Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS3: Melancholy of the Prime Minister

Side Story 3 : Melancholy of the Prime Minister

Translator’s Note:

Sorry it took some time, there was a major hiccup at work and our team had to support it T___T
Had no weekends or holidays. I took the life out of me.
But fret not! There was an angel came by and helped out in translating
Thus this should be 3 chapter release. I have submitted all to the editor, and as soon as it is finished being edited I shall post it ASAP

As always let me know if I mistranslated anything!

Translated by: Ichiiya
Edited by: JetonS

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Given you this short story *applause* (?)
This way I have put them all together
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——– I wanted my daughter to have a good marriage.


These were what parents thought of. I too all along thought that way.
For my adorable daughter Lidi, I started to search for her fiance from an early age.
Dependent on the man’s social standing, would a woman’s life be decided afterwards.
For the sake of my daughter, so that she would not have any trouble, I wanted to prepare her the best partner.

Thinking about it that way, naturally a list of partners was listed down.
Just a difference of a year or so.
If possible, his status must be equal or greater than our family status.

The more I listed down the conditions for her partner, there was only but one name which remained.
The crown prince Frederich. (T/N: I am not sure of the spelling ^ ^”)

He was 3 years older than my daughter, and there were no faults in his character.
He had a gentle attitude and his looks were quite excellent.
He quickly finished his studies on imperialism, and when war came he left behind an excellent record as a commander and also as a soldier.

Perhaps in the near future, he would reign as a wise emperor.

If that was true, the he was suitable for my daughter. So I thought, whenever I had the chance to contact His Majesty, I gave some hints about the engagement.
I had never forgotten to arrange a meeting between my daughter and his Highness.

There was one time in the garden, the time of the tea party, I had prepared various situations, but sadly, everything ended up as a failure.
One way or another my daughter kept refusing to go.
For several times, I thought that it was my fault or that the timing was bad.
However, it came to a point that it became 100% sure that my daughter seemed to hate the marriage with his highness.

I just failed to understand why.
Nevertheless, as far as my daughter was concerned, it was impossible to find a more suitable candidate than him.
As her parent, I wanted to arrange the best fiance for her.

My daughter was still very young. Though I didn’t understand the circumstances involved, I continued to press forward with the plans(?)
Opposite to my expectations, my daughter began to come up with means to forcibly skip all the evening parties wherein His Highness would likely to participate.
Looking at the state it was in, there was an unknown uneasiness passing by.

If I left it as it was, wasn’t she trying to a make a mess of something?
It was pointless to take action towards my daughter.

In the worst situation, she could selfishly find a lover without my knowing.
If it came to such a point, then there was no turning back.

I shuddered at my imagination, I then gave a detailed instruction to my wife, not to teach my daughter 『The etiquette of a Man and Woman』.
Once I taught her such lessons, wouldn’t it make a man quickly take advantage of that, so I was quite concerned. (T/N: ….If I translated it right then it’s all the PM’s fault that Freed fell from sky high in love with Lidi)

Without her virginity, His Highness couldn’t make her his princess.
It was about my daughter. And that was the worst kind of move.
It was my unusual daughter who made this kind of mess without any hesitation.
The person herself thought that the cat wasn’t still out of the bag, but she was, even though I was the Prime Minister. I turned a blind eye on my daughter’s act.

If she was not aware of the [Etiquette], then she would not be able to catch a man, especially for a lady with a strange common sense, she should not think of trying to have a partner.
It would be nice to teach my daughter the [Etiquette] the day before the marriage.
Until then it should be kept as a secret, it would be good for the both of them.

Though she was absent from the evening party, hopefully they would request her once the circumstances were good.
Rather, I would highly approve of it.

I don’t want her to see a man, I’d crush it if it was necessary even if it was just a trivial thing.
If you do not want to go out then it’s just fine.
Preferably on the condition that until His Highness makes his final decision on the engagement, you can stay inside the house.

While I constantly watched my daughter’s behavior who was doing something behind my back, I continued to walk on thin ice.
I needed the engagement to be confirmed as soon as possible.

As I was only focused on His Highness from early on, other potential candidates apart from him already had fiances.
At this point, I could not back out now.

But even so it was not easy for His Majesty to bestow his approval on the engagement with his Highness.
Even if you tried to talk to His Highness personally, you would not receive a pleasant reply.

While doing so, my daughter no longer went to the evening party as much as they really said, and before I knew it she was referred with the title of [Phantom Princess].


———-My beloved daughter, Lidi has become 18.




I have no intention to update this.
Surprisingly I was pleased with it so the reason why I pushed to finished it.
Thank you very much.

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12 thoughts on “Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!- SS3: Melancholy of the Prime Minister

    • It’s not like the father was pushing his daughter toward marriage. He wanted her to have the utmost happiness in marriage, and would prefer if she had someone who could secure a stable future for her as well be someone who she will be able to come to like. He never forced her to go to events, but rather he suggested it to her. When she refuses, he does not push her to attend. The reason he kept arranging meetings was that Lidi never told him why she didn’t want to meet with the Prince. Why couldn’t the dad arrange meetings with other bachelors? Well, that was cuz all of the single men were taken while the last available and qualified person was the Prince. I don’t see how he was deaf or hypocritical if he invested so much time in his daughter and her happiness, putting up with all her refusals. Considering the time period, I’m surprised he was so understanding of his daughter, not pushing her into marriage and all.

  1. Thank you so much!! It kinda answer my confusion towards PM’s inconsistent attitude in his daughter’s marriage.. 😅😅 at first I thought he just wanted political mariage then when it was accepted, he now cares about his daughter & prince’s feelings.. maa~ now that prince is high in love, no one could stop the two’s marriage.. hahahahaha

    • nope, this sidestory clarifies that he quickly eliminated any other possible candidates and bet it all on the prince and went for the top prize. He wanted what was best for his daughter and felt that the best possible partner was the prince. Since he was so insistent about it from early on, it seems he was misunderstood by others as having political motives for doing so when in reality he is just being a worrying, doting father.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! It really cleared up the father’s thought process. He seemed to want for her marriage, but was afraid that she will be unhappy. Usually, the men in this time period would force their daughters into marriage, so it’s a surprise that he’s let her do as she pleases until she was 18. It’s great that he put his daughters feelings into consideration, refusing the meetings if his daughter refused to come to them, instead of forcing her to attend. It’s too bad that he was a little too overprotective of her, but that’s understandable since he did not want just any man to have his cute daughter lolol.

    • I didn’t say I would drop it, did I? (= n =)
      I was just explaining that I wasn’t able to translate very well with the sudden hiccup at work so I got held up. Now that it looks like the storm is over, I could translate the next chapters.

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