Outaishihi no Nante Naritakunai!!-Chapter 20: His Counter Attack

Chapter 20: His Counter Attack

Translator’s Note:

Final Part of the update!
Translated by: [ ] + Ichiiya

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Bukuma 5000 cases….??? (T/N: I think this is “Bookmark”?)
Thank you very much. I am honored.
I was surprised, twice.

After she said those words, an overwhelmed Lidi looked down away from me in shame, unable to answer me.
I understand what is going through her heart.  How should I say it?  Her anxiety can’t be helped right.
Reading the mood as it was, it became an unmistakable attitude: [I wonder what I ever shall I do~?]

「……Is it okay to hear the reason….?」

I already knew she had no way to escape.
Keeping up my appearance and continuing to wear a smile, I inquired to the reason.
With that being the case, with a relieved expression I boldly knelt down on one knee.
I pretty much know how I would feel, but…  In any case, I’ll let Lidi continue.

With that thought in mind, I listened to her story.

She was emitting a feeling of despair also having feelings of concern for her father, not wanting him to bare the blame since he was not at fault.  Lidi was saying she would accept all the responsibility.  You really didn’t have to go that far to punish yourself, I thought.
Thinking about it, if my fiancee was not her but some other girl.  What would I have done if the same situation arose?
Would you be glad avoiding an engagement you had no intention of going along with?  Or was it daring to make a fool of me and getting excited from that?

The answer was simple, that I didn’t have to think at all.

If anything I would forget much like what I had yesterday for dinner.  I could easily imagine myself doing that.
Of course, doing something like bearing the responsibility is going to be problematic.
I wouldn’t expect myself to allow such a thing to happen.  But if it’s Lidi, then that is a different story.

No, that’s not quite right.  The right answer is not to fall into such a situation.

「It’s a ludicrous story, but I’ll listen to it.  From here after the talk will only be between Lidi and I.」「Thank You Very Much.」
「And then?  It’s about not being able to marry?」

Completely hiding my inner thoughts, I question Lidi
To start with, I’ll let her get everything off her chest, and then we’ll talk.

「It’s an embarrassing story, but I no longer possess the qualification to marry your highness.」「Qualification?  The lady being the first on the list of the duke, also being young and beautiful.  On top of which I also desire you.  I don’t see see a problem do you…?」
「You tease me, your highness. To you I do not hold such merits.  About your highness, I am terribly sorry to bother you, but……  I….   umm……」

Lidi who was trying hard to tell me, suddenly hesitated.

Saying 『I am no longer a maiden.』would be painful to say right.  Comparatively to her bold behavior, a slightly hesitant girl I thought was cute.
While smiling at Lidi, I will help her out.

「……  Could it be, the lady is no longer a maiden.  Is what you are saying?」

As if saying yes, time passed as an earth shattering nod played out moment by moment.
Ahh sheez, since I already know I wonder if you can stop rousing me with such a cute gesture.

「That’s right.  I don’t have any excuse, but during the day father came home and I thought about talking to him.  For I who does not have the qualification to be tied in marriage, to claim in my name to his highness when I do not have such qualifications is a complete failure. I really have no excuse.  I will accept the scolding over and over.」

Briefly listening to her complaint, then 『that was close』 leaked out of my voice.

If I was late even a day, without mistake it would have turned into something troublesome.
Even so, since I made it it’s already fine.
Most likely, that is the extent of her plan.
I waited long enough.
……. Geez, It should be okay to just capture her right?

「Don’t worry it’s not required, because it’s totally not a problem.」

Smiling sweetly, I declared it and Lidi’s eyes became pinpoint/dots,
It was not expected right.  Desperately the appeal to how important chastity is going to be brought up.
Yep, well that should be the case right.  But since the consequence is I already took the lady’s virginity, and because the ceremony has been completed there is no problem ya know.

Without saying anything, and putting up a bitter smile, I listen to Lidi.

「Your Highness!!」

With a face about to cry she raised her voice, but I won’t be charmed by it.

「I will not dissolve the engagement.」
「I just said, why!!  I said I am no longer a maiden.  To marry royalty no matter what it demands one to be a maiden.  Rather than that you more than anyone should understand that right!?」

Lidi spout out strong words without thinking.
Ahh, this girl, while she was angry I happen to think:  This girl just saying it so openly at this point I just couldn’t endure it.

「Is something funny…?!!」
「Ah sorry, sorry.」

I started to apologize to Lidi who was trembling in anger.
I am already at my limit.
This time, I will seize her. And then never let her go.
With a natural motion I moved myself to her.

Also while being wary, I got her to stand up just so that I could examine her without her knowing.
And then just like that, I embraced her.

「Your Highness!?」
「Aaah, I finally caught you..」

After this morning’s soft sensation of this girl I breathed a sigh of relief.
In my arm’s, Lidi was struggling and putting up resistance.  I embraced her ever more tightly
Her sweet smell made my heart flutter in delight.

「That’s why, I said it was okay didn’t I?  I said I would take responsibility so many times already right?……  There is no mistake that I received the lady’s chastity, that’s why there is no problem at all you know.  That thing, rather than anybody I would be the one who would know the best.  Also nobody is going to give complaint.」

It’s about time, for her to realize my true identity, If I return to my usual tone on purpose, in a blink of an eye, Lidi turned pale.
………  She would figure it out right?
Even so, to only be undoubtedly sure I whispered near her ear.

「You’re cruel you know. When I woke up, we would get married, even when I thought I would return with you to the castle.  But you just left me behind and went home as if it was normal.  I was embracing you, but somehow you switched yourself with a pillow….  Right~?  Diana.」

In my arms, Lidi completely froze.  I continued to enjoy her reaction and resumed my verbal attack.

「About finding you it was troublesome you know.  I mean, because you wouldn’t tell me anything right.」
「…….A…..  pollo?…」

Finally, she would figure out who embraced her yesterday right.
She timidly asks and it was good she got the right answer.  I put more strength in my arms.
Even so, with a face that says “I don’t believe it” little by little I will reveal her the real story.
Each time she took a shock, to soothe her I dropped a number of small kisses.

「Wai…   sto…..」
「You’re cold aren’t ya.  Even when we made such passionate love yesterday.  Hey, how come a lady like yourself came to the evening party?」

I expect to hear her testimony, and use this opportunity to inquire more.
I sealed up the cute resistance of the fuming girl.
In frustration while her face was distorted Lidi scowled at me,  removing the feigned ignorance.

「……  Because I didn’t want to get married to you, I only thought to quickly lose my chastity as soon as possible!!  And since I remembered the rumors of a playboy that wouldn’t seem to cause future issues……」
「As expected that was your aim was it……  And then, that’s why you rode in on that invitation the way you did right.  Well, since your aim was for me this time I will forgive you this time, but…..   The second time I will not forgive you, you know?」

The reason was as I thought it would be, But even, so the words that came from her mouth was full of anger.
This time it was okay since I was the partner, but as expected there was a possibility of someone else being there.  I would not tolerate thoughts of other men except me.
Watching Lidi with burning thoughts of jealousy, I completely averted my awkward gaze.

「……..You and I from that time are over. Doing something twice is something I won’t have」
「I don’t want that~ Aren’t we officially engaged?」
「That is why if you dissolve it!!」

The moment Lidi said those words, even for me I could understand and be aware of how my mood was becoming cruel and brutal.
A girl saying such foolish things, how shall we discipline her, those thoughts dominated my mind.

「……I won’t agree to that you know.  Isn’t that just obvious?  At the evening party, the girl I fell for, love at first sight.  You were the ideal girl that I was searching for you know.  Moreover, to already be my fiancee.  This delicious situation, there is no way I would overlook it…….   I absolutely won’t let you escape.」

Just declare it and capture her.
「What is this thing known as Ideal.」to Lidi who was inquiring, I won’t answer her.
A girl not knowing the thing known as 『Etiquette of men and women』, a girl knowing that was not needed. Quickly changing the subject.

「But then, for the lady at the top of the list of the duke, and I the crown prince to have not met even once until now, is a funny story isn’t it…….」

In any case, I tried to change the subject of her involvement.

「It seems the prime minister wanted the lady and I to meet, actually the setting was made numerous times.  Even so, it was never once put into motion until now.  I wonder what that means?」

If I listen, Lidi opened her mouth bitterly and as if it didn’t matter.

「……Father’s wish was for my husband to be his highness.  When I am able, I used every available excuse and escaped.」
「So, the story of getting sick is also a lie?」
「Something like getting sick nearly never happens to me.」

Somehow, it looks to be completely the girl’s plan.
But, to go that far, I will seriously get overwhelmed.
Without thinking, while looking up at the  ceiling I muttered. (T/N: Technically they are in a room, so instead of sky I decided to go with ceiling)

「…..You got me.  Do you really hate me that much?」

Thank you very much.
There is one more chapter of Freed’s POV

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Teaser for Ch 21

“Dammit, why are you adorably A-W-E-S-O-M-E!?
Just marry me alright? Alright? Mine. (ↀДↀ)✧”
“Which part did you not understand [I am NOT going to marry you!]!? (/□\*)・゜”
-Freed & Lidi


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