Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 19: His Marriage Proposal

Chapter 19 : His Marriage Proposal

Translator’s Note:

Part 2 of the update!

Translated by: Ichiiya + [ ]
Edited by: JetonS

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[Please wait for a moment as I call my daughter]

With that said, he left, and the Prime Minister entered his mansion.
I heard the Prime Minister’s voice calling her name.

[Lidi! Lidi!!]

It seemed that Prime Minister called out her nickname. I thought that I would definitely call her like that.
Hearing her name being called, I could not wait as I ended up following behind the Prime Minister.
When servants saw my appearance as I slowly walked by, they bowed their heads one by one.
I guess they had already heard from the Prime Minister. As I expected, I admired the well-trained attitude of his servants.
Thus as I entered the entrance hall, I looked around.

In front of me, I saw the back of the Prime Minister. I walked forward towards him.
And then, suddenly I felt a gaze on me, naturally I turned my face towards that gaze.

———Aah, It’s her,

Our eyes came in line with each other, surely it was her that ran away this morning.
Her purple eyes widened, disbelief was written all over her face.
As I saw her appearance, my love for her swelled up inside of me.
My mouth slackened in joy.
My heart was satisfied as I saw her without the mask on.
When I took her boorish mask off last night and saw her so beautiful face, just like that she had already stolen my heart.

Aah, I wanted to embrace right now.
The Prime Minister informed her that I came, but I didn’t hear the rest of it.
Simply because I stared at her, captivated.

[……. Your Highness the Crown Prince?]

Her voice spun me back to reality. I was happy that I was talked to, but my eyebrows scrunched together when she called out my title.
So unromantic, I was disappointed.
Anyone could call me by my title, but I wanted you to call me by my name.
I wished for it so long.  (T/N:…you met overnight. Cinderella, anyone?)
In a soft and sweet voice, I wanted only my precious girl to call out my name [Freed].

I could no longer wait, I immediately turned my thoughts into action.
I went towards her, kneeled down and asked for her hand. There was no hesitation. (T/N: the ‘hand’ should be ‘love’ but I kinda changed it to match the flow of the story)

[It’s a pleasure to meet you, my beloved princess. My name is Frederich Van de la Willhelm. To have reached this stage of our engagement, makes me very happy. I didn’t send a notice in advance but I wanted to see your face just once, I’m not a bother, am I?]

Oh yea, I really wanted to do this.
After giving her my marriage proposal, a satisfied smiled floated on my face.
We were already in a position of being betrothed to each other, I just failed to understand why she would be against this marriage.

In order to get a clearer understanding of her intentions, it seemed to be crucial for the Prime Minister to be here when I did my marriage proposal.
In fact, at the corner of my eyesight, the Prime Minister witnessed my seriousness and was moved.

She never thought that I would do something so unexpected.
I looked at her as she certainly turned to stone.
I urged the Prime Minister to call out to his stoned daughter. (T/N: *refer to Chapter 7*)
Under her father’s urging, looking defeated, to some great extent she replied to me unwillingly.

[….. It is not that you are a ‘bother’. Rather, it was quite awe-inspiring, Crown Prince. My name is Lydiana Von Vivouare.]

Prime Minister, I thank you for your cooperation!!
Even though she was reluctant, I got a consent from her so I couldn’t help but to be happy.
I took a hold of that reluctant hand, and kissed the back of her smooth hand.

With this my engagement is completely finalized——–!!

Furthermore with happiness written all over my face, I told her my desire.

[Thank you. I prefer if you would please call me Freed. Princess Lydiana, may I call you Lidi? ]
[Please do as you like, your Highness]

From the way she called my name, my spirit came down.
Besides even though I noticed it, I could only think about her resisting cutely, a sincere smile appeared.
At least, I earned the right to call her by her nickname ‘ Lidi ’.
For that alone, I didn’t mind.

[Are you embarrassed, my beloved Lidi? It’s fine for now, but please call me with that lovely voice of yours soon, ok?]

I smiled at her once more, she was trembling, I raised my voice to the Prime Minister.

[Prime Minister, I would like to just talk to Lidi privately, if it is okay?]

In front of me Lidi strongly reacted to my words as the Prime Minister looked at me and nodded his head.
Because of my proposal not long ago, his trust in me considerably increased.
As I told my hopeful wish of being alone with her got easily approved.

[Why of course you can. Well then, where would you like to talk privately? We do have something like our mansion’s parlour, and I wouldn’t want your Highness to be uncomfortable.]
[I would like to see Lidi’s room]

Left speechless with the sudden development, Lidi was confused and surprised, she was ultimately handed over to me with the prime minister’s help.

Nevertheless, it was right to make prior arrangements in advance.
Without his assistance, it would have been impossible to bring out this development.

[Is that so? By your will your highness…… Well then Lidi. Try not to be so impolite toward His Crowned Prince, understand?]
「……Yes, Father」

Her shoulders dropped dejected, as laughter filled my heart.
After a while as she guided me towards her room unwillingly, I continued to follow her back.
I heard a small sigh.
Looking at her state, I raised my voice

[ To sigh like that, is there something wrong, Lidi? It doesn’t suit you to have such a distressed expression on your beautiful face. Please smile.]

「Your Highness…….」

Lidi looked at me with a complicated face, then shook her head as if saying [It’s nothing]

…… Still, it can’t be helped if it was a bit strange since it was not long ago, but it seemed she was not aware of me at all.
I thought that it might be awkward to meet in the entrance hall as I don’t know what your reaction would be but, in contrary up till here, I’m impressed that you still have not recognized me.
Even though my hair color has changed, my voice still hasn’t.
We’ve spent time and chatted together for such a long time. I thought that there would be a lot of chances to be recognized, but to such extent, perhaps she still is confused and doesn’t understand.

Probably the reason why she did not recognize me was because she had no interest in me, as once again I followed her retreating figure.


As she guided and lead me inside her room, she left the door opened a little in a protective manner.
At this point in time, I didn’t believe it but, she wasn’t aware of her actions.
Even though it was just her fiance entering in her room, shouldn’t she naturally put it into consideration?
But as I looked at Lidi, I was convinced that she was not taught of [The etiquette of a man and woman].

[This is my room. There’s nothing really interesting though…….]

Her room was of 2 adjoining rooms.
As she guided me around her room it had a living room, and the bedroom was in the innermost part of the room.
We sat on a slightly large sofa, opposite to each other.
If I observed her living room, everything in it seemed to be new.
[Just the thought of Lidi living in here, I find it simply interesting]
「……Is that so?」

I expressed my honest thoughts, but it seemed I was not taken very seriously.
Once again, I continued to watch her.

She had stunning amethyst colored eyes and beautiful light brown hair.
I was fascinated enough by the way she held her back in such a dignified appearance, I couldn’t look away to this captivating sight.

As I fell in love with her all over again, I remember her silliness last night and my lower half suddenly felt hot.
I quickly changed my thoughts.
Nevertheless, I still kept my eyes on her.
While I thought how I loved her so, I stared at her in a pleasant silence with rapt attention until she asked the head servant to go and prepare the tea, who bowed her head then left shortly after. (T/N: I think I mistranslated the first part of the sentence. I’m going to match the events with redlatern’s)
But, my happy time didn’t last very long.
When the head servant went out and left, suddenly she stood up with a brooding face.

[Yo…… Your Highness!!]
[What is it, Lidi?]

Despite her stuttering, she called out to me, with a smile I replied to her.
Aah, any kind of facial expression of hers was cute.
If it could come true, then would you not call me Freed soon?

[I……… I have something important to tell you, your Highness!!]

She suddenly said as I looked at her with a smile on my face.
I could guess what the contents she wanted to talk about. Go ahead, I prompted her to continue.
After all, this visit was for the sake of preventing this, that was why I especially came together with the Prime Minister.
She made a serious expression on her face, and appearing to gather her courage, she opened her mouth.
It seemed to be a lifetime problem for her.

I could feel the despair as it came to me, but even so, I of course had no intention of running away.

[I- I can’t marry you, Your Highness!!]

……… Even though I knew it, it was not like I wanted to hear those words.

……… Un, but I’m so sorry.
I just can’t do that. So give up?

Thank you very much.

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Teaser for Ch 20
“How could you be such an adorable person?
Tee hee! We have spent soooooo much together~ I luv you”
-Freed to Lidi


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    • If i read it correctly then after this arc it will become a mix of pov that goes through the story but not the same events like this arc.

      But there are alot of side stories LOL

  1. Finally the next story is here ! I’m so happy =) Thanks you very much for your work !
    Besides, Freed seems a very possessive and romantic man in front Liddie…It’s cute somehow ^^

  2. Freed will probably never take another woman besides her lol. Your plan failed Lidi. Best wishes to your new marriage (maybe) lolol xD. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thanks for the updates

    mantain my opinion about these person are deaf and hypocrital

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    In last instance either she never marry or marry in a lower class, thay would can help here economically

    And it is clearly saying/implying that they didn’t let her find any guy and locked in home, it was clearly to avoid that she ever fall love with some other guy and that she ever can be used in the external world

    For this, If I was in MC’s situation I would keep refusing. Even if the Prince would really wished to marry her, he can’t risk that the new queen refuses to act as a queen before any public act, and it doesn’t matter how much pressure they apply to the MC, rarely a marriage can be forced for law.
    Sonner or later they will have no option but let her go or lock in a cell for lesse majeste

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