PSP/PS Vita Reviews

Below are the games that Jessichi played and will be reviewed as soon as possible:


PS Vita

  • Code: Realize
  • Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate
  • Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival
  • Hakuouki SSL
  • KLAP!
  • Psychodelia of the Black Butterfly
  • Rues des Fleurs
  • Seijo no Waltz
  • Shinobi Koi Utsutsu
  • RootXRexx
  • Trigger Kiss
  • Vamwolf Cross
  • Yunohana Spring

Otome heroines


7 thoughts on “PSP/PS Vita Reviews

    • hi there! we get out vita otome games from cd japan. It has a really nice point system and the bonus items are quite nice too, I usually use EMS or Fed ex as shipping service. But nowadays…cause money dont grow on trees. I use they ship internationally now and games are much much cheaper compared to cd japan. An LE otome in cd japan cost about 8300 – 8800 yen while 6300 yen for regular otome. In, LE cost about 6200-6800 yen, regular editions cost 4800-5300 yen 🙂

      But of course, you also need to consider you’re country’s condition, like for instance in my case, in they have this weird tax addition cause apparently philippines have them (though i get no problem with cd japan when shipping in the philippines) so I usually ship my games bought from to my dad’s place in HK to avoid additional taxes. =)

      • Whoa…so how much is the additional taxes for a country like Ph? And since you guys are buying it in Japan. It’s jap. Dub (which I can probably handle it’s just that I can do conversational but I was lazy to study the characters so x.x

      • lol if you can have a conversation then playing otome will be quite easy 🙂 I haven’t even tried having a conversation yet, but I can play it fine I guess? XD

        The tax amazon adds usually can be up to 1800-3000yen? haha usually that high..depends on how many or how big the items are

      • Oooh okay. Lol. Well you see I got Danganronpa 1 and 2 and P4G before but they have options for English and Japanese…and well I’m just dying for an otome rpg but can’t find a decent one at where I’m at so I’m really thankful for the tip!! Thank you guys!!!😊

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