Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS1: The Whimsical Witch

Side Story 1 : The Whimsical Witch

Translator’s Note:

I think this side story should appear first ^^;
Hopefully within this week I would be able to submit the side story 2.

Translated by: Ichiiya
Edited by: JetonS

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I give you this short story. *Applause* (?)

[ Hello~]

A woman’s voice was heard in the shop that had no guests that came for years.
Met with these unexpected circumstances, the eyes of the old woman blinked.


Her shop, was a shop that couldn’t be summoned for its products.

At any rate, she was not interested in selling. The shop’s existence itself was covered in magical power; covered in multiple layers that diverted any magic that specialized in recognition.
Her handmade medicine was quite highly effective, also she made a wide range of variety of medicine.
Surely there were a lot of customers who wanted such medicine, with that sort of idea there were some people who came once in several years after struggling to find the shop.

Only that the probability of a person who coming across her shop would be a miracle, and one had to be willing to hand in their good fortune to find it.

However, because of the soaring prices, there were few people who could afford to buy items.
In the end, if you were to say she didn’t feel like selling, you could say your right, and you could say your wrong.

The reason being that she was a whimsical witch.

If she was pleased with the customer who had arrived, they would only pay the fee of the item they requested, otherwise she would overcharge the customer. That was that.

In this way, it had been roughly 50 years that she ran the business the way she liked, and there was no customer that came by for several years as far as she was concerned as it continued to be quite peaceful every day


[Huh? Is there no one here? That’s weird…… I thought that shop was here…]

It had been 50 years since it opened. As a sound of a young lady’s voice that was never heard before echoed in the shop.

The old woman’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Without a powerful magic ability, she would have never been able to find this place.

Such a young lady.

[…… It’s here. Welcome, my lady. You seem to come from a good family young lady, but who helped you in finding this shop? ]

As I revealed myself, the young lady’s face showed surprise.

However, that was the same with the old woman. A beautiful purple eyed young lady. Her clothes were similar to an appearance of a town girl but perhaps she was quite a high ranking noble. There was no such person who ever came since the day she opened her shop.

[ It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Lidi. Naturally, I came alone because ….. it’s I couldn’t ask another person to….]

I looked at the young woman who hung her head down as her cheeks dyed in red, I somehow understood what she wanted to request.

[ Aah, you wanted the 『Delis’ Secret Medicine』 …… But even so, from the looks of it, you have skillfully discovered this shop alone, right?]
[….? I have done nothing really. Somehow or another I was just wondering about that, until suddenly a pathway that wasn’t there before just appeared so-]
[ You mean a pathway appeared…?]

I nodded in understanding at the young lady who became confused at the appearance when she searched.
When the magic was nullified, the hidden passageway became exposed.
While I hurriedly casted to restore the spell that hid the store, she could not hide her surprise.

[ I am surprised…… Are you able to use nullification magic?]
[ Magic? No, I am not really good with magic.]

From the bottom of my heart, as I turned my eyes towards her I would say I was shocked. It appears that herself did not recognize the nullification magic that she used.

[Is it unconscious? …. It’s quite scary. To think, I never thought that the day would come that my magic would be nullified.]

Even more so she removed the layers of my concealment magic, I released a sigh of relief.
Mysteriously, after a long time I felt that I was going to have fun as the young lady looked at me.

[ I am Delris. The witch Delris…… Alright. Because It has been a long time that I was surprised, let’s sell [Delris’ Secret Medicine], shall we?]

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20 thoughts on “Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS1: The Whimsical Witch

  1. Omg update!!!!! Thank yo uso much!!!!!😭😭😭😭 and lol to think that she has nullifying magic kinda reminds me of Gakuen alice 😂 Wait…then maybe even without meds or potion the whole thing that the prince did would be nullified by her? 😂😂😂

  2. Well this is a nice little twist; she may be able to consciously control her magic, but she’s able to see through disguises and get past barriers.

    Though I don’t believe it protected her from the Prince’s magic, considering he himself said he felt it blooming within her… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Anyway, thanks for the update. Might want to correct the NovelUpdates page for this story though; it’s listing the extra chapter as 18 as well as a separate Side Story 1.

    • It’s precisely because she can unconsciously nullify magic that the prince was satisfied. What the prince gave her, the king’s flower if I recall, is not “magic” but from what I understand is something passed down in the royal family.

      And from this perspective, it seems that the prince was the one that got seduced. And considering that the prince fell asleep and felt refreshed(remember he has problems with his overwhelming magic and needed a constant “release”), if it was another man, he might have been drained to death.

  3. In the end, she was not interested to sell, sometimes she would, sometimes she would not.(?)

    (Super lit) In the end, if were to say she did not have the mood to sell, you can say it is so, and you could say it isn’t so.

    In the end, if you were to say she didn’t feel like selling, you could say your right, and you could say your wrong.


    In the end, if you were to say she didn’t feel like selling, you would be right and wrong.

    Pretty much describing a point of view… If you were to say she didn’t wanna sell, you could say you were right… And you could say you were wrong… She doesn’t sell to just anybody.

    • Delris will explain and she is already the official fiancee by time she learns about the nullification magic.

  4. I’m thankful for the update, but you’re still a big tease~ ( T ^ T )
    …such a short chapter *grumble grumble*

    • ^^; I’m sorry hehe. At least I could give out is SS2 would be ” (‘ n ‘ ) -> (. _ .) eh?”
      I’m at 50% RL Job is taking time but I vow I will not stop at translating this ^^;

      • HO~! I got a reply?! I’m so honored & overjoyed! ( ^ ‿ ^ )
        I’m going to go and establish a fan(cult)club in your name! (´~`〃)
        I just wanted to tease you a bit, but we are always thankful for your hard work.
        And thank you for always being patient with us.

  5. Thank so much for the new chapter and also keep translating the side stories, because you get to understand what’s happening at the moment on POV of each character… I can’t wait for to read.. so keep going at your time…

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