Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS2: The Whimsical Witch 2

Side Story 2 : The Whimsical Witch 2

Translator’s Note:

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Translated by: Ichiiya
Edited by: JetonS

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I give you this short story. *Applause* (?)

[So? Why do you want the secret medicine?]

As the witch named Delris asked. Lidi’s eyes blinked with surprise.

[ For what reason…… well that’s because it’s necessary to have contraception]
[ If you simply want contraception, there are pills for men to drink right? After all that has 100% contraceptive rate. You don’t necessarily need to use my secret medicine.]
[If the other party ever uses it that is……]

I wondered what Lidi’s thoughts were as she sighed with a troubled look on her face.

[What’s up? Is the other party troublesome?]
[ Troublesome you say…. you could say he’s a typical…. playboy…….]

Delris’ eyes on her serious face became dots, she was shocked after hearing what Lidi replied to her. (T/N: *laughing*)

[ You aren’t going to use it for your lover!? ]
[ I haven’t said anything about that. After all, do you have to have a lover or a mutual love if you want a contraception? ]
[ What on earth are you planning to use it for? Tell me everything from the beginning.]

I had no intention of becoming deeply involved, but when I heard her reason I couldn’t help it.
Lidi seemed to be worried for a little, somehow, she convinced herself that if I were to sell the medicine it would seem to be a fair trade.

[…… In other words, you are not pleased with your marriage so for the sake of avoiding it, you will give your virginity to a famous playboy, is that what it is?]
[That is rather blunt isn’t it. But, it’s roughly correct.]
[ Why did you reach that sort of conclusion……?]

I suddenly got tired as I listened to her story.
From Lidi’s story, it appeared that her fiance was part of the royal family.
It was for the sake of losing her virginity, she had no choice.
Then Lidi realised, that her identity as virgin became known.
She reflexively held her head in her arms …….. My head hurts. (T/N: 頭痛 means headache but it should be the same right?)
Speaking of the person herself, she did not know how reckless the reason she told me was.

[I believe that Father will definitely never give up on me becoming the Prince’s bride. Therefore, in order to oppose this, I have to do this or else I will not be able cancel this engagement.]

Because of that, she crazily thought about losing her virginity.
If I remembered it right the marriage would have to be cancelled, would that be really OK?

[ If you are old enough to dream about having your first sexual intercourse…… Shouldn’t you do it it with the person you like? ]
[ Not particularly, not that I care. If we were both first timers then it would a disaster. In any case, since I have to do it, I might as well have fun with it, and with a skillful person, it will naturally be better.]

Such a method can’t be decided.
Delris’s eyes turned into dots as she stared at such a bold young lady. Did she say she would have fun?
I didn’t know her for too long but she kept surprising me as the young lady disregarded common sense.

[……. Do you really hate him so much?]

Your partner is the crown prince.
However, she clearly and energetically replied.

[ It’s not that. At least as long as if it wasn’t him, I would do what my Father told me to do. ]

Even if everyone envied her status, as far as she was concerned there was nothing but trouble.
As I listened to her story, I was amazed to the point that I felt laughter welled up inside.
It couldn’t be helped, it was too funny.

[ Kukuku…… It’s a good thing I don’t often see these kinds of girls. Well, it is up to you on how to use what I sell. Use it well]

And thus, I threw the secret medicine bottle to the young lady’s direction with a <pon>. (T/N: ぽん or pop is a sfx)
Lidi flusteredly accepted the medicine.

[Uwa. Thank you very much!! In that case, how much do I have to pay you?]
[Nn? Aah, you’re right]

She was similar to a jack-in-the-box. Although I felt satisfied after hearing her story, this was more or less a drug store.
I thought about it for a little, then I charged her only for the cost of materials.

[ Uwah, that’s high…… but I will buy it!!]

But even as the cost price was a fair amount of money, the young lady had no hesitation to pay.

[ Ooh? You’re quite spirited]
[ It’s for the sake of protecting myself!!]

While I watched her stare at the medicine with happiness, I felt a strange feeling of enjoyment, as Lidi slipped out a laugh.
Since I was alone for a long time, I thought that occasionally it might be good to have something like this.
That was why, if it was her then she would definitely never tell on me.

[ If it’s you, you’re welcome anytime. Come back if you need the secret medicine.]
[ Can I come and play even if I don’t need the secret medicine? ]

I would have never imagined there was a person who could say such things.
Without thinking, I stared at the young lady….. As the strength of my shoulders dropped.

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(T/N: セリフ [[Serifu]]… its a slang for speech. Author, don’t know if you are aware or not but please ; u ; go easy on the noobies? Can you not put slang words for people who are just getting into japanese.)


16 thoughts on “Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS2: The Whimsical Witch 2

  1. thanks for the update

    Dork, capu de merda, gilipollas prince that is unable to understand a “NO” for answer

    If I was in MC’s place, I would insist to reject, even before altar’s ceremony, and all humiliated

  2. Thanks you Jessichi-san for this extra-chapter;)
    Now we have their meeting and why she sell it with the “reasonable price” ^^

    • The next side story explains the PM’s. I bet readers would be doing “Sasuke(S1) thinking pose” at the end of the story

  3. pfft~ She was both tired but still happy with how our MC thinks hahaha

    Thank you for the side story (೨♛‿♛೨) fufu

  4. Was lazy…

    [Not that I can hide it right(?) But basically it’s true ]

    That is getting right to the point isn’t it. But, it’s roughly correct.
    That is rather blunt isn’t it. But, it’s roughly correct.

    身も蓋もない <– Look this phrase up to know what it means.
    I looked it up long ago since it bothered me when the crow(toto) in neko no ongaeshi(Cat Returns) said it and it didn't quite make sense to me at the time… Look between around 28:00 and 30:00 give or take to hear him say it in the movie if your curious about what I mean…

    She was definitely not someone choosy. (?)

    Such measures can't be decided.
    The method can't be decided.

    Or something to that effect…

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