Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 14: His Plans

Chapter 14: His Plans

Translator’s Note:
It took some time to translate, apologies for that (^ ^;
It was pretty hectic recently, I had to catch up on work at my job since I had to skip out to visit the funeral of my uncle.

I feel EXACTLY like the Protagonist in Momoiro Heaven…except I am not making the novel…I’m translating the novel (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I would like to ask your forgiveness if it took longer as usual. I was literally staring at my computer, blanked out due to the lemonade of this chapter.

Still feel free to comment in if there is anything wrong with the translations! I’m still gathering experience points (Lvl 1: Noobie Translator + Status: Bleeding)

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Author’s Note:
It is Part 2 of the update!

Even though I mumbled, it seems it was audible enough to be heard.
Fearing she might ask another question, I continued my movements with my finger that was in her entrance.
She doesn’t have to know.

Of course, her body obediently begins to react.
……Ah, I do need to ask.

[…Hey, your ‘first time’, are you really giving it to me?]

Moving my fingers a bit faster, you can hear the indecent sounds as I whispered in her ears.
Of course, I have no plans of stopping at all.
Still, it is something I need to ask.

Rubbing that little hidden nub, stripping her sense of reasoning
I want her to personally understand.

[If it is not troublesome for you—-Aah!!]

Her eyes began to shed tears as I gave her more pleasure.

[Its fine. Okay, I’ll stroke you more…  Troublesome you say, I don’t understand why it should be. I’m totally happy. In fact I’m honored… but for a noblewoman like you to give it away don’t you usually have a lover or fiancee?]

I wanted to hear, if she had a lover, or maybe a fiancee.
Because being a virgin, its highly impossible that she would be married.
However, it would be also strange if she did not have any fiancee.

Sure enough, she reacted to the word 『Fiancee』.

.…you do have one.
I suppressed the urge to click my tongue.

Still rubbing her, I continued to question her.

[ Fuun.You do have a fiancee. Well, its natural to have one at our age. But, to invite me to do this…I suppose, things are not going well with your fiancee?]
[……Its none of your business!!]

Although she’s losing herself to the pleasure, surely with the glare she’s giving me, is something I understand that she was forced into it.

Suddenly, my lips arched into a smile.
…I see, if that is the case, I can freely have you right?
Nonetheless, even if you do have a lover I will not give you up.
In short, the one who had made an official bond with her is the winner*

With that point, I have special method to do that.
An inescapable method that will forever tie a bond between me and her.
I decided to use that method, with no hesitation.
She is the only I want. It will forever stay that way.
That’s why, for her I will use it.
I simply thought of it as if it was natural.

I don’t know if there is anyone else.
If she runs away, then that’s the end of it.
No matter what, even she hates it I will tie her to me,  by leaving a proof.
A kind of proof she will never escape from.
After the effort of doing so, I’ll slowly ask her after.
There are no second chances.

[ I see. Then there’s no reason to hold back. Thank you for allowing me to have your ‘first time’]

Now that everything is settle, I feel quite comfortable.
What’s left is to fully enjoy her.

By increasing my fingers inside of her from 2 to 3, she happily cried out.
[じゅぶじゅぶ] It’s the sound of my fingers moving inside of her.

[Amazing. Did you know I have 3 fingers in? Also you’re getting very wet too you know? Do you feel good?]
[Nn!!….Good. Too good!!]

Hearing her moans, I realized that up ’til now I never have been so hard and aroused.
Quickly, I want to be inside her soon.
On the other hand, I want to watch her lose control even more.
I came up with a good idea.

Aah, just thinking about it makes it me more excited.
Following my imagination, I regretfully removed my finger from her.
Her eyes filled with discontent, begging to bury my fingers into her again immediately.

[.….…Why did you take it out?]
[Uwa. How adorable…… Don’t worry. I will make you feel better than this]

She was too adorable by the way she slurred her speech as if intoxicated in pleasure.*
While distracting her with a kiss, I fully striped of her clothing.
Though she didn’t look like she was going to resist, she shyly peeked at me embarrassed.
I chuckled at her actions.

[Let me hear your more of your fine voice, okay?]
I opened her legs wide. then by the back of her knees, I lifted her legs up.
I can see her entrance in full view.
It was turning red as if begging to be played with, twitching.

[Amazing. Your other mouth is twitching open and close. ‘I want your thing inside me’, it says]

No, not yet.
To be honest, I truly want to put it in.
But I’ll need you lose control even more.

And so, I licked her hot tight entrance.
This is my first time doing this kind of thing.
In the first place, I don’t mind licking a woman’s secret place, it is just that I think any other woman would cry out that it is against the rules to lick her.
But there’s nothing to worry if it’s her, rather I think it’s positive for me to do this her this way.


I wondered how she’d react.
I was a little worried, but it seems I didn’t need to.
Her voice raising, crying out in pleasure.
Far from hating it, she responds as if to beg me to do more, I lifted her legs up a bit more, licking her thoroughly. Her juices has a sweet flavor to it, its addicting.
Her voice obviously became higher when I started to lick her.
That reaction is unbearably cute.

[Chu.… Is it good?]
[Good! That feels so good!!]

Lifting my face from her entrance, looking to her teary eyes for confirmation.
With that, I’m sure you’re not rejecting me.
Instead, you seem to like you wanted more.
I narrowed my eyes, disturbed. To think, she would like this.

[For a woman to respond to me like this. It feels like a dream]
[What do you mean?]

Listening to her question, this time I will not answer.
I will not teach her anything. I want her to remain as she is.
I nibbled on her hidden bud, and she instantly came.


And so, I continued to give her pleasure over again and again.
Each time she reacts to the pleasure, she gets even more intoxicated with it.
After numerous times of repeating it, she soon is unable to bear it and tearfully said to me.

[Enough.… Enough already…… Please, put it inside me……]

The lust that oozes out with her voice begging me to put my thing in, my mouth froze.
Surely I heard her but I want to make sure I’m not thinking this.
No way is she, telling me to…

[Uwah. To be begging……Lucky. I don’t want to part with you anymore]

I mumbled my declaration.
I will never let her go.I have decided.
She still has not gotten over with the aftershocks, I teasingly said.

[Do you want me?]

I placed my hand beside her face, I asked with my voice thick and feverish.
Hey, could you ask me again? What do you want from me?
Silence enveloped us, when her small voice  told her desire to me,

[I want it. I want your hot thing inside me……]
[Good girl.….… Alright, I’ll give a lot to you]

I never thought that this kind of conversation could be such a turn on.
I stroked her head, as I kissed her while I prepared the magic spell inside my mind.
Along the way I removed my clothes, I opened her legs wider.
Anymore of this I might just cum as I align my thing against hers and pushed it slightly apart.
As expected of her entrance, with my transparent pre-cum spilling, it was mixing with her overflowing warm honey making it easy to slide it in.
I slowly proceeded to push in.

Ah, she suddenly resisted.


I could instinctively guess what you wanted to say.
Perhaps thinking that I had no contraceptives.
I won’t allow you to say it, I gave her a deep kiss to block the words.

As you see, until now I have not neglected birth control.
In fact, usually I never release it inside a woman.
As far as I know, the pill has 100% contraceptive effect.
However, there is still a resistance even though it a thin membrane.

Needless to say, I did bring those magical pills with me.
But for her, I had no intention of using it in the first place.

——- It’s because I intended to put it in directly inside her.

To love her ’till she gets pregnant I think would be the best after all.
By having my child, she cannot escape anywhere.
Yet that’s not enough.

I want her to be completely tied down to me.

Seeing that the setup of the spell is done, I moved my waist forward.
I haven’t enter in her much but still my lower half paused at the pleasure it felt.
The raw feeling for the first time is so extraordinary, so much that I almost came.
There is nothing that separates me from her.
Truth to be told, it feels heavenly.

She escapes from my kiss, and glared at me complaining.

[Its alright.]
[I’ll take responsibility.]

I nonchalantly replied to her.
It seems that she did not understand me.
.….…For now, it’s fine if you don’t understand.
I’ll just tell you sometime later.

Pushing my waist further in, I felt her barrier.
She looked at me anxiously.

[I think it will hurt, but please bear with it for a while]
And so with the magic spell set, all at once I pierced through her barrier.
With the force I put in, I successfully penetrated inside her.
Unable to bear the pain, she sharply cried out.


For the first time, with her pained cry and the sensation of her insides, I felt my dick swell up so much it was painful.

Author’s Note:
Thank you very much.
Are we finally at the end of the R18???

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* [要は、崩せないほどの既成事実を作ったものの勝ちなのだ]。 Could anyone help in translating this? I am not sure if I got it right….
* [舌足らず] the word here was lisp or inadequate linguistic ability. Not sure how it should be translated but I guess it should be like that from the way it mood goes.
* Should I release a teaser? Comment below 😀  I’d like to take a breather and continue translating after getting a blood pack and my sanity somewhere 

” For the sake for this  over 9000 perverted superb novel….
I must continue even if I die of blood loss !!!”

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  1. Her natural charm seduced him so bad that he doesn’t mind traditional sex.

    I wonder how he fast he would have fell for her if he got to meet her in person for his first time meeting.

    Would it fast or slow because he does have an issue with political marriages.

    Doing a good job noobie translator, you leveled up.

  2. the question is…. what is the spell that the prince mentioned? How will it be used? :<
    I hope it's not a douche-bag spell but a spell that's done in favor of her sake instead

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