Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 15.1: His Thoughts

Chapter 15.1 : His Thoughts
[R-18 only]

Translator’s Note:
Sorry if it took some delay, I originally plan to release on Vday but things don’t go as planned. I lost a lot of brain cells in thinking of other ways to describe the process of s*x without losing the pink atmosphere and making it look like cheap. LOLOLOL

Also, I’m seriously dying due to intensity  and my mind is turning a lemonade slushie but hey I love this pair and there aint no stopping meh.

Please let me know if there is anything wrong with the translation of any chapter 🙂 I’ll edit it in.

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Author’s Note:
We surpassed 4000 bookmarks.
Thank you very much for the review etc. I’ll do my very best.

[Uwaa……so tight]

I am finally entered inside of her,  my face was distorted with pleasure.
Her inside was so hot, throbbing, and was coiling around me.

She whimpered in pain, as she scratched my back with her fingernails in order to distract her from the pain.
Her lovely appearance just made a smile appear on my lips .
It made me completely think that she wants to be embraced more.

[Alright, you’re welcome to scratch me more……Nn…… Here, everything’s in]

And so I showed the place we were connected, she appeared to sigh in relief.
Painful as it is, thinking about her I shouldn’t move just yet.
Is what I thought, but I held the desperate urge to move.

[Does it still hurt?]
[.….…A little, but I’m alright.]

I understand I’m extremely holding back, those simple words just made all my reason collapse.
Her insides are too much, I just can’t resist.

[Really? .….…I apologize. I can’t bear with it much more. As much as possible, I’ll move slowly. If it hurts, just continue to scratch my back.]

Nodding to her, I began to move my hips slowly.
It seems that the pain is slowly ebbing away, her pained face gradually became into an alluring expression.
To have that face just turns me on, immediately my thrusting sped up.

[Looks like the pain has faded away…… You have a nice expression.]

Reaching inside, she meekly moaned.
She threw away her reason, she looked at me with tears in her eyes as she began to beg.

[Nn.… Apollo, deeper……more!!]

I’m pleased she asking for more.
A sudden feeling came up from inside my chest.
.….…I want you to call out my real name, not my alias.
Despite the arising feelings, I continue to thrust her into those critical points.

[You like it deep? This is your first time yet, you can feel like this. Un, I’ll give you a lot inside]

At least if I were to talk to her with this tone of voice, her insides tightens.
In that moment, I must endure or else I would immediately release inside her.
I knew from her excellent reaction, she likes being assaulted with dirty talking.
I grinded deep inside her,  as she squealed in delight.

[Good, so good!!]

Suddenly she moved her hips, and she was starting to match my rhythm.
Your foolish actions just made my lower half harder than before.

I stared at her entranced, and inhaled a breath.
While she behaves that way, I tightened more intensely on her.

[Ahh, it really feels good. Your insides, are undulating and sucking so hard it doesnt want to let me go. Fu Fu……Even shaking your hips,  you so feel good, I’m happy.]
[Uu….Nn….So Good!!!]

Being true to herself, this girl is chasing after that which makes her feel good, I must not fall in love with her
……I want to release it.
I can’t hold on any longer, for the sake of wanting her bear my children I speed up my pace.

[Ah!! Ah!! Cumming!! I’m cumming!!]
[Okay, I’ll cum with you. I’m at my limit………Kuh!]

I vigorously released in my cum which also includes my magic inside of her.
Immediately I sensed her trying to pull out in a rush, I will not allow you to.
I pushed deeper into her, pouring everything until the last drop.
I say it quite shocked her again.

[Aaaaaah!! Hot!! Don’t….Not inside!!]

Although she said that. she continues to tremble while accepting everything from me.

Satisfied in pouring everything in her, I gave her a kiss.
I sensed my technique was successful, I chuckled.
………Now, she belongs to me.

[To cum inside… so mean]

I gently stroked her hair, even though she was complaining.
It looks like she doesn’t believe that I would take responsibility for this.
Well if both parties don’t know each other’s identities, it can’t be helped if she does think that way.
To me I wouldn’t be troubled if I just reveal myself to her right now. But, the way she is now. She doesn’t wish for that; that much I could tell.
I’ll reveal everything in the morning, after making preparations to take her as my captive.

So when thinking about that her insides are covered in my cum, I felt the strength in me rise again.

I ask myself.
Am I satisfied? B*llshit. I wanted more.

Quickly deciding I once again started move my lower half.
Usually,  I thought once is enough to completely cool down, but strangely, for her I still wanted to savor her more.
As my desire for her continues to increase endlessly, I’d like to continue until morning but they say doing it successively will be quite painful.
I’m surprised myself that things could be so different if I had a change in partner.

[Eeh….Wait a sec….. No way…. Mou!]
[Nn, sorry. I can’t hold back.]

I asked her as I continue to hunger for her,  furthermore with my cum still inside her thrusting into her became much easier.

[One more time…….okay?]

…… I can’t promise that I would do it just once.
Targeting those certain points inside her, her voice had quickly turned into feverish voice that can bewitch others.
The slapping of our hips can be loudly heard.
[じゅぷじゅぷ] As the sounds of our fluids mixing together  are echoing in the room.
In response, she desperately held my neck with both of her arms, biting me in addition, she started to move her hips with my rhythm.
Watching her actions,  the greed I had inside that I thought I forgotten came back.

——I would like to try that position.

And with that, I immediately put into practice.
Withdrawing myself from her entrance temporarily, I flipped her over.
Not giving her a chance to speak, in one go I thrust in from behind.


Sometime ago the feeling was good, but now it became amazing from the tightening force of her insides.
Our position is similar to how beasts mate,  I felt my lower half grow bigger.
I got so aroused more than I thought I would have, to the point I forgotten how many times I’ve penetrated her deeply.
A smile escaped my lips at the pressure of her insides had on me.
…….Aah, it seems she likes this as well.

[Amazing, you clamped up again. Do you like this position?]
[Hi~yaaah!….Ah!…… It’s hitting!!]
[Aah. That was your good spot huh. How about here?]

At the same time I played with her breasts, she obediently responded by moving her hips even more.
Hitting her g-spots caused her strength to fade as she buried her face in the bed sheets.
Naturally, it looked she was sticking her waist out to me.
I unconsciously gulped at the lewd scene.
She pants as she continues to accept my thrusting.

Could it be, but thinking that, even something like this, you would allow me to accept this so easily?
Doing this to the girl who readily answers my motions, my desire for her just intensifies more and more.

After all,  she personally interest me.

[Fu fu…… It’s good. Especially for you to respond like this. Quite a nice view, really]
[Ah! No way……..Mou….. Impossible!]
[Oh please don’t say that, accompany me just a little bit longer, okay?]

I still want to eat her up.

After pacifying her at the same time, I continue to change our position  numerous of times,  I relentlessly continue to pound my hips against her, pouring all my cum inside her.
And so, I placed her on top of me again but I noticed that she had already fainted. Strangely, it was already midnight.


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Probably, Fanfic-wise making Glenn (Freed’s best friend) for I don’t know reasons….gave Freed a kama sutra book, the poor Lidi wouldn’t see the light of the next few days….or speak……or walk LOLOLOL.

” I have no regrets. I’m so done, dead and gone.
On to the non lethal  part of the chapter!!”

31 thoughts on “Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 15.1: His Thoughts

  1. Even having read ahead via auto-translation and read spoilers, I’m looking forward to the next full chapters in properly translated form. Freed’s thought processes are really something I’m looking forward to. That and how he and Liddy slowly and steadily build their relationship together, of course. But first, Freed’s PoV at finally finding “the one”.

  2. I think she wanted more as she hugged me. (?)
    I completely was thinking she wanted to be embraced more.

    Probably a better localized version:
    It made me completely think that she wants to be embraced more.

    Shimau means to be completed or finished but, I typically interpret it to be more of a meaning of totality… As weird as it sounds…
    Example:  ばらてしまう (To be completely exposed)

    With that much action, I tightened my hold on her
    Even with just such an act alone, I tightened my intensity on her.

    Dunno… Your interpretation sounds okay too or with the added information you can localize it better…
    Really thought I can’t help but think the author didn’t write this sentence quite right… The first part probably should be more like:
    While doing that act(see previous sentence), I tightened more intensely on her.
    But thats just me…

    She honestly ran after the pleasure and I can’t resist being in love with her (?)
    This girl is obediently chasing after that pleasant feeling, I must not fall in love with her.
    Being true to herself, this girl is chasing after that which makes her feel good, I must not fall in love with her.

    Ya… I’ll let you figure out how you wanna localize it…

  3. it’s nice!! the truth is i can’t wait freed’s pov when he met mc as her fiancee for the first time in the her home ^^
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  4. I think you did a pretty good job of understanding the following sentence… What did you not get?

    I’d like to give my name immediately, but I understand that she appears that should wouldn’t want it. (?)
    From my side, it would be fine to reveal myself to her right now, but the way she appears she does not wish that, that much I could understand.

    Maybe a better localized way of saying it:
    To me I wouldn’t troubled if I just reveal myself to her right now. But, the way she is now. She doesn’t wish for that; that much I could tell.

    I’ll reveal everything in the morning, prepared to capture her. (?)
    About revealing everything in the morning. It’s from preparations to capture her.

    I am not really familiar with the expression of dekitekara… But I see it meaning “since that time”… So I am wondering if the author wrote that correctly… *shrug* So you probably can invoke some artistic liberties here…

  5. ……Maybe, you thought that it would be much easier to just accept it. (?)
    …….Could it be, but thinking that, even something like this, you would (allow me to/let me) accept this so easily?

    Quickly responding to my whims, she just intensified her cuteness. (?)
    Doing this to the girl who readily responded to my motions(or actions), more and more my level of affection for her only deepens.

    (Probably a bit more localized…?)
    Doing this to the girl who readily answers my motions, my desire for her just intensifies more and more.

    • Ohhh so that’s how it was…
      I basically understood that the guy how easy that she accepted him , and because of that it caused his love to become deeper—-

      I totally want to credit you for helping me out .I swear ; u ;

      • Rather you don’t… I am only going for the stuff that is marked and not even all of it… If it gives you a better idea of what it means that is all that matters, its still completely up to you to localize it(which is the REAL pain in the ass)… Also, I am too lazy to translate the whole thing myself… I do speak out the Japanese while I am translating after I get all the kanji sorted(which takes awhile)… I do find that you get a bit more of the impact out of it when you read and also say it aloud… That’s just me though…

      • Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll try your advice as I translate the second half

        //scribbles on notes//

      • She is allowing him to accept her easily yes… It comes from the katan ni ukeirete kureru no ka. Although he is questioning why she is doing it. Like She is going to just allow me to do it that easily? Sort of way of saying it…

        The さらに most often is used as a furthermore… But, I feel the meaning changed to more and more since the previous sentence ended with a ni… A particle ni usually denotes a modifier to that subject that prefaced it namely the 彼女 part… so the さらに愛おしさが深まる is targeted at modifying it… Say it out a few times aloud, it helps(at least for me). That’s what I got out of it anyway.

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