Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!


Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!

I don’t want to be the Crown Princess!!


I was once a Japanese. By the time I realize it, I was a Duke’s daughter.
Wait one moment, my fiance is a prince!?
No matter how beautiful it is, I do not want to marry into a family that allows polygamy.
I must think of a way to escape this engagement, and the way out of it is outrageous.
I wonder if it will go as planned?

※I’m kidding, I am lightly writing this setting, please do not tsukkomi the sweetness of the plot.
※The book version Vol. 1 – Vol. 5 is now available on Ichijinsha Melissa Label.

Original Novel: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n6752ch/
NovelUpdates: http://www.novelupdates.com/series/outaishihi-ni-nante-naritakunai/
Amazon: Hard Copy BooksLight NovelE-BookYesasia


Translated Chapters from 1 – 12 can be found on redlanternarchives’ site. Do visit the site! Its because of her picking this perverted excellent storyline, I decided to start all these translations.

Fugitive Arc Cinderella Arc

Chapters 1 – 12 by redlanternarchives
(I have recieved permission to pick it up! Yay! (^ ^) You can see my note note on her TL’s Life Updates.)
Chapter 13: His Surprise (彼の驚き) [R-18]
Chapter 14: His Plan (彼の企み) [R-18]
Chapter 15.1: His Thoughts (彼の想い) [R-18]
Chapter 15.2: His Thoughts (彼の想い)
Chapter 16: His Search (彼の探し物)
Chapter 17: His Princess (彼の正妃)
Chapter 18: His Battle (彼の攻防)
Chapter 19: His Marriage Proposal (彼の求婚)
Chapter 20: His Counter Attack (彼の反撃)
Chapter 21: His Pursuit (彼の追撃)

Fugitive Arc: Side Stories

Side Story 1: The Whimsical Witch (拍手小話1 魔女のきまぐれ1)
Side Story 2: The Whimsical Witch 2 (拍手小話2 魔女のきまぐれ2)
Side Story 3: The Melancholy of the Prime Minister (拍手小話3 宰相の憂鬱1)
Side Story 4: The Man and Woman’s Etiquette (拍手小話3 宰相の憂鬱1)

Fiance Arc:

Chapter 22: Her Fiance 1 (彼女と婚約者1) [Lime Alert!]
Chapter 23: Her Fiance 2 (彼女と婚約者2)
Now been picked up by someone else, return to Novel Updates to select Chapter 24 >


16 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!

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  3. I have read more 140 chapters out of the 300 something chapters that is available with Machine translation and the only thing that I keep thinking about is how is she still not pregnant?

    This couple fucks more time in bed then a story dedicated to sex with a harem and I am pretty sure that they never bother to use a condom ever again after the first and second time.

    • No it has not. Sorry for the late reply. Please dont be offended however
      Please understand that I am doing the translations in between work hours and my free time (which is taken up by my sleep due to the grueling work I do)

      Again Forgive me if Im so slow ; u ;

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