Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 18: His Battle

Chapter 18 : His Battle

Translator’s Note:

I have no excuse other than on my RL job (pending items) and I caught up with Persona 5 but please bear with me, I’m not going to let this fade away I assure you.  On the other hand, I would like a Father like the Prime Minister (/□\*)・゜Mine is the embodiment of Tamaki from HighSchool Host Club (minus being rich AF)

Please let me know if I mistranslated some text. I tried to connect each sentence to each other so I may have added some words that was not in the original sentences. Also, this is not the final version, I might be kicked due to probably alot of grammer mistakes or what by JetonS…and the readers. But you all have been waiting for—–

Translated by: Ichiiya

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Glen quickly told me that it wouldn’t be simple for a Prime Minister of a country to have spare time. That was what I thought but, I easily got the approval to meet him that it was a bit anti-climatic.
The meeting was in the King’s Office.
Knowing that he had spare time in the midst of working then of course, it was a given that Father was the one who gave out the permission.
It was specially rare for me to ask for an appointment with the Prime Minister.
I immediately understood that father who was interested sat beside the Prime Minister.
Of course, I’d have to face him sooner or later. Rather, it saved me time and effort with Father being there.

I gave my thanks to Glen, as I visited the office after a few minutes..
If it was too late in the evening, the Prime Minister has gone back home.
It would be troublesome if he did so.
I was relieved that I somehow was able to catch him before he returned home.

I knocked on the door before entering the office, I saw that my Father and the Prime Minister were facing each other discussing about something.
I silently stood at the side until Father called me out. After a while they had finished talking, Father turned his gaze towards me.

[Freed, you’ve come]

I thanked my Father as he waved his hand at me in reply, not minding the formalities.
It seemed like our relationship to each other was as close as a Father to his son.  
I bowed my head and my Father satisfactorily laughed.

[What’s wrong? You rarely want to talk to the Prime Minister]

I gave a wry smile when Father suddenly jumped  into the main topic. Am I being a bother? I shook my head at my father.
I ignored my father as I spoke to the Prime Minister about my business.

[I’m sorry for taking your time, Prime Minister. To be honest, I would like to ask a favor from you]

A man whose silver hair was slicked back that was different from hers, wore a black frame glasses on that hard-to-please yet good looking face (I can’t believe that this is her Father), thinly smiled then nodded

[Are you asking for a favor? Of course, if it is within my abilities please let me know, Your Highness]

I suppose there was a close resemblance of her and the Prime Minister’s form when they bowed, expressing their elegant manners. Even though they differ in outside, but as I thought they are still father and daughter.
In spite of being in his early 40’s, he doesn’t liked to be called 『Duke 』even though the fact of him being able to do about his duties with composure and superb skills.   
I don’t want to make things awkward, if possible I would like us to talk each other comfortably, once again, I spoke to the「Prime Minister」

[Rather than a favor, it’s more like about your daughter Princess Lidiana. I’d like to immediately greet her since the engagement that was done with great pains has been decided. What do you think, would it be a bother do so?]

I told them with a smile on my face as the Prime Minister and my father stiffly replied [ Eh? ]
…… Is it that so surprising?
I felt somewhat dissatisfied.
From the start, I have been told that the engagement has been decided…..

I ignored and continued to talk the two people with a puzzled look on their faces.

[If it is possible, after this I would like to hear your immediate response….. however I think that the Prime Minister would have some conditions, right? I’d like to hear those as well]
[Freed, what are you doing…..?!]

Father drew his bewildered face closer to mine.

[ What is?]

I nonchalantly replied that I vaguely understood what he wanted to say.
Nevertheless, my nonchalant reply caused Father to get even more heated up. (T/N: It’s funny that “Heat up” in english)

[Not ‘What is’!! You-! The other day at that time, weren’t you so hesitant in accepting the engagement?! Now, why are you saying that you’d like to go to his mansion and say your greetings!?]

Father yelled closed to my ear as I waved my hand correcting his confusion.
It’s not like I did not like my engagement to her.

[That’s a big misunderstanding, Father. I am really looking forward to this wonderful engagement]

I told of them my true feelings, the more their faces became puzzled.
The Prime Minister suddenly called out to me as he said [ Your Highness ] though he was clearly confused

[With all due respect your highness, I had a feeling that you were not very much happy with the engagement of my daughter with you….]  

As expected, he seemed to have noticed.
Even though how many times I had smile on my face, perhaps he naturally knew that I was faking it.
But nonetheless, before I knew it Father had made the necessary arrangements to seal the engagement, I think I’d give himself a warm round of applause for all his efforts.

[My bad. Well, I came to think of various of things but I fully acknowledge my marriage to your daughter. If possible, I want your cooperation in this.]
[I am grateful that you’d accept but still……]

Unbelievable, he suddenly reversed his opinion.
I suppose it was reasonable.
The Prime Minister’s eyebrows scrunched together, showing uneasiness at my behavior, as he threw me his unappreciated opinion

[ To be honest, I find that if your highness is not so eager about this engagement, I thought it would be best to cancel it. Certainly, I will be one-sidedly promoted but no matter how much of an opponent you are Your Highness, if my daughter will be unhappy then this engagement will be pointless.]

His words got me the chills.
The Prime Minister who is known to have a title of a cool headed politician, but held a side that is indulgent to his daughter.  
While I had a good impression about the Prime Minister who was clearly concerned about his daughter’s unhappiness about the marriage, I was starting to lose patience and must let him understand at all cost.

[That’s not necessary. I have decided to go and meet the princess, to whom I vowed from the bottom of my heart that I will love her. You don’t have to worry about it.]  

The Prime Minister intently gazed at my face, clearly showed his intention to request for one last confirmation. I stared back without flinching at his gaze which seemed to have seen through me.

[Your Highness…… those words of yours, can I believe in them?]

Even Father peeked at the face of the Prime Minister, as I clearly nodded to his question.
When the Prime Minister saw me nod my head, he felt relieved as his stiff expression loosen then he nodded.

[ If your Highness is saying so then, I do not have anything more to say. Furthermore, this is what I originally wanted. You have my full cooperation.]
[Forgive me and I thank you.]

I lowered my head to the Prime Minister, while my Father spun his head, watched me as he said

[ Really, what is going on here? I still don’t understand anything…… However, I understand that you have the intention to seriously go out and meet your fiance who will be your princess and accept her, right?]
[ Right, it goes without saying, please as much as possible, I’d also like to shorten the time to the ceremony.]  

If I were to be permitted, I kind of revealed my real intention that I rather would rush to the church today, as my Father sighed in resignation.  

[Don’t say such stupid words. The shortest time you can have is at least half a year, you still need to contact other kingdoms and such. Really, the thought that you would become so pushy towards your marriage. Now this time, you immediately……I still don’t understand what you’re thinking about.]
[I just want to go and see her as soon as possible]

I replied as he tiredly smiled but even so he firmly swore as he said [I got it. We’ll talk about this later]


[By the way your highness, there is something I wish to talk about]

I rode together with the Prime Minister inside the same carriage as it approached the direction towards the mansion.
As soon as it was just the two of us, Prime Minister loosen his tie then talked to me in a serious voice.
For him to talk to me with his timing, 9 out of 10 it will be about her.

[Is it about the Princess?]

When I asked about it, sure enough he replied a positive answer.
Of course, I got anything but trivial information about her, so I prompted the Prime Minister to talk.

[ I’m listening ]
[Thank you very much. …… To tell you the truth, this is an usual statement but, my daughter and her engagement to his highness that…. There are occasions when she does nothing but think its unfavorable.]

For the Prime Minister to have difficulty in saying, there was bitter feeling that welled up inside me.(?)
I got what he said, but being told directly by her father is something that is a expected.

[ There was also a part, I can’t help but to think that it was especially fate that I received the marriage although I wanted to decline it. A half hearted like marriage between my daughter and your highness, can only result to unhappiness.]  

Unexpectedly, just now with a sour face, the Prime Minister unconsciously revealed his real thoughts.

[…… I always thought that the Prime Minister wanted to have a political marriage.]
[ I only wanted my daughter to be happy. There were a lot of conditions to take account of but I have judged that your highness is enough for me to leave and let you take care of her. I never thought of using my daughter for politics.]

Certainly, a man such as the Prime Minister, does not really have any use of a daughter for politics.

[…… Forgive me.]
I apologized for the cruel misunderstanding, as the Prime Minister shook his head.

[No, it naturally seemed that way. Perhaps, I guess my daughter also thought of it that way.]

I felt a little bit pitiful for him who had a distant look.
Perhaps, his love for her, didn’t reach her very much.

[ Therefore, upon meeting my daughter, there is a possibility it will result to a bad end. Of course, as much as possible I will try to cooperate…… Who did you think she takes her stubbornness after? I, myself will definitely not yield to such end ]

I nodded towards the Prime Minister’s words. She surely had that stubbornness of his.

[…… I think I’m sure she’ll be surprised if you two meet. But for this reason, before meeting my daughter your highness, I thought I like to tell you. I understand that I might be a coward in saying it in a place like this but your Highness, you told me that you love her, right? To be honest, that all I could say to you is please show me your utmost sincerity…….though I wouldn’t understand how my daughter will respond to your Highness, will that be really alright? ]
[…… you surprisingly said it quite clearly]

Speaking of feeling troubled, the Prime Minister had a serious look on his face as he nodded.

[ It is not like I was hiding it ]
[I will not back down. She will be my princess.]

I declared my resolve once again, as the Prime Minister closed his eyes and faced me, then bowed his head deeply.

[ You have my thanks,, Your Highness. From here on, if there is anything I can do, please let me know.]
[ That is not necessary. I will not get married for that sort of reason, after all.] (T/N: probably political-related…)

Speaking of which, the Prime Minister’s eyes opened wide as he fixedly stared at me.
He suddenly relaxed and nodded.
Rather than as a Prime Minister that looked at a country’s future but as a Father who is nothing but only concerned of his daughter’s future.

[ …… But Your Highness… Although I am very grateful for our discussion, why is that for the sake my daughter who you never met even once, you would go so far this extent of accepting the marriage? ….. By any chance, have you two already met somewhere?]

He had a confused look as I replied to him an ambiguous answer such as [I wonder where….] to his question. In response to my ambiguous answer, the light in the Prime Minister’s eyes shined.

Nevertheless without saying, I was convinced as I deeply nodded.
……. He’s a very capable man. There’s no mistake that may have gotten an inkling that something happened.
Still, from the way I spoke, stopped any other further questions.

…… As I have expected, it is just a matter of time when everything is exposed.
From the Prime Minister’s questions, I think that it can’t be helped.
I don’t mind if the Prime Minister knew.

However, I do not know what she thought of it.
Normally, if one thought about it, it would be best not to say anything about seeing each other at the Masquerade Ball. It would be good for someone like her.

The way I see it, before the prime minister hears of it, maybe I’ll just stop talking before I spoil it.
I imagined when the moment she has been exposed and she would be very flustered about it. I laughed unintentionally.
And at that exact moment, the carriage slowly stopped before at a nearby spacious mansion that was nearby the castle.

It’s about time..
My feelings throbbed uncontrollably, as the corner of my mouth naturally rose up.
My reunion with her is near———-.

Thank you very much.
Those who have not seen it yet, please feel free to read the side story [ Melancholy of the Prime Minister].

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Teaser for Ch 19 & Translator’s Message for the Readers

I wanted to ask you readers, it has come to my attention that the author has mentioned one of the side stories Melancholy of the Prime Minster (宰相の憂鬱).  Personally, I thought it would be best to finish the Fugitive Arc then continue with the side stories but the Author did mention to look at it, which I am assuming that he means “Please look at the side story before moving on” This includes the Witch who makes the pills + the stories are kinda shorter than a chapter.

What do you think?


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