Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 16: His Search

Chapter 16 : His Search

Translator’s Note:

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Also, edited the chapter with the help of JetonS!

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For those who may have skipped the making  an intense large size lemonaide slushie and may have forgotten the point of all why Freed came to even the party. (This is how I understood it)

Lidi is a person who didn’t like to get married to a family that accept polygamy, so to escape the engagement she approached her wonderful gossipy good friend who says “Ya know my other friend had an amazing s*x with this mysterious guy but unfortunately he doesn’t sleep with the same person twice so she was sad…”

She decided to give her ‘first time’ to some stranger. If she did give it away, any other family is okay with but its a no-no to the royalty  which unfortunately she has given it away to Freed who is the “flawless” crown prince.

On the other hand, Freed has this huge magical powers and its downfall is that his sexual libido increases as his power increases. He has put it off for quite some time, but its really breaking his control over his magical powers. He tried looking for that medicine in hopes it could somehow put a break but he couldn’t.

Glen being a wonderful best friend that he is, decided to say ” Hey go to this party. You can have this one night thing, no strings attached. Two birds with one stone.” With little option he had to sleep with women in order to lessen it, but over time he got sick of sleeping with women who just acts like a sex doll as stated in the how-to rule book and felt like it was a duty instead.

The fact that he will be soon forced into marrying ‘someone’ he didn’t like and he decides that this would be also the last party before he goes into a wild witch hunt who sells that certain medications. Fortunately, Freed found Lidi, who was busying eating off the buffet table. Attracted to her pose, aura, beauty and above all, the fact she breaks each and every rule in the how-to rule book like a wrecking ball, he just fell in love.

They slept together. Lydia got want she wanted, and Fred got what he wanted plus he just fell deeper and deeper in love. Like Cinderella after one night, Lydia runs away. Freed was determined to find her.

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After a few hours, I woke up.

It seems I had a very deep sleep.
I noticed that this would be roughly my first time in several years that I actually slept like a log; I’m surprised.
My body felt extremely good.
Not only that, I am also surprised by now that the years that I felt restless and heaviness in my body has completely vanished, furthermore I never felt quite refreshed in my life.

———– Right now, I felt like I alone could take on 10,000 soldiers.

I’m certainly not joking, if she was here I would give her a tight hug.
I will truly not let her go.
Once she comes back to me, I will lock her up myself in a room till its time for our wedding.

That is what I thought, as I snuggled close to what I expect to be her warm skin………instead the next instant I realized that I found myself holding a pillow, I jumped in surprise.

I looked around the silent room, and I couldn’t find her any trace of her.
Seeing that she has escaped, there was nothing left but a biting disappointment.

I would say that it’s not even morning yet.
Probably after I slept, she must have secretly left.
I suppose she grabbed the chance, since it was extremely dark around here.
But remembering yesterday’s events, and I unconsciously let out a laugh.
Surely if it’s her, she would no way of escaping.

However, I would normally wake up with the slightest movement, but in this case I was pathetically dead to the world.
I sighed heavily as I collected my fallen clothes and easily dressed myself with them.
While doing so, all I thought about was her.
I was planning to have us a one-on-one talk and thinking how many times I would have to make her cry while we could have another round.  That sort of perverted plan.

It’s no use if she’s not here anyways.
I will go back to the castle immediately, and I find out who she really is.
I mumbled to myself with strong determination.

[ My dear wife, I will absolutely never let you go …. And soon I will come and pick you up]


Using teleport magic, I quickly slipped back to the castle and went directly into my room.
After a hot bath, I quickly got ready and went towards the Knight’s practice grounds.
At this time of the morning, he should be on the practice grounds.


I found the person in question in the arena, training.
Once I called out to him, he spoke something to the knight beside him, then proceeded to come towards me.

[Freed. Good morning. To be here this morning is there anything wrong?]

Glen has sensed that something was amiss since I was calling for him during training session which was unusual. I didn’t reply to him and just gently pulled on his arm.

[Sorry to interrupt you during training…. I know you’re pretty busy but can you spare me some of your time?]

With that, Glen knew that something was up and just silently nodded.
Waiting for a little while, I watched Glen as he approached the same knight a little while ago and as he conveyed him today’s practice menu.
After that seeing Glen turn back towards me, and I turned my foot and proceed towards my office.

Glen silently followed me, but as soon as we entered the room he asked
[And so? What’s wrong? It’s not like you to be in such a hurry.]

When he says that, I too realized that I was unusually rushing things.
But if it concerned about her, I can’t help but to hurry things along.
It was different for her.
I need to find her, I want to hold her with all my strength.
This strange feeling is driving me crazy.

[Any~ways, quickly bring me every portrait of each daughter of the family with the rank Earl and above. I am searching for a person that has light brown hair and amethyst eyes.]

I ordered Glen to select only those with these certain features.
I saw Glen tilted his head not understanding what I just said.

[Portrait of each daughter…? What on earth are you going to use it for?]

It seems like for the first time, I found myself not explaining anything to Glen.
I appeared to be impatient. I was pretty shocked that I am losing my composure.
Even so,  if I wanted to get Glen’s cooperation I should talk to him.
I sat down on my chair, regaining my composure, as I slowly told him the unforgettable night.

[Glen, I saw my fated last night]
[‘Fated’ you say?]

I nodded my head to Glen as a reply to his question.

[That’s right. I met her last night’s evening party. Even now, I still desire her]

Glen blinked at my words.
With just saying the word “her”, he would understand I am talking about a woman right?
I carefully confirmed her identity.

[…..You said ‘evening party’, are you talking about last night ‘Masquerade Party’? With all due respect, for a woman being in a place like that, I don’t think she’s suited for you Freed….]

Knowing the ‘true’ purpose of that Masquerade Party, I suppose Glen can’t be helped in thinking that way. However, I will not forgive anyone insulting her.

[Don’t you ever insult her again…..She isn’t like those loose women. She said it was her first time to go come to a party….. and besides, she was a virgin.]

As I said those words Glen was honestly surprised at the revelation and he hung his head in relief.

[Well that’s–!! ……. Please excuse me. Then so, have you embraced her?]
[Aah, no matter what she’s the only one I craved for, thanks to that, you can obviously see my body is in a perfect condition.]

I nodded my head as I laughed and pointed to myself.

[That’s true, your face has a nice color to and is just brimming with liveliness this morning…. and it’s all thanks to that person?]
[Yup. Regardless how many times I would hold her its still not enough….. For first time who knew I would still yearn for her so much(?) ….. I will just take her and I will not allow her to escape from me]

Glen clicked his tongue.

[Wait just one moment, are you not a bit hasty in this? Don’t tell me that you revealed that you are the crown prince?]
[Unfortunately, not yet. I was trying to but she quickly ran away]

Naturally, Glen was shocked that I snapped at him.

[Of course that would be the case. After all, you met at the masquerade ball…….But, it’s too late now that she’s not a virgin, wouldn’t it be impossible to place her as the crown princess? Though with your crown prince status you could easily go and meet with her as your favorite concubine without lifting a hand…..]

From my expression, he knew I had some sort of other plan on how to deal with her.
I grinned, then laughed at Glen who was trembling in fear.

[No problem at all. I had no intentions on making her something lowly like a concubine. I have already given her the ‘King’s Flower’]
[‘King’s Flower’!? You didn’t even inform that to your partner……Freed, that’s a going too far-]

Grabbing a hold on Glen who was getting pissed off, I hurriedly explained.

[In other words, I could not let her go. That was the only one chance I had. You should know that as well, right?]
[…..You are freaking serious aren’t you]
[I’ve been telling you that. She’s the only one I want, no one else.]

Seeing that I was serious, Glen gave up and sighed in resignation.

[…..and do you know which lady are we talking about?]
[That’s where I draw a blank, so I am asking for your cooperation. With you on this, I can catch her quickly. I don’t want to leave her again. …… I love her too much]

Clearly speaking, Glen’s eyes showed a small tenderness in them.

[Is that so…… With all due respect but I have thought that sooner or later you would be giving up your wish to find ‘love’]
[You’re right on that. That’s what I thought until yesterday. But when I first took a good look at her, I knew that I wanted all of her. It’s just for the first time I never expected myself to be strongly affected by the feelings I have for her]

Glen mumbled as he clenched his fist, then looked at me and happily nodded.

[That is indeed ‘Love’……..Freed, congratulations…. Yeah, you’re right. It is very important for you and for us that your body is in top condition. If you don’t mind, it’d be my pleasure to help you search for the future crown princess.]


[Are you sure you’re not mistaken that the lady has a rank of Earl and above?]

Glen came in carrying the portraits of the young ladies from the administration and placed them inside my office.
All of the portraits are drawn on a paper that is approximately around 50 cm.
According to the laws of this country, it was established that each ranked household needed to submit a portrait of each their family member every spring to the castle.
Officially it is used for any emergency situation that could happen but in reality, it is mostly used for nobles to set up an engagement.
With the restrictions of having a rank Earl and above, hair and eye color, I managed to narrow a large number of portraits down to a few.

I carefully check each and every portrait that was handed over.
They ones shown in the picture could be different from the real thing. I understand that much.
But, none of these portraits bear any resemblance to her.

[Different….. This is also different.]

I have checked out every portrait that fitted the bill,  but in the end I still hadn’t seen her face appearing.
I collapsed onto my desk,  feeling very disappointed.

[……Glen, is there any more?]

I asked with a low voice, and Glen apologized in return.

[Unfortunately, we don’t have any other portrait that are of rank of Earl and above that fits into the description. Maybe she is a daughter of a Baron or a Viscount? Although there are no pictures, we should also consider she may be a daughter from a merchant line…..]

The way she showed her elegant behavior I could only think that she was born into a high nobility rank.
It was quite convincing that you could even say she was part of the royal family. Her act was perfectly executed.

[Was I mistaken…..?]
[You were so blindly in love, maybe you have misjudged somewhere]
[I’m sad to say that you could be right but I am pretty sure I didn’t make any mistake either]

Seeing my head hanging down, Glen suggested

[No use grieving over it. If you’re aiming for her to be your crown princess, wouldn’t it be better first cancel your prior engagement with the Prime Minister’s daughter?]

I stood up at Glen’s suggestion and nodded.
Certainly I had to break my engagement first before I could go out and pick her up.
It would be rude for both of the young ladies, if I didn’t.
Cancelling the engagement first, then all could start from there.

Obviously up till now my common sense had been totally thrown out the window.

To be controlled by the feeling of being so madly in love for the first time, I had no choice but to laugh at myself in mockery.
If she were still in my arms this morning, I would have no doubt immediately gone and engaged her to me.
The order of things is all mixed up.
I should first go and report to my Father.

I double checked about my Father’s schedule and confirmed it.
There seems to be no other important matters Father had to attend, it should be okay to meet up with each other.
It’s not too late to start and find her. By that time, there could be different method to find her.
I will go and met with Father.

When I was about to inform Glen of my plans, my eyes stopped to see that he was holding one lone portrait in his hand.

[Eh? Glen, whose portrait is in your hand?]

I asked Glen, as he hid the portrait behind his back.

[Aah, it would be meaningless even if you did look Freed.]

It must be the portrait that I repeatedly avoided. Or so Glen says.
I tilted my head as I strangely thought on, why would it be meaningless.

[…..However, you are holding that portrait means that she passed the conditions I set, correct? I don’t understand why it will be meaningless, but just in case I’d like to make sure as to why you are not showing it to me]
[I still think this is absolutely different to what you imagine……….]

Glen was hesitating as he handed me the portrait, suddenly my eyes opened wide when I saw the image drawn. I stared long and hard at it.

It must have been drawn by a famous painter.
The portrait that the painter painted truly grasp her characteristics.

Her amethyst eyes and her long light brown hair. Her gentle smile as she stood.
——–Without a doubt, it was her who I spent the last night with.

[GLEN!! It’s her!!]

I stood up so suddenly as I told Glen, as he had a puzzled face.
I didn’t know why Glen made such a face, as I looked at the name that was written on the upper right corner.
I stood there frozen, seeing the name of the portrait myself.


Seeing that I was frozen still from shock, Glen quietly tried to call out to me.


I raised my face towards his voice.
My whole being was thrown into confusion
I looked at Glen confused, as he looked at me with an awkwardly.
Now I understand why it was meaningless.
Naturally, at any rate she was………

Glen reluctantly yet clearly said

[……..I told you didn’t I, it doesn’t make any sense……. She is Princess Lydiana, the daughter of the Prime Minister….. Freed, she’s the same person you are trying dissolve your engagement with]

Thank you very much.

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TEASER for Ch 17
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“NO!! I mean YES. But WHY The hell GLEN—!?!? why would she do that!? ” –Freed


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