her head and denying it, she still opened her legs to me.
By presenting her naive self to me is getting more and more arousing, as if she was replying to me, encouraging me to touch her more through those teary eyes.
…How far are you going to make me fall for you?
When I touch her, the more I don’t understand『common sense』.
If this keeps up especially the『rules』will thrown out the window.

But I could not help it because I find quite pleasant.
I sincerely want to fall in love with her forever.

[Why are you so cute? Unbelievable. There was someone like you…… Fine, I’ll touch you more]

Even If you hated it, I whispered in her ears.
With just that, more of her juice spilled out of her.
It seems like these kind of words, she responds quite nicely.
I want to make her cry out more.

I want her to beg for me to move it, to the point she’d lose control.
While I thought of it, I finally inserted my middle finger into her.

I bitterly smile at the tight entrance.

[Tight…… please don’t tighten up]

Even so, I explored her tight entrance. Just adding one finger in, she’s so tight that I cannot move.

[So tight……]

Still, I tried to find that particular spot watching her for her reaction.
She licks her tongue in response to my movements.

…… Suddenly, I felt something on the tip of my finger, I froze.

—- Don’t tell me.

My eyes widened at the sudden thought that crossed my mind.
It would be too tight if it was not her first time. I definitely felt it with my finger.

[You’re kidding, right……]

Although evidence is right in front of me, I shook my head in disbelief.
I thought this was not her first time. It was natural to think that way.
Who would be so responsive on their first time?

But right now, definitely…

She opened her eyes, looked at me full of confusion, and uneasily called out


She doesn’t understand what I am surprised about.
Anycase, I have to confirm it.
Is what I thought, but I’m afraid to ask her.

[……Diana…… Maybe, is this your first time?]

When I asked, her body stiffened.
From that response alone, I was right.

The shocking feeling slowly fades away, the feeling of pleasure rises up from inside me.
She was silent.
Her eyes full of suspicious towards me, I have totally given up.

Ahh, she must answer quickly.
I want to know the truth straight from her lips.
I stared at her with burning desire.

[……So you know]
[Well, yea]

As I expected, I could not directly look at her due to delight and I shifted my eyes towards another direction. Thinking that she doesn’t know any guy other than him, I couldn’t take it.
I felt like I was like a teenage brat, who does not know how to express my feelings for her
She answered me hesitantly.

[yes, I am a virgin.]

That direct reply made me really want to thank the Gods of this world.
What do I do. I’m so happy that I could die.

As soon as I confirmed she was a virgin, all the questions, everything now became clear.
The thought of her being a virgin hadn’t crossed my mind. At any rate, her becoming my ‘legal wife’ was all but an impossibility; or so I thought.
At least I could take her as a mistress.

Despite the fact that I love her, unexpectedly whether I like it or not, I didn’t like to leave her, so I wonder a while ago if there was any way to bind her to me

But her being a virgin is a different story.
There is only one solution.

Observing her behavior, she would be at least a daughter of a someone with court rank.
If my guess is right, then it must be somewhat of a high ranking.

Because in the today’s ball, the ranks should be only of Earl and above.
I’m positive that her rank is above a Earl.
Otherwise, she would be someone related to a Earl rank family or above.

Gathering all my thought, I nodded.

With such a rank, no one is going to complain if I would make her my wife.
Although I have no choice in the matter, plus my Father said I could choose my wife.
I’m sorry to the Prime Minister’s daughter, but it’s unlikely for her to receive my love forever.
If it’s the Prime Minister, I’m sure he could find someone else to love her.

Just as I was convincing myself, her fearful voice calls me out of my thoughts.

[……Um, is it troublesome after all?]

……What did she say?
I didn’t get it, I looked at her dumbfounded. Troublesome? Me? Her?
There is no such thing as troublesome!!

Regardless of how she accepted my actions, she looked at me guilty.
I quickly tried to smooth things over.

[No, it’s not what you think…… I got used to having non-…… it’s really unexpected]
[It’s genuinely my first time]

I replied [ I know ] seriously .
That might be it. If I think about it hard, it maybe just her natural reaction.

[One doesn’t usually have that kind of reaction…]

I mumbled.
Really, if you knew the『tradition』, you would have hesitated more.
She doesn’t even know the basic things about it, how could she have known a man.

Author’s Note:
Today is a 2 chapter updates. The next one is 1 hour later.
Thank you very much.

Chapters 1-12 | Table of Contents | Next Chapter >

I hope I did it right. If there is any comments or corrections, please feel free to comment below!

Update (Feb 5,2017): I am currently updating and reviewing lines with (?) ^ ^
Update (Feb 7,2017): Finished reviewing and I am quite satisfied. ^ ^ Thanks for all the help and clarification. I’ll take note of all the comments and hopefully improve in the next chapter.


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  2. Fufufu
    Finally had the time to read this
    Nice job (≧∀≦)b

    As for the marrying bit, it’s stated before that one of the requirements of being his “wife” (and queen candidate) was to be a virgin (explained reason in a chapter later but I forget which) so he wouldn’t be able to marry her because he thought she wasn’t a virgin. But since the royal family is polymorous he could take her in as a concubine (or whatever the official term is).

  3. For the parts where you put “TN:wait what” and the “(?)” marks about the culture after it, as far as I know, the translation is correct. It’s a cultural thing in the story that will be explained much later. (I read ahead on the raws with machine translation a long time ago).

    Minor grammar correction: “how could have she knew a man” -> “how could she have known a man?”

    Thanks for your work! お疲れ様でした!

  4. Thank you very much. I love how we get both sides of the story.
    I also admit that where the previous chapter left off irratated me, we were just getting to the good part.
    So thank you again for picking it up.

    • Not really better point to stop
      Though this isn’t a permanent stop but you get what i mean
      I have a vage? outline for what happens someone wrote the summarie till chapter 18

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  8. Its two in the morning the 7th and because of you i have trouble deciding wether to stay awake and wait or get my beauty sleep to be fit enough for school
    Haa… What do i do.
    Anyways thanks so much for taking this project and translating.

  9. Thank you for picking this up!!!
    Wheww it’s getting kinda hot here..
    I can’t wait to see his reaction when he found out she is his fiancee~

  10. thanks you so much for picking this novel 🙂 ! Finally the chapter 13 is translated (and it is quite good). Happy mind ^^
    I’m looking forward the next chapter (Claps Claps)

  11. Hi, you need a Proof reader/editor, there are too many disjointed sentences.
    Here are my input for some of the unclear sentences:
    Hope this helps…
    “Rather than” use “this”
    1. “I want to make her more angry.” use “I want to make her lose control”
    2. “[……So you understand]” use “[……So you know…]”
    3. “That definite reply made me really want thank the Gods of this world” use “That outright/direct reply made me really want to thank the Gods of this world”
    4. “I’m happy I could just die now.” use “I’m so happy that I could die.”

    p.s. I love this series~ So glad that you can pick up this. Hope that you can get a good editor/proof reader to smooth the flow of the sentences. 😉

    • Thank you!!!
      Yes, I guess I do need an editor (๑´ㅂ`๑)
      I will edit in your inputs, thank you so much.

      P.S I probably short circuited my brains while doing this.

      • I want to make her more angry

        I want to make her cry out more.

        Nakasetai, is the action verb tai form meaning to want to make her cry out or make a sound or sing out… Not to be confused with naku… Which does mean to cry(tears streaming down your face).

        It probably makes more sense now. Not sure how the MTL got that mixed up. But, then again any language does use some things out of definition for other things, Japanese is no exception.

      • It does make sense… ( ಠωಠ)Its makes more sense when I searched the word [啼か] up on a dictionary it showed up [Cry]

        Thanks a lot!

  12. Thanks for picking it up! Your doing a great job. 🙂

    Something is off with this sentence, though I am not sure exactly how to fix it:

    “Despite the fact that I love her, I don’t a wife who doesn’t think, so I wondering a while ago if there was any way to cut ties her.”

    I’m guessing it should be something like:

    “Despite the fact that I love her, I don’t want a wife who doesn’t think, so I was wondering a while ago if there was any way to cut ties with her.”

    But that doesn’t make a lot of sense in the context… I’m guessing that rather then “cut” ties, its trying to say “bind” her to him? Is he saying that he doesn’t want a wife that is rash (doesn’t think before doing something) and that is another reason why he would only marry a virgin? Its not very clear to me what he is saying there.

  13. You indicated this sentence was confusing to you:
    I didn’t think she was a virgin, so the idea of marrying was impossible. (TN: wait what.)
    shoujo dato ha omotteinakattakara, doushitatte kanojo wo seihi niha dekinai. sou omotteita.

    Okay so this would be the (very)literal translation of it into english word for word:
    Her being a virgin Because I didn’t think of that, at any rate, about her being able to be my ‘legal wife’ is not possible. So I was thinking.

    A bit more localized version:
    Because I thought she wasn’t a virgin, up to this point, at any rate her becoming my ‘legal wife’ was not possible. Or so I thought.

    A more natural way of saying it:
    The thought of her being a virgin hadn’t crossed my mind. At any rate, her becoming my ‘legal wife’ was all but an impossibility; or so I thought.

    The から, is a particle… which has two uses, meaning from or when used in this context typically at the end of a sentence can be used as a “because” or reason. Which probably why it didn’t make sense to you. The MTL can not understand it as it is contextual on these kinds of occasions…

    正妃 <— seihi… there are a few meanings that I saw used for this… Either Princess consort… or "legal wife" or "first wife"… I'd wager this was being legal wife.

    Translating and editing does require you to take some artistic liberties… So whatever you feel is right.

      • I am just looking at the sentences you didn’t quite understand.

        You don’t need to credit me(prefer you didn’t)… I am just deconstructing the sentence and trying to give you as accurate to what the meaning is. Localization/editing is totally up to you to do, which is a challenge all on its own.

  14. Um, just a slight criticism, could you avoid inserting comments in sex scenes? Just use the * (asterisk or x number of asterisks) for notes that aren’t too critical for understanding the translation/story. It’s a bit of a mood breaker.

    Oh God please no…
    Please kill that cliffhanger…

    Btw thank for chapter and picking this novel, and if you can please aid God in his quest for killing the cliffhanger

  16. wha……what the hell happened to your innocence woman?!?!?! that girl…who would run and hide from me the moment I suggest a Smut manga…


    • ahh—— busted. I’m still innocent woman!! DESPERATE TIMES CALLS FOR DESPERATE MEASURE! *sweats*

      As the protagonist of Momoiro Heaven says “EVEN IF ITS EROTICA— THERE IS STILL LOVE” ・゜・(ノД`) I CANT HELP FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS. Dun sue meeeeeeee

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